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In large European cities it is increasingly difficult to meet the existing demand for housing. The inhabitants of big cities face a shortage of housing, difficult access conditions and offers that are not adapted to their needs nor expectations.

Urban Campus has the ambition to respond to the deepest needs of the population, redefining how people live and interact in cities, creating a residential offer that is accessible and comfortable. This new residential alternative is called Coliving.

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Urban Campus is a native coliving operator that delivers an enhanced housing experience to anchor residents through unique spaces, proprietary technology and original community content that facilitates and enrich their lives.

Our residences respond to well-established trends to refresh residential real estate, the usage of space and to redefine cities. They are part of a developing asset class with strong fundamentals.

We partner with leading real estate developers and investors to create or transform buildings into 2-80,000 m2 urban campus residences.

We look for sites in Europe’s largest cities particularly in areas being gentrified. We seek to create attractive investment opportunities for our partners by using our unique expertise and technology.

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