It is no secret that at Urban Campus we are focused on crafting the highest possible quality of living for our colivers. Our mission isn’t just focused on creating beautiful spaces, but helping our colivers build engaged lives full of friendship, activities, and adventure. In Madrid, we have developed partnerships with local businesses to help our colivers integrate into the city. That’s right – we’ve got the hookup! Here you can explore our diverse list of Member Perks, which includes everything from restaurant deals to discounts on mental health resources.

It’s Time to Eat!

☕️ Misión Café: Coffee & Breakfast

Enjoy a quality coffee or scrumptious breakfast at the charming Misión Café. Right below our Malasaña coliving space, this café is a great place to kick-off a Saturday morning, collaborate on a project, or catch-up with friends. We highly recommend trying their menu del día for lunch.

Offer: 15% discount on coffee or breakfast

How to Access: Show your Urban Campus key/card 

🥩 Saboli Taboli: Butcher Shop in Mercado Mostenses

Around since the 1960s, Saboli Taboli is one of the best butcher shops in all of Madrid. Saboli Taboli is centrally located in the Mercado de los Mostenses, and they sell a variety of meats including beef, lamb, pork, and Iberian pork. If you have any questions about meat, these are the experts to ask. 


  • 5% discount on all orders
  • 10% discount on orders over 50€
  • Delivery option available for large orders

How to Access: Show your Urban Campus key/card

 🍕 Bizzo Pizzeria

A good pizza shop is a fundamental staple of life. The amount of options in Madrid can be overwhelming, but we’ve narrowed it down for you. If you are looking for the tastiest pizza in the city, there is only one place to go – Bizzo Pizzeria. They make all of their pizzas by hand and even allows you to mix-and-match slices with different toppings and flavors. Bizzo Pizzeria has 2 locations: one in Chamberi and one in Bernabeu.

Offer: 20% discount on your bill from Monday to Thursday

How to Access: Show the picture displayed below and they will apply the discount

Urban Campus Perks & Discounts in Madrid

Grab an After-Work Drink

🍻 Spoiler Bar: Beer & Friends

Spoiler Bar is also only a few steps from our Atocha coliving space. This is a laid-back bar ideal for enjoying an ice cold craft beer with friends or colleagues. If beer isn’t for you, they also have a comprehensive menu of cocktails and offer brunch during the weekends. Spoiler Bar is always hosting different events like bingos and trivia nights, so be sure to follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date.

Offer10% discount on all orders
How to Access: Show the picture displayed below and they will apply the discount.

Urban Campus Perks & Discounts in Madrid 8

🍸 Coppelia cocktail bar: Cocktails & Live Music

Coppelia is a cocktail bar, ice cream parlor and coffee shop all in one. It is just around the corner from our Atocha coliving space. Everything is Cuban-inspired, and you can try a variety of dishes like sandwiches, homemade potatoes and crepes. They have live Cuban music concerts every weekend where you can let loose and dance the night away! 

Offer10% discount on all orders
How to Access: Show the picture displayed below and they will apply the discount

Urban Campus Perks & Discounts in Madrid 6

Tired of the Supermarket?

🌱 Vegan Food Club: 100% plant-based real food

Eating vegan is an excellent way to care for the planet and also to prioritize your own personal health. Vegan Food Club delivers delicious, pre-prepared vegan food directly to your home or office. They offer news meals every week and you can even create a customized plan suited to your preferences. No commitments – cancel anytime. 

Offer: 30% discount on the first 3 weeks 

How to Access: Use the discount code URBANCO on their website 

🍽 Zamparte: The best variety for delivered weekly menus

Zamparte has an impressive variety of pre-prepared meals available for delivery. They have various “kitchens” for you to choose from, each one combining different home-made food brands and ingredients. You can choose from a predetermined menu or customize your own, and receive your order in 48 hours. If you are a foodie who loves to experiment with your meals, this is the service for you.

Offer: 12% off your order

How to Access: Use the discount code URBANCAMPUS on their website

🍛 Appeteze: Food for health

We all know that what we eat forms the foundation of our health. Appeteze simplifies the process of eating healthy by compiling menus of nourishing meals for you to order. They have both daily and seasonal menus, and even better, they offer a fast food menu that uses healthy ingredients to create burgers, pizzas, wraps, and more. 

Offer: 20% off your order 

How to Access: Use the discount code URBAN20 on their website

Learn Something New

🇬🇧 Skyeng: Online English classes

Looking to improve your English? Skyeng is a fantastic online resource with English classes, speaking clubs and study materials. This platform is great for applying your English knowledge to real-life situations. Whether you are looking to travel abroad, pursue a work opportunity or use more English in social settings, Skyeng can help. 


  • 1 free introduction class
  • 30% discount on all classes

How to Access: Go to our exclusive SKYENG Urban Campus webpage

🎹 Piano classes

With more than 15 years of experience teaching piano classes, Guille Porto Garcia is as professional as they come. Guille teaches a wide variety of styles (pop, rock, jazz, blues and classical) and offers classes to the Urban Campus community with exclusive prices. 

Choose your best option:

  • Physical classes in the coliving, using the piano in the common areas of our colivings
  • Physical classes wherever you want, with a portable keyboard he would bring for you
  • Online classes

Offer: 22€ / hour (instead of 30€: -27% discount!)

How to Access: Say your from Urban Campus

Break a Sweat!

🤸‍♂️ Gymage: Gym / fitness membership

Gymage is a trendy gym just around the corner from our Malasaña coliving space, located in the expansive Plaza la Luna. They have spacious workout rooms with all the equipment you could possibly need, plus a gorgeous terrace where you can unwind post-workout. Choose from group classes, cross fit training, or take advantage of the private exercise spaces to do your own self-guided workouts. 


  • NO sign up fee
  • 42,90€ / month
  • 239,90€ / 6 months (payment upfront)

How to Access: Say your from Urban Campus 

⚽️ Celebreak: Football matches and football community

Want to play football, but struggling to find teammates? Celebreak will connect you with other football enthusiasts in Madrid and help you set up your own games. Simply download the app and sign up for your first match. You’ll be joining a large network of football players who you can go toe-to-toe with as often as you would like. 

Offer: 2nd game for free

How to Access: Download the App. Sign up for a 1st match. Send an email to daniel@celebreak.eu and get the 2nd game for free!

🧘🏽‍♂️ Yoga: Yoga classes at Pranahouse studio

We all need a little more “zen” in our lives. Center yourself at Pranahouse Yoga studio where you can choose from classes in Barre, Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin. Pranahouse is a favorite for members of our Urban Campus Yoga Club, and is a great place to slow down and release any stress you’ve been holding onto.


  • 10% discounts on class packs : 5 classes for 76.5 euros, 10 classes for 135 euros, 15 classes for 202.5 euros.

How to Access: Book your class here
Pay at the studio and show the card below to get your discount.

Urban Campus Perks & Discounts in Madrid 9

Embark on an Adventure

🦊 Fox in a box: escape room

Have you ever tried an escape room? Fox in a box is one of the biggest spaces in the city with many escape rooms to choose from. Each room has a different plot and overarching theme, with a few examples being Underground Bunker, Zombie Laboratory, Zodiac and Western Saloon. Pick your preferred experience and put your intellectual reasoning skills to the test.  

Offer: 10% discount on all orders
How to Access: Show the picture displayed below and they will apply the discount

Urban Campus Perks & Discounts in Madrid 7

 💫 Ikono Madrid: Sensory experience

Unleash your imagination at Ikono Madrid! Ikono is an immersive, sensory experience created through modern art and photography displays. The space engulfs you with vibrant colors, conflicting textures and unique murals. Ikono is an amazing place to ignite your creative spark and explore art with friends. Be sure to bring your phone, as there are many one-of-a-kind photo opportunities within the space.

Offer: 20% on your tickets with the URBAN20 code.

How to Access: Go to the web, choose your date and time and introduce the URBAN20 code.

🏴‍☠️ Escape the city: Escape game in the street to discover cities

Escape the City puts a twist on the classic Escape Room experience. Instead of espacing from a room or building, you will be solving a challenging quest in the streets of Madrid. Get to know Madrid firsthand as you hunt down clues and try to solve complex mysteries. You can choose from several different plots and customize the experience based on difficulty level and group size.

Offer: 20% on all Escape tours with the URBANCAMPUS code.

How to Access: Go to the web, choose your tour and use the URBANCAMPUS code.

Technology & Transportation

🚕 Free2Move: Spend less, move more

Free2move is an innovative carsharing program designed to make city transportation more convenient. With their Carsharing Pass, you can rent a car for a few minutes, hours, or even a full day. Locate, unlock and drive! The rental process couldn’t be easier, and at the end of your ride simply lock the vehicle with the app and park anywhere in Madrid. Free2move vehicles are 100% sustainable and are a wonderful solution if you are struggling to find appropriate transportation.

Offer: Buy 25€ of carsharing credit and receive 50€.

How to Access: Use our pass here

📱 Tecfys: Subscribe to your mobile or laptop, don’t buy it

All the technology you need with a simple subscription model. Are you needing a new phone or laptop? Subscribe to Tecfys to receive new technology in the blink of an eye, all without the stress of buying a new product. At Tecfys you can subscribe to your phone or laptop, and they will even look for a sustainable recycling procedure or second use for your old technology products. 


  • 5% discount on all our subscription products (mobile & laptop)

How to Access: Use the UBTCF123 code on their website

Additional Resources

💖 Affor: Mental Health

Anabel Fernandez, Malasaña Coliving resident, is the founder and CEO of AFFOR, a company dedicated to offering mental health support to companies.

📱 Free 24/7 access to an online support chat.

Through our partnership with AFFOR you can get in touch with a therapist in real time. No waiting and no appointments. All you do need to do is download the Mypsico app and use the URBANCAMPUS code for free access.

💆🏼‍♀️ Online therapy sessions at a discounted priced.

These private online sessions with a therapist are just as safe and effective as in-person sessions. Go to the webpage and use the URBANCAMPUS code!


  • 25% discount on 1 session (50 min) with a therapist (60€ value, you’ll pay just 45€)
  • 25% discount on a package of 5 sessions with a therapist (250€ value, you’ll pay just 187€)

🧑🏻‍💻 Metricool: Tool to manage your digital presence

Metricool is a powerful tool for managing, planning and analyzing your digital presence. It offers everything you need for your digital strategy in one single place. You can track your online campaigns and their performance, analyze your social networks, monitor your website or blog, and perform competitor analysis. This tool is essential if you are looking to level-up the digital performance of your business. 


  • 30 days for free on all paid plans with the URBANCAMPUS code

💰 Taxdown: Tax returns done fast, efficiently, and with the most savings!

We all feel a bit stressed when tax season comes around. Taxdown wants to make sure you get your tax returns done fast and efficiently, with the most savings possible. With Taxdown you can preview your tax returns for free and work with professionals who advise you every step of the way. You can even download their mobile app and manage everything from your phone.

Offer: Enjoy an exclusive 10€ Urban Campus member discount on all their plans and have your tax returns reviewed by experts. 

How to Access: Use the URBAN10 code from their web page.


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