About Nyumba Urban Living
Nyumba, an asset managing start-up began in 2016 in Spain. 

The Challenge
With 8 employees, 3 of them being expats, and €100M projects on the rise, founding partner, José De Pedro found himself in Paris where he initially lived, Madrid where the business was booming, and with a team that was between countries. 

The company wanted to find a housing solution for their international employees in Spain that was comfortable and made them feel at home.

For a small company one that does not have a big image in the industry, Nyumba felt that they needed to provide at least two of the following things: paying attractive salaries and/or offering something different with added value – providing distinct residential options to a team willing to relocate would set them apart from competitors.


José De Pedro Chose Coliving as a Residential Solution for his Employees

The Solution
When José mentioned what they were looking to achieve, we stepped in and offered a coliving solution for two of Nyumba’s expat employees in Malasaña.

“The atmosphere at Urban Campus really stood out to us and the great thing was that everything was easy with them. Their buildings are beautiful and on top of that, in pristine locations. They also organised events every week within the community, which kept my team engaged and never alone, so even if I had to be in Paris, I knew my team was taken care of in this new city, and that as an employer gave me peace of mind.”

With Coliving, we offer a toothbrush-ready space meaning the start-up did not have to worry about furniture, unexpected costs, expensive short stays, or being stuck in a contract due to our flexible 30-day notice period. 

José knew it would be difficult to create this atmosphere anywhere else, “its not always about the location necessarily, but it’s about the people. We have now had a direct link with the Urban Campus Community for years now”.

Nyumba as a company is now recognised for having enhanced their employer branding while retaining their diverse talent because they found a solution to their residential needs. Their employees feel more at home, and we could not be happier. 


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