Urban Campus has partnered with CeleBreak, the easiest way to play football in Madrid if you are looking to meet new people.

We are excited to start a new partnership with the amazing football app CeleBreak.

At Urban Campus we foster meaningful connections to bring you the most value from day one. As in Urban Campus, CeleBreak also offers a community where you can connect with entrepreneurs, professionals, and freelancers who share a passion for football like you.

CeleBreak is an app that helps you find a place and a team to play football with, a really good option for everyone who wants to chill out at a football game.

Everyone is welcome, all levels of play, men’s and women’s football. Organizers take care of everything and keep the teams equal and motivated, you just turn up and play.

At Urban Campus, we have partnered with CeleBreak to offer a new energetic experience through a football-playing activity.

Urban Campus. Looking to play football in Madrid?If you want to join the CeleBreak community, just follow the next steps to win the 2nd game for free:
  • Sign up for a game via the CeleBreak App
  • After you have played 1 match, send an email to (daniel@celebreak.eu). Mention that you are from Urban Campus and you will receive your bonus.

You just have to choose a game near you to start creating new experiences and connecting with football enthusiasts.

Let’s chill out at a football game!

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Urban Campus has partnered with Too Good to Go, the wonderful food-saving app.

We are thrilled to start a new collaboration with the wonderful food-saving app Too Good To Go! 🌱

Our logos have almost the same colors and our values match too.


Too Good To Go connects food producers, providers, distributors, and all kinds of food stores with customers, to solve the problem of food waste, through their easy-to-use app.

The app is a great way for the public to get involved – just download, log on, and save perfectly good, surplus food from your local stores. It’s always a surprise and an instant good deed for the planet.

At Urban Campus we have partnered with them to offer our centrally located Coworkings and Colivings as pick up stations to collect Too Good to go packages.


The first pick up point is located at our Jerónimo, Madrid Coworking! 💚

The first campaign is with Embutidos Luis Gil, an organic cured meat producer from La Rioja. Their chorizo is excellent!

1. Find us on the app: #DEORIGEN – Embutidos Luis Gil – Urban Campus Carrera de San Jerónimo 17
2. Buy your charcuterie surprise pack and pick it up from our space!

Get the App: App Store / Play Store.

Let’s stand together against food waste! 💪🏽