There is nothing quite like a delicious brunch on a fresh summer morning. Whether you prefer sweet or salty, large platters or small snacks, Valencia has something that can satisfy your cravings. The city is full of quaint brunch locations with diverse menus and vibrant atmospheres. Grab your fellow colivers and come with us to explore the best brunch spots in Valencia!


Federal Café

A stunning café with high ceilings and modern design elements, Federal Café is one of the best brunch spots in all of Valencia. They offer an array of speciality coffees, juices, smoothies, and “hot elixirs” like their unique beetroot latte. You can also order from an extensive brunch menu that includes fluffy pancakes, eggs benedict, croissants and hamburgers. If you’re feeling productive, don’t hesitate to bring your laptop along. You can use up to 1.5 hours of free, high-speed wifi in their designated work zone.

Ubik Café

Have you ever been to a book store, concert house, and brunch spot all in one? Ubik Café is located in the heart of Valencia’s Ruzafa neighborhood and offers a one-of-a-kind experience. The walls are filled with secondhand books of many languages and genres, available to peruse at your leisure. The café has mismatched tables where you can enjoy sandwiches, patatas bravas, falafel, and even poke bowls. In the afternoon, Ubik Café comes to life with different events like small music concerts, comedy nights and language exchanges. Be sure to check out their schedule and share in with other colivers in Urban Campus Ayora, Valencia Coliving


If you are a fan of açaí, Almalibre is the place for you. Almalibre is widely regarded for their spectacular version of açaí, a popular dish made with the famous Brazilian berry. At Almalibre you can build your own açaí bowl, choosing from toppings like fruits, seeds, chocolate, peanut butter and coconut shavings. You can even buy a frozen açaí mixture to take home and make yourself. If açaí isn’t your thing, there is a 100% vegan menu with all different types of foods to choose from – colorful wraps, sandwiches, quinoa bowls, and even vegan hot dogs. The interior has bright green plants and pastel furniture, making Almalibre a lovely place to enjoy a late-morning brunch.

Café de Las Horas

Prepare to enter a time capsule to the 19th century. Café de Las Horas is an eccentric café located in Valencia’s city center, only a few steps away from the Plaza de la Virgen. The café is elaborately decorated with chandeliers, red curtains, statues and old-fashioned furniture, drawing inspiration from neo-baroque design. In their own words, Café de Las Horas is a combination of “a Parisian Cafe, English Tea Room and American Cocktail Lounge”. The menu offers juices, teas, cocktails, milkshakes, cereals, and elements of the traditional Spanish breakfast like toast with tomato and jamón.

Dulce de Leche or “DDL Boutique”

DDL Boutique has two locations in Valencia, one in the city center and the other in the Ruzafa neighborhood. Both locations stand out with bright yellow chairs and black and white striped umbrellas. DDL Boutique best known for their decorative tarts, cakes, and pastries, making it the perfect place to share a special treat with someone in our coliving community. They also offer a full brunch menu of bagels, empanadas, fruit bowls and rich coffee, more suited for your everyday brunching needs. Be sure to take a look at their decorative window and admire their ever-changing collection of sweets.


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