Urban Campus Mellado is the first coliving to achieve the BREEAM In-Use green building certification! This is just the beginning of our sustainable path. 

What is BREEAM In-Use?

The purpose of the certification is to provide building owners, facility managers, investment managers, and building occupiers with a consistent and credible means of determining the impact and performance of their buildings, and deciding the areas for improvement. Many factors are considered, such as: materials, energy, water and utility usage, and management processes put in place, among others.

Our building not only provides greater health and comfort for those who live in it, but it also means greater profitability for those who build, operate and maintain it.

Why Mellado?

Mellado was our first coliving building in Madrid. It was originally built in the 1960s and has been renovated to be more circular. Since 2018 it has been operated as an Urban Campus coliving. The building layout was optimized and the envelope was improved to reduce energy consumption which in turn has a direct effect not only on the environment but also on operational costs. It was during the refurbishment phase that the space was optimized to create common areas that added value, reduced loneliness, and promoted social moments between tenants. 

We have put in place policies and communication to promote a responsible community and encourage healthy spaces. Some examples include, waste management protocols (recycling and reducing), shared appliances in certain areas, and reduced water fixtures. 

Mellado is also a smart space that is digitally managed. By tracking and measuring consumption patterns, we have proactively solved overconsumption, and reduced emissions with the help of power meters like Wibeee.

All these factors were taken into account upon being rewarded with the BREAAM In-Use certification. Usability and comfort will always stand for all of our buildings.

So What’s Next?

We know this is just the very first step of the journey. In the next years, you will see many actions within this line from our partners and our company. Our objective is to reduce the carbon footprint and emissions of our present and future buildings. We strive for more efficient, modular, and responsible construction, and will continue digitalizing our operations further. The end goal is to provide our residents with healthy conscious spaces. 


Renata Primorac


Renata is our Social Media and Content Manager.