At Urban Campus we are committed to ensuring the safety & wellbeing of our members, staff, and partners, during these extraordinary times.

In the past few weeks, while the whole world has been turned upside down, we have put in place robust contingency measures that are in line with government and health authorities’ recommendations. We are constantly revising all actions taken and implementing new measures when needed, as the situation develops. 

We want to open up about all the actions taken, pursuing our goal of turning this crisis into an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, challenge how we live and work and come out stronger together.


Following recommendations from the health authorities, we decided to temporarily close some specific common areas in our coliving spaces (like our gyms).

We kept others open with additional restrictions and strict cleaning measures to ensure the safety of residents. Our coliving spaces come with working areas and outdoor spaces that are very valuable to help people work in better conditions from home, and get some fresh air without breaking the quarantine.

We stopped on-site visits, and now offer virtual tours and full remote check-ins for newcomers, always making sure that they don’t present any threats to current residents.


Cleaning has been increased in common areas. Special cleaning processes are ready to be carried out if needed.

We have also provided our members with additional cleaning and disinfectant products, and instructed them on how to use them.

URBAN CAMPUS TEAM👩🏾‍💻 👨🏻‍💻 👩🏼‍💻

When the crisis began in Europe, we quickly switched our team to remote work. We closed our Madrid and Paris offices and asked all our team members who can work from home, to do so. 

Our Community Developers are working around the clock, from their home, to support and provide a listening ear to our residents. Official communications are being shared regularly.

Meanwhile, our maintenance and cleaning staff have been provided with the equipment and instructions needed to ensure their safety, as well as that of our residents, while on site.

COMMUNITY 👩🏻‍🦰🧔🏽👱🏻‍♀️ 👩🏾‍🦱 👨🏼‍🦱

Social distancing and community

might sound incompatible but they’re not. After just a few weeks of being stuck at home, we now realize more than ever the importance of community and the support it provides. We have been really moved by how our members have come together, to share their knowledge and offer support to one another.

We know that times are hard for everyone. We want to use the strength and diversity of our Urban Campus network to see how we can encourage and develop professional opportunities for our residents. 

Apart from moving our traditional collaborative events to the virtual world, we kickstarted a new initiative, together with our community, called: Beat the Storm. With a combination of open discussions, brainstorming sessions, shared resources and tools, Beat the Storm is dedicated to finding ways to work together on 5 identified themes during and after the COVID crisis: 

  • 💼 Business & Employment
  • 💆🏻‍♀️ Mental Health
  • 💪🏽 Fitness
  • 🎲 Entertainment
  • 💚 Solidarity

Follow us if you want to know more or think you can contribute to this initiative.


This crisis is not affecting us all in the same way. While for some of us it’s business as usual, from home, a few people have already lost their jobs or their businesses. To help our residents most impacted by this hard time, we have created the Vulnerability Program, providing flexibility on their payments and length of stay. 


Due to the restriction measures in place, we quickly virtualized all of our scheduled Urban Campus and collaborative events. 

With our valued partners, we are committed to continue organizing vibrant experiences and content.

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge or projects, by organizing any virtual activity with our community, please contact us.


For more information about COVID-19 please visit the official website of the Spanish Health authorities or the Comunidad de Madrid Health authorities.