Madrid, June 6, 2023.

Happier, more active, and with lower stress levels. This is the conclusion of the latest impact report presented by Urban Campus on its tenants, after doubling the number of buildings it operates in a year and consequently doubling the number of colivers in its community.

The combination of convenience and social commitment has shown that 57% of Urban Campus residents lead a healthier lifestyle since living in Urban Campus, with 54% of them believing that their stress levels have decreased and 52% feeling that their mental health has improved.

Urban Campus, the leading operator of complete coliving buildings, has presented its new Coliving Impact Report at its Malasaña space in Madrid. It is a comprehensive analysis of the impact of coliving aimed at sharing knowledge and showcasing the impact of coliving on its tenants and the neighborhoods where they are located. It draws conclusions about this residential model based on a survey conducted among all its residents.

As Urban Campus has grown in size, it has perceived the impact on its operations and the satisfaction of its colivers. After stabilizing its operations, it has gained a clearer understanding of how to standardize its processes and maintain consistency as expansion continues.

The opening of new buildings has increased the proportion of private units (studios and apartments), resulting in a slight change in the target customer compared to previous reports. This past year, the target, based on 35 different nationalities, remains a single profile (73%) without children (100%), although the average age has increased to 35 years.

The study reveals that the main reason people choose to live on an Urban Campus is to have access to an international community of like-minded individuals compared to other residential options. The convenience of paying for services (Wi-Fi, electricity, and maintenance) in a single bill, as well as the flexibility of stays (from three months onwards) compared to other models, also contribute to this choice.

After moving in, Urban Campus tenants confirm that the community created in the buildings is a space to connect and develop a sense of belonging. Thus, 73% of the surveyed individuals claim to have more social interactions, and 65% feel less lonely. Similarly, 68% participate in one or two events per week. All of this translates into more than half of the tenants (60.4%) feeling at home in less than a month.

Building a thriving community

Believing in the importance of social well-being, Urban Campus has developed new strategies to empower tenants and allow them to build their best experiences. In line with this, they launched a members’ app, enabling tenants to connect and organize events with greater autonomy. To date, 92% of tenants have downloaded the app, with an average of 49 sessions per quarter per user.

Furthermore, to foster a sense of belonging and engage with the neighborhoods, Urban Campus has initiated collaborations with NGOs such as Fundación Ocean Born and formed alliances with local businesses (Al Son de Cuba, Coppelia, Prana Yoga, and Spoiler Bar).

Comfort is an absolute priority for Urban Campus tenants, regardless of the number of buildings managed. The effort lies in offering an exceptional living experience that combines comfort with a vibrant social community, where residents can participate in events and clubs that promote a healthier lifestyle.

Coliving as a long-term solution

While the professional situation of its tenants is quite similar to previous years (with 73.5% being workers, 20.8% combining studies and work, and 5.7% being students only), the recent openings have attracted new tenants that have affected the average duration of their stays. These tenants feel more comfortable and familiar with their environment, leading them to take active community roles. These roles can include initiating conversations with new residents, participating in events, and organizing activities.

On the other hand, the average length of stay used to be around 12 months, although, with the opening of new centers and consequently new contracts, the average has decreased to 11 months. However, tenants who stay in Urban Campus colivings in the long term usually feel more comfortable and familiar with their environment, leading them to take active roles in the community.

A solid and creative community

By gathering these valuable opinions, Urban Campus can study sector trends and improve its community’s experience. The feedback collected from this latest report has received a score of 8 out of 10.

As staunch advocates that the growth of Urban Campus does not solely consist of expanding the business, the company is committed to ensuring tenant satisfaction and constantly seeking ways to improve their experience. It also encourages all residents to participate in creating a solid and creative community.

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