Lille, a city known for its rich and diverse food culture, is also home to an ever-growing community of vegans and plant-based food enthusiasts. As the world becomes increasingly aware of the environmental and ethical implications of animal agriculture, more people are turning to veganism as a way to live a more sustainable and compassionate lifestyle. Fortunately, Lille France  offers a wide range of restaurants and cafes that cater to vegans and provide delicious, healthy plant-based options. In this blog, we will introduce you to some of the best vegan restaurants in Lille, so you can discover the amazing variety of vegan food available in this vibrant city with your favourite colivers! 


Pickles offers vegan and veggie homemade street food during the day and plates to share during the night. They recommend pairing it with organic wine to provide you with the perfect taste. Although their second restaurant is new to the block, their name is well known in Lille, so you know the quality is there! The new restaurant is located only a 10-minute walk from Urban Campus Saint So’ Lille Coliving.

La Clairière

The place to be every Sunday for brunch is La Clairière. They have 100% vegan and organic food with zero palm oil. The bonus is, their menu choices are mainly gluten-free. Once you enter, you will notice a cozy ambiance and two beautiful dogs welcoming you to stay and enjoy yourself. By bus, La Clairière is only 10 minutes away from the coliving, very close to the city center. 

Itsy Bitsy

If you are looking for one of the most famous restaurant and vegan caterer in Lille, Itsy Bitsy is your spot! The restaurant was created by three young women who realized there were few vegan restaurants in Europe. They were inspired by mediterranean cuisine and indian spices which are surly reflected in their meals. Homemade, colourful delicious plates are presented by Itsy Bitsy daily. Want to try it out? Luckily, it’s not too far, only located 8-minutes away by bus from Urban Campus Lille Saint So’ Coliving. 

Annie’s Kitchen

Annie’s Kitchen is known for making French traditional dishes including, blanquette, tartare, and carbonnade into vegan dishes. The people rave over the results, they truly look like “meat dishes”! If you are in doubt have a “burger” you will not be disappointed!

De Rode Koe

We wanted to give you the history of how the name of a restaurant in Lille is called De Rode Koe, meaning Red Cow. The owners named it like that because in the past, they were farmers and they used to farm red cows (a particular breed). After having spent years in the farming industry, they decided to adapt their eating habits and in turn, take care of the animals. De Rode Koe, offers many delicious vegan meals, so they should definitely be on your radar!

Get Your Spoons Ready for La Louche d’Or 2023: The Ultimate Soup Festival in France is almost here!

If you are a soup lover, you will not want to miss La Louche d’Or 2023! This annual event takes place in Lille and brings together food enthusiasts from all over the world to celebrate the deliciousness of this classic dish.

La Louche d’Or has been running for over a decade now and has become a popular event on the French culinary calendar. It is a celebration of all things soup, from classic French soups like onion soup and bouillabaisse to international favorites like ramen and pho.

The event is organised by Attacafa, an association that promotes multi-cultural and richness of diversity. An extra and nice feature of this event is the fact that its designed to sensibilize the reduction of waste – the concept being, making a delicious soup with leftovers or ripe vegetables. Which we think is a very cool and conscious initiative! 

The Wazemmes District is where this huge event will take place, on May 1st 2023. You will be able to find cooking demonstrations from top chefs, workshops on making your own soup at home, and of course, plenty of opportunities to taste a variety of soups from different regions.

One of the highlights of La Louche d’Or is the soup competition. Chefs from around the world compete to create the best soup, and the winner is awarded the coveted La Louche d’Or trophy. The competition is fierce, and the soups on offer are always very unique!

Don’t want to spend all day eating soup? Don’t worry, there are also plenty of other food and drink options at the festival. You can try local cheeses, cured meats, and bread to accompany your soup, or indulge in a glass of wine or beer from the area. You will be able to enjoy all of this while watching free concerts, local artists and other activities. 

One of the main draws of La Louche d’Or is its friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The festival attracts a diverse crowd of people, from families to you and your very own colivers from Urban Campus Saint So’ Lille Coliving!

If you are planning to attend La Louche d’Or 2023, be sure to come hungry and thirsty! And as crazy as this sounds, we recommend even bringing your own spoon. You will want to sample as many soups as possible, and having your own spoon ensures you can do so without wasting plastic cutlery (#besustainable). 

We hope you have a blast at the event, and maybe even learn a recipe or two for you to be able to share with your fellow colivers! 

Here is your official guide for getting out of the city of Lille to the Dunkirk Carnival! But you cannot go alone, so grab your fellow colivers from Urban Campus Lille Saint So’ Coliving and get ready for this unforgettable event.

Every year, the small town of Dunkirk in Northern France comes to life with a vibrant and colorful carnival. The Dunkirk Carnival, also known as the Carnaval de Dunkerque, one of France’s craziest and oldest festivals. This year, the carnival will take place from February 18th until February 26th, 2023.

History of the Dunkirk Carnival 

The Dunkirk Carnival has rich cultural tradition, dating back to the 16th century. It was originally a celebration that marked the end of the winter season and the arrival of spring. Over the years, the carnival has evolved into a vibrant event that showcases the cultural heritage and traditions of the town. Today, the carnival is an integral part of Dunkirk’s identity and is celebrated with great pride and passion.

What will there be?

There are plenty of things for you to enjoy throughout your day-trip or weekend getaway to Dunkirk. From the colorful parade of floats and costumes to the live music performances featuring international artists, people dancing on the streets – you will see it all. And, of course, no carnival is complete without delicious food, with a variety of street vendors serving up traditional carnival meals. 

The Highlights

One of the main highlights of the Dunkirk Carnival is the parade of floats and costumes. It is a truly incredible experience to see, let alone to be a part of! You will find yourself in a sea of colours while staring at an array of intricate and elaborate costumes. Speaking of sea…if you do not like fish we recommend you step far away from the Belfry’s balcony around 17h. The mayor will be there throwing almost 500 kg of herring into the crowd and then the real battle begins…

Throughout the day, far into the night, you will be immersed in the chaos of the city. With music and drinks flowing and a wave of umbrellas in the air – be ready to live it!

How to get to the Carnival 

Now that you know everything there is about the Dunkirk Carnival, it is time to grab your fellow colivers in Lille and head to the festival! When taking the TER, it is a relatively short train ride, approximately 1 hour and 8 minutes only, or if you have a car only a 58-minute drive. 

It is your time to get dressed up, take it all in and most of all ENJOY IT!

We are going to inspire you to go from Lille to Brussels!

You wake up one morning in your new coliving and inspire your fellow colivers to go on a trip with you. Where do you go? We recommend you visit Brussels, known for its cuisine, numerous types of beers, and its history. 

In less than 17km you could find yourself at the Belgium border, but to get to the city of Brussels it would only take you 35 minutes by train from Lille with Thalys. Whether you go for just one day to discover the nightlife or you escape for a weekend, you won’t regret this trip.

When is the best time to visit Brussels?

Speaking in terms of weather forecast they say the best times to visit would be March and May and September and October. However, as we are currently in December now, this article is written with winter in mind. We believe you should take advantage of the incredible Christmas Market the city offers until January 1, 2023. However, the Winter Wonder Woods will be available until January 8, 2023. 

It’s time to get lost between the 200 booths that offer an array of artisanal products, food, fine wines, and cheeses. You must go ice skating in the rink they have set up while enjoying the light show and the 18-meter beautifully decorated Christmas tree. You may even want to bundle up and take a walk to enjoy the brass bands, parades, concerts in support of Ukraine, or the Crystal by Cirque du Soleil. The city truly gives it its all every year as the city expects with every passing year approximately two million people to visit during this time of year.

This year’s Christmas market is located a two-minute walk from the Mont des Arts. The exact address for your google search is Carr de l’Europe. 

What should you see?

The Grand Place is the most visited and most famous square (plaza) in the town. Once you make your way to the center of it, you will be surrounded by great architecture. We believe the streets located near the square look like the “Vieux Lille”. 

We also recommend you pass through the Place du Sablon. This is known as the luxury district, it is here where the high-class boutiques and antique dealers are located. From here you can also admire the impressive Atomium, a landmark created for the Brussels world’s fair in 1958. 

If your goal is to avoid the most famous tourist streets we suggest you go for a walk in the Marolles District, locally known for its daily high-end flea market (located in Pl. du Jeu de Balle 79) as well as, modern galleries showcasing work by Belgian and international artists. 

You cannot miss Manneken Pis, he is located between the Rue du Chêne and the pedestrian Rue de l’Étuve. He was designed in 1388 and is easily one of the most loved symbols of Brussels. His small bronze statue measures 50cm tall and is of a small naked boy urinating in the fountain. The legend claims he saved Brussels from disaster. 

We also want to share with you his feminine version, much less known Jeanneke Pis, she is located on Bouchers street. Created by Denis-Adrien Debouvrie with the idea of restoring equality between men and women, as well as bringing more tourists to the street where Jeanneke is located, a street where he has many restaurants. 

What should you eat?

Now that you are in Brussels you need to taste their culinary specialties which include; beer, french fries (that are actually Belgian), and waffles. Sounds great doesn’t it? It is. 

Our recommendation is finding the little pubs around the streets, and enter in any one that strikes your attention. If you are a beer drinker, ask the bartender to recommend you one that they like or see if you can get a flight (between 3 – 4 12 oz beers) to try. This is also a great idea for tasting with your fellow colivers. Typical Belgian beers are very heavy in terms of alcohol, you may not be used to this so just be careful! 

Right in the Grand Palace you will find Maison Dandoy, a well-known waffle house. However, if you are just wondering around the city you will find more of Maison, so don’t worry if you miss the one in the center!

Friterie du Miroir, is not in the heart of the city either but it is said to be the best spot for Belgian-French fries. They are made fresh and have just the right crisp to them.

What should you expect?

The Belgian people are known worldwide for their kindness and generosity. They are extremely welcoming.

If you don’t speak French or Dutch? Don’t worry, you will find a lot of people speak English as there are a lot of expats in the city making it extremely easy to communicate and feel comfortable. There are also a lot of “international districts” such as Ixelles and Saint Gilles. The neighbourhood of Ixelles is known for its artsy feel, trendy restaurants, and boutique hotels. While the neighbourhood of Saint Gilles they say feels like a village, known for its colorful terraces, beautiful arching architecture, and a paradise to fellow artists. 

It’s your time to enjoy Brussels, wander the streets, and strike up a conversation with the people of the city! Enjoy yourself, be safe, and remember that your home in Lille will be waiting for you when you come back!