If you are looking for the best bars to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day in Madrid, look no further than in the neighborhood that has it all – Cuatro Caminos! Get ready to raise a glass and cheers to this festive occasion in the best locations. We have prepared a list of the top bars offering Irish-themed drinks, décor, and party in this lively part of the city for this Friday, March 17th. 

This article covers the traditional Irish pubs near Urban Campus Cuatro Caminos Coliving. So, grab your colivers, put some green on, and get ready to have a nice cold Guinness. 

Irish Rover 

The Irish Rover just on an architectural level is absolutely stunning. When you walk in you will see stone floors, a vintage street light, and all the seating areas surrounded by wood. Honestly, you feel as though you were just transported to Ireland. 

Don’t believe us? Go to Avenida de Brasil, 7, Madrid to find out. 

Proper pints. Yes, we say it and we mean it, the concept of “doble” here does not exist. When you order a beer you can go for the “small” version (honestly we didn’t ask the size so we do not know that answer) or order yourself a proper pint which is equivalent to 568mL (20 fl oz). You will have an array of beers to choose from at the Irish Rover. If you are feeling dangerous and want to give an Irish beer since you are celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day of course, aside from Guinness we recommend Murphy’s Irish Red or if you want something lighter, Magners Irish Cider is also very tasty! 

Are you looking for live music this Friday? This is your place. Get there early, they get pretty busy, but we are positive you will love the atmosphere! People, dancing, drinking, laughing, and appreciating the Irish artists throughout the entire building – you won’t want to miss it! If you cannot go this Friday, this pub is still one of the best places to go out in Cuatro Caminos from Friday to Sunday so definitely keep it on your list. 

The Irish Rover can be found an 18-minute walk away or a 14-minute metro ride from Urban Campus Cuatro Caminos Coliving.

Paddys Irish Pub 

Paddys Irish Pub lives up to its name, as it is a typical Irish bar with Irish whiskeys and Irish beers, both bottled and on tap. An authentic feel, perfect for a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration with friends!

Some of the highlights of Paddys are the Gaelic art pieces across the walls, as well as their outdoor terrace. They usually have music on throughout the night, but being Saint Patrick’s we are told that they will make sure you are up and dancing!

Are you bringing a big group of people? Don’t worry, their tables are easy to move and can accommodate a group of happy customers. 

Paddy’s is a quick 23-minute bus ride from Cuatro Caminos Coliving, so wear some green and head to Avenida de Concha Espina, 69. 

The Beer Temple

A solid selection of craft beers is what The Beer Temple is all about! This bar has an environment like no other when there is a rugby, or football match so can you imagine how it will be this Friday, March 17th? 

Known for its good service, The Beer Temple definitely has to be on your bar-hopping list. In terms of food, there is a lot of sharing options available. Some of their starters include your typical nacho dish, wings, onion rings, and potato wedges – you just cannot go wrong!

Located a mere 9-minute walk from Cuatro Caminos Coliving head over to Calle. de Almansa, 85!

Luas Irish Tavern

The cozy pub and the big terrace at Luas Irish Travern offers the perfect space to enjoy spending time with friends or grabbing a quick bite to eat. They have an array of apertivios for you to properly celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and their staff tends to recommend pairing a Guinness and pig ears to really get in the mood and prepare yourself for the celebrations to come. 

Located on Calle de Villaamil, 5 Luas Irish Tavern is only an 11-minute bus ride from Urban Campus Cuatro Caminos Coliving so head on over, and enjoy the music, the atmosphere, and the service! 

In conclusion, if you are looking for a memorable Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in Madrid, look no further than the Irish pubs provided above. With their lively atmosphere, authentic Irish decor, and delicious food and drink, these pubs are the perfect place to get into the holiday spirit. And when the festivities are over, you can retreat to your comfortable and convenient accommodation at Urban Campus Cuatro Caminos Coliving with your amazing community members!


Renata Primorac


Renata is our Social Media and Content Manager.