La Maillerie Restaurants: Gear up, food adventurers! 

La Maillerie, a peaceful escape just outside the bustling heart of Lille, is your next stop on the culinary map. Imagine biting into freshly-baked bread in a cozy bistro, or savoring the sophisticated atmosphere of top-tier gourmet spots. We’re on a mission to scout out the best eats in La Maillerie. Ready for a flavor-packed journey? Let’s dive into all of the La Maillerie restaurants there are to explore! 


La Maillerie Restaurants: Brique House

La Maillerie Restaurants: The Best Places to Eat!

Located in the heart of La Maillerie, Brique House is a buzzing spot known for its wide beer selection and tasty food menu. With a large taproom and a rooftop area that’s over 1000 square meters, it’s a prime location for group gatherings – especially in the summer sun. 

The menu at Brique House features local dishes like the Welsh, plus other savory options like their beef steak Dallas Burger. Their food comes alongside a comprehensive list of cocktails, wines, and beers with both traditional and experimental flavor selections. Guests can also take advantage of “Brick Hour” for discounted craft beer every day from 5 pm to 7 pm.


Au 52

La Maillerie Restaurants: The Best Places to Eat! 7

Opened in 2010, Au 52 in Croix has established itself as a family-run pizzeria with a deep-rooted legacy. Set in an old factory and filled with collector’s items, the restaurant offers a rich menu featuring wood-fired pizzas, artisanal pastas and burgers.

Au 52’s commitment to quality is evident in its selection of ingredients, prioritizing freshness and regional sourcing to ensure that every dish served is of the highest standard. Plus, the environment invokes a sense of history and authenticity, with its warehouse-style design harmoniously blending industrial chic with rustic charm. 



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Arborescence showcases a blend of creativity and sustainability in its French cuisine. The kitchen is led by Félix and Nidta Robert, whose backgrounds include prestigious stints in global kitchens. The restaurant offers an imaginative menu focused on fresh, often locally-sourced ingredients. They have set menus titled “dawn, reflections, and dream.” These menus feature an array of dishes including grilled apricot, sweetbread veal and lobster. 

Situated in a renovated textile factory, Arborescence is a must-visit for those seeking a unique dining experience. Reservations are recommended for this high-end venue, as its culinary excellence puts it in high-demand.


Le Bacchus 

La Maillerie Restaurants: The Best Places to Eat!

Le Bacchus in La Maillerie blends a restaurant and wine bar into one cozy, intimate setting. It offers a deep dive into French wine culture, showcasing wines full of character in addition to local beers, cocktails, and whisky. 

The restaurant prides itself on a menu that combines tradition with creativity, and always uses fresh, local produce. A few highlights include raw duck foie gras and beef tartare. Le Bacchus also has a lush, plant-filled patio that makes it ideal for sunny lunches, dinners or relaxed afterwork drinks. This restaurant truly embodies the essence of French culinary excellence. 



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Get ready for a blast from the past! Barbara is a remarkable restaurant near La Maillerie themed as a 70s disco “pizza hangar.” This pizzeria is captivating with its flashy decor, from chaotic patterns to flashing neon signs.

Barbara’s menu features Neapolitan pizzas, antipasti, desserts, and selected craft drinks. A few specialties include burrata truffle pizza, “oh my cheese” pizza, and classic desserts like tiramisu. With this killer menu on top of their vibrant decor, Barbara is a one-of-a-kind gem that sticks out amongst the La Maillerie restaurants. 

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