The Urban Campus community is made up of people who are eager to participate and collaborate with one another, residents who are equally invested in their own personal and professional growth as they are in that of others.


Join a welcoming community

Community is a catalyst.

Meet open-minded people from every corner of the world.
Connect with entrepreneurs, professionals, and freelancers.
Work towards a common goal and share in collective victories.
Make the most of your experience and create positive impact together.

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Meet our

Watch our community stories and get to know the people behind the amazing stories, projects, and experiences that make up this vibrant community.



We foster an environment of stability and positivity. We equip residents of the community with the necessary tools and resources to be the creator of their experience, empowering them to create value for themselves and for those around them.

Participate in events, enjoy music at a concert, share experiences in community dinners, or present new ideas in brainstorming sessions.


What our community values

To fulfill our goal of helping our members grow together, our community is led by specific values that help us:

Grow together 🌱

Come and find an environment that will help you build your ideas, and help others do the same.

Be community-centric ❤️

Build a home and a community that you’re proud of taking others into account. Look for the well being of the community.

Challenge the status quo ✍️

Challenge the status quo and find the path to grow. Create new things, live in a different way, and help build this disruptive lifestyle.

Care and respect ♀️ ♂️

Respect others as they are, appreciate their diversity and support them in the good and the bad. Be generous, share, and keep others in mind.

Think and get it done 🤝

Before acting, think your actions though, analyzing it’s impact on yourself and the community. Then create projects and turn your ideas into reality, playing an active role in the community.

Be transparent 👀

Share, speak openly, be accountable. 

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Pick your role

From being a connector to organizing events or watering the plants, members in the community may hold different responsibilities, which will guarantee the well-being of our spaces and our community.


A system supported by community developers

Our community developers represent our values, in charge of fostering relationships among the community, selecting members, animating the spaces and turning your experience at Urban Campus into an unforgettable one.

Upcoming events

We organize events on a regular basis.

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