“El Referente” a Spanish publication for entrepreneurs, wrote an article about Urban Campus’ Foodlab and how this new space is allowing gastronomic entrepreneurs to develop their projects in Madrid.

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Foodlab is defined as a Coworking for gastronomic entrepreneurs, to help improve their productivity and launch their culinary projects, thanks to a supportive community.

Foodlab is the first project aimed at cuisine, developed by Urban Campus, the European startup, specialised in creating shared and collaborative coliving and coworking spaces.

This new space is located in Madrid. In it entrepreneurs from the food industry can create, test and start-up their businesses, without the demand of a large economic investment to get things going. Located in the heart of the capital, Foodlab has spaces to carry out ‘foodie’ activities, such as ‘show-cookings’ and tastings, and host events that help shine a light on emerging businesses. In addition, many of the Foodlab members distribute their food daily through delivery platforms, as with its professional kitchen it’s the perfect environment to cook without investing huge amounts of money on opening a restaurant.


Foodlab Urban Campus Professional kitchen
Professional kitchen at Urban Campus Foodlab

Foodlab is defined as an infrastructure-level tool that improves entrepreneurial productivity because it allows members to have a coworking space and a fully equipped professional kitchen in one place, that can be booked for hours or days, adapted to the needs of each business. It also offers networking spaces where you can engage in conversation with other professionals in the sector.

Urban Campus currently has a community of more than 250 people who share ideas, resources, and contacts to launch or boost their businesses, depending on the phase in which it is in.

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On Wednesday, July 3rd, CMX Connect Madrid organized their third, and biggest yet, meet up at our Foodlab!

The meet up topic was ¨Building a thriving offline community¨, which really relates to Urban Campus core values. The conversation was led by Connect Host Cepee Tabibian – Founder of She Hit Refresh and the Madrid Blogger Network.

CMX Connect chose our Food Lab, thanks to the multi-functional space which enabled their attendees to network smoothly and helped Connect host Valentina to introduce CMX Connect, while everybody enjoyed craft beers provided by Cervezas La Cibeles Cervezas La Cibeles and sweet treats by Baked by Jeanne.

We were really happy to help CMX Connect Madrid to organize their event with us and we are looking forward to collaborate in the future!

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Entrepreneurship and gastronomy go hand in hand with the opening of the Foodlab by Urban Campus & Gastroemprendedores, the first space dedicated to gastronomic entrepreneurship in Madrid, with features unique to Europe.

This new co-working and co-cooking space was inaugurated yesterday by Seth Goldman, the entrepreneur who founded Honest, which is one of several launches of Coca Cola into the ecological drink market, thereby becoming “Total Beverage Company”.

It’s amazing to see how in countries like Spain, with such deep rooted gastronomic traditions, that the ability to innovate and develop entrepreneurial projects within this sector is still held in high regard.


Foodlab is intended for entrepreneurs, startups, and professionals in the restaurant and food and drink industry who need a professional space to transform their ideas and creations into a reality.

In the Foodlab we give startups the opportunity to experiment. They can create and test out their Minimum Viable Product, something that up until now was one of the most challenging undertakings in the launch of any kind of business, especially in our sector.


With an intense calendar of events, designed by Urban Campus and Eatable Adventures, the Foodlab will generate a self sustaining ecosystem enabling its members to establish new professional relationships and collaborations with different experts and sector leaders: chefs, press, influencers …

There are few activities that connect us the way cooking or eating together does. After our experience in co-working and co-living, a co-cooking space was the next natural step. More than just a place to work, the Foodlab is the perfect environment for food lovers to meet and develop both their professional and personal projects. We are just as excited to explore the possible synergies among the communities between the different Urban Campus spaces.


“Oye, y esto, que va a ser?” (Hey, what’s this going to be!?) Seems to be the question on everyone’s mind as they walk by the recently finished Foodlab by Urban Campus and Gastroemprendedores.
The neighborhood is buzzing with excitement as passer’s-by peer in through the glass door curiously squinting to see what the new space has to offer.

The Foodlab, right in the heart of Madrid, is designed specifically for those who are passionate about gastronomy.
Aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs, chefs, and lovers of food and beverage, will have the opportunity to create, innovate, experiment, test, and share their ideas in a vibrant community of like-minded people.

With its modern yet rustic design, the Foodlab will soon become the pinnacle of culinary creativity in Madrid.
The upstairs space is comprised of an intimate coworking area with brick lined walls, a chill out zone, a communal kitchen, and a meeting room. On the lower level, a shared professional kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment and one of Madrid’s magnificent historic caves.

The ergonomic and versatile space along with business support and mentoring provided by partner incubation program, Gastroemprendedores, offers members an ideal workplace to focus on their Food & Beverages projects and an ambitious community intended to encourage partnerships and collaborations.

Urban Campus’ expertise lies in fostering communities that inspire creativity and innovation. The new Foodlab sets out to strengthen this mission while asserting itself as an integral member of the already existing culinary scene in Madrid.

In the last five years the culinary scene in Madrid has taken off with a vengeance. It has been, and continues to be, an incredible opportunity to be present for this remarkable transformation. In the Foodlab, we are driven to encourage this change by bringing together food lovers, food and beverage entrepreneurs, startups, and professionals, in a space created to foster culinary innovation and creation, and the future of food. The Foodlab is the perfect destination for those who are passionate about gastronomy to come and develop both their personal and professional projects and become a part of the even larger Urban Campus community.

Alana DalyCommunity Manager

Urban Campus is expanding its existing campus in the center of Madrid with the forthcoming opening in February 2018 of a foodlab located 150m away from the Mercado San Miguel.

Our foodlab is designed to allow food entrepreneurs to develop, test and present their talents and creations. Urban Campus’ community will have privileged access to the foodlab and contribute their own tastes, skills and expertise.

Ludovic Theroude – Project Manager

Created in partnership with Eatable Adventures, a leading incubator, it will become a focal point for Madrid’s thriving culinary scene and Spanish food industry.

Urban Campus operates spaces and animates communities. Our integrated approach and technology allows us to offer unique experiences for our “community of curious people”. Clearly, people want more than just a place to work or to sleep. They want to be able to socialize, play, enjoy, create and develop their personal and professional projects. We continue to develop new campuses in the main European cities with leading partners and unique content providers.

Maxime ArmandCOO