Urban Campus community sessions grow together

Urban Campus Community sessions

Urban Campus Community sessions: Creating the right environment for our residents to grow and continue their journey of lifelong learning is one of our main goals when fostering community.

Aligned with this vision we designed 3 Communauté sessions formats each with a different objective:

  • #growtogether
  • #learntogether
  • #createtogether

These tools are at our community?s disposal to use whenever they?re looking for support or guidance, want to share their experience, or ready to create an impact in a field they are passionate about.

#Growtogether sessions ?

A personal account of a member?s professional experience. The good, the bad, and the ugly, from success to failure, and mistakes they?ve made along the way. A tell-all of everything they?ve overcome in their life up until this point that has gotten them to where they are today, helping the community grow by sharing their experience.

Urban Campus Community sessions




#Learntogether sessions ?

The community is made up of so many diverse profiles coming together under one roof. In this format, members have the opportunity to share a skill or passion et learn from one another. Anything from showcasing their yoga abilities, to organizing workshops or classes about a specific topic (wellness, marketing, programming ?), the possibilities are endless.


Community sessions learn togetherCommunity sessions learn together, yoga


#Createtogether sessions ?

In this format, members work together towards a common goal – in a brainstorming session focused on their needs, in the presentation of a current or new project they?ve got bouncing around their head, or collaboratively deciding to make a change and create an impact in a field they?re passionate about. Using the power of community they?re able to support one another in their creations.

community sessions create together

Urban Campus Community Sessions


Looking for support, eager to share your professional experience, or ready to create together? Contact your Community Developer!

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