“Oye, y esto, que va a ser?” (Hey, what’s this going to be!?) Seems to be the question on everyone’s mind as they walk by the recently finished Foodlab by Urban Campus and Gastroemprendedores.
The neighborhood is buzzing with excitement as passer’s-by peer in through the glass door curiously squinting to see what the new space has to offer.

The Foodlab, right in the heart of Madrid, is designed specifically for those who are passionate about gastronomy.
Aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs, chefs, and lovers of food and beverage, will have the opportunity to create, innovate, experiment, test, and share their ideas in a vibrant community of like-minded people.

With its modern yet rustic design, the Foodlab will soon become the pinnacle of culinary creativity in Madrid.
The upstairs space is comprised of an intimate coworking area with brick lined walls, a chill out zone, a communal kitchen, and a meeting room. On the lower level, a shared professional kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment and one of Madrid’s magnificent historic caves.

The ergonomic and versatile space along with business support and mentoring provided by partner incubation program, Gastroemprendedores, offers members an ideal workplace to focus on their Food & Beverages projects and an ambitious community intended to encourage partnerships and collaborations.

Urban Campus’ expertise lies in fostering communities that inspire creativity and innovation. The new Foodlab sets out to strengthen this mission while asserting itself as an integral member of the already existing culinary scene in Madrid.

In the last five years the culinary scene in Madrid has taken off with a vengeance. It has been, and continues to be, an incredible opportunity to be present for this remarkable transformation. In the Foodlab, we are driven to encourage this change by bringing together food lovers, food and beverage entrepreneurs, startups, and professionals, in a space created to foster culinary innovation and creation, and the future of food. The Foodlab is the perfect destination for those who are passionate about gastronomy to come and develop both their personal and professional projects and become a part of the even larger Urban Campus community.

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