Are you wondering how to apply to Urban Campus Coliving? This step-by-step guide will help you understand what is to come once you are interested in one of our Coliving spaces!

It is important to note that at Urban Campus we have an application process to ensure that those who become part of our community complement the atmosphere already created with our current Colivers. The goal is to have kind, like-minded professionals in a thriving environment. We know that as human beings, we need a sense of belonging, and that sense of belonging is what connects us to the relationships we develop throughout our life. 

Step 1- You discovered us!

Whether it be through social media, word of mouth, or your family pushing you to finally move out of your home – here you are searching for your future place. 

Step 2 – Exploring our web 

We currently have four Coliving locations in Madrid, Valencia (Spain) and Lille (France) to choose from:


Mellado – Chamberi area
Malasaña – Malasaña area
Atocha – Delicias area 
Cuatro Caminos – Cuatro Caminos area 


Ayora– Ayora Area


Saint So’ –  Saint Savoir Area

Within each Coliving you will find different units that you may choose, all toothbrush ready.

Step 3 – Application 

Once you discover which Coliving (Cuatro Caminos, Atocha, Malasaña, or Mellado) and which unit you would like (room, studio, or apartment) we ask that you fill out the application form which takes approximately 2 minutes to complete. You can apply to as many units that interest you. 

The form requests the following:

  • Your Age – To ensure that those staying with us have plenty in common, residents must be 25 or older.
  • Work Situation – We do not accept students.
    Why no students you may ask? We believe when you are studying you are at a different stage of your life and the goal of Urban Campus is to create a community of young working professionals.
  • Potential Move-in Date – Our team at UC manages everything within 45 days including a 15-day margin because vacancies are confirmed one month before your desired entry date.

Step 4 – Virtual Tours

As soon as you fill out the application you will receive an email that will send you a virtual tour of the different units you applied to (the ones that you requested in Step 3)

If you cannot find the email in your inbox, please check your spam! 

What will you find within the virtual tours? 

  • Pricing details, if you stay six months or longer
  • Unit descriptions (private or shared bathroom/kitchen, desk and chair, bed size, etc.)
  • Photos or videos of the common areas
  • You must then schedule a call with our sales team to continue with your application process

Step 5 – Scheduled call with our Sales Team 

The purpose of this call is to tell you more about our community, for our team to get to know you more, you will be asked questions regarding your professional profile, your hobbies, where you are from, and more. Our sales team will use a detailed presentation to answer any potential doubts and explain the necessary documents and steps to complete the booking process.

Lorena, Lucas, or Pepe (our wonderful sales team) will then take this opportunity with you to talk about…

1. Our Community

  • The events that take place
  • The perks we offer 
  • The clubs you may like to join once you become a member
  • How the community is composed (how many foreigners, nationals, and the average age)

2. Prices of Living

  • Depending on the characteristics of the unit, the margin you see in the virtual tour is broken down
  • Everything is included – electricity, gas, water, wifi, and where there is a TV, there is Netflix
  • One time per month cleaning service of your private unit (meaning your bedroom, studio, or apartment)
  • One time per week cleaning service of the common areas within your Coliving

3. Extra Services 

  • Bed linen and towels can be provided to you on a weekly basis if you wish 
  • Extra cleaning service (on a weekly or bimonthly basis)
  • Weekly Spanish classes for both basic and intermediate levels are available 
  • Weekly outdoor fitness classes in Parque Oeste with a professional fitness instructor 

*You aren’t sure if you want these extra services now? Don’t worry, you can subscribe and cancel any time in the member area. 

4. Conditions Explained 

  • All contracts are signed for a year
  • The minimum stay is 3 months (after this you can cancel the contract at any time)
  • You must give a 30-day notice when you would like to move out

5. Security Deposit 

  • Depending on which coliving you select and which unit you stay in the security deposit would be “x” amount
  • If all goes well and you do not break anything you will receive a 100% refund

6. Visit Policy 

  • Within the common areas of the building, you can invite people as many times as you would like
  • If you would like to invite someone to stay the night with you, it can only be one person at a time and for a maximum of 7 nights throughout the entire month.
    Why is this rule applied? You will most likely be in a shared flat and we believe it is important to respect your roommates living quarters as they should respect yours

7. Documentation Needed

  • An ID which can be your Passport or DNI
  • Proof of address can be any kind of document that has your name and an address on it (this can be from any country)
  • Proof of funds which can be the last three pay slips from work, your annual tax declaration, or your official work contract as long as it is not older than one year. If you cannot provide any of these, you may provide these documents from your guarantor (please note that we do not accept bank statements)

After the call, you will not have to submit anything. Once there are vacancies (30-45 days prior) our team will get in touch with you to confirm the different units that are available.

Step 6 – We Have a Space for You!

Once there is a unit available, we will send you an offer with all the information you need; the prices, characteristics of the room, SQM, type of view, and if the bathroom is ensuite, including pictures and videos. In the same email, you will be asked if you are interested in booking this unit, once you have confirmed you are interested in the unit (by replying directly to this email) our team will prepare the booking link and send it off! 

Step 7 – Booking Link 

When you click the booking link you are asked to complete the following:

  • Create a user on our Urban Campus member area 
  • Upload all the documents mentioned above (ID, proof of address, proof of funds)

The documents will then need to be validated by the team, if everything is uploaded correctly you will receive an email to sign the contract. 

Once the contract is signed, you will receive another email requesting to settle the security deposit. Shortly after this step, you will need to provide the method of payment for your rent for the following months. The rent is discounted automatically on the 5th day of every month (similar to a Spotify subscription).

After having completed this, our sales team will receive the notification that you have booked!

Step 8 – One Week Before your Big Move

You will receive a welcome email for your onboarding, this will show you how to add more details to your already created user (picture, hobbies, description etc) that way people know who you are in the community. 

Our property manager will provide you with details on how to move in your new home as this process is done autonomously. 

We are excited for you and hope that things feel easier now. If by any chance you believe we are missing something, we are always here to help – feel free to write to us!


Renata Primorac


Renata is our Social Media and Content Manager.