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Mellado Madrid Coliving is composed of 83 rooms with private bathrooms, all fully furnished and equipped. You can choose between cozy, spacious, and premium rooms, depending on your needs. The living, dining room, kitchen, and laundry areas are shared by 4-6 members depending on the unit. Mellado is BREEAM certified, making it the first sustainable coliving building.

  • 300m² of common areas
  • Fully equipped Coworking space
  • Fitness area
  • Terrace with BBQ
  • Chill out zone
  • Event space
  • Movie room
  • Music corner


Common area 6C
Common area 6C
Common area 6C
Common area 6C
Common area 6C
Terrace 6C
Terrace 6C
Terrace 6C
Small terrace
Small terrace
Common area 6C
Coworking Space 6C
Common area 6C
Common area 6C
Coworking area
Coworking Space 6C
Coworking area
Coworking area
Winter terrace
Shared Living Room
Shared Living Room
Shared Dining Area
Shared Living Room
Shared Living Room
Fitness Room
Common areas


Authentic, charming and full of character


You’ll find Mellado Coliving right in the well-known Chamberí neighborhood. It’s such a charming area, with the city center’s biggest park just around the corner – not to mention the picturesque streets and beautiful bars, cafés and restaurants. There’s so much to do here, and the metro is just a few steps from the front door, too.

OUR ADDRESSCalle Andrés Mellado 80,
28003, Madrid, Spain
NEAREST METROIslas Filipinas (line 7)
Moncloa (line 3, 6)


Is there availability?

Unfortunately, we’re all booked up this month. We tend to get quite full the rest of the year as well.
We’ll always try our best to fit you in, but we hate to disappoint, so we recommend that you apply for a space 1-3 months before you’d like to move in.

    Who is Coliving for?

    At Urban Campus, we’re all about creating a Community of like-minded people who will help each other feel settled and supported, and who will get involved in everything that’s on offer. So, we designed our spaces with young professionals in mind.
    We welcome people from all corners of the world, often between the ages of 25 and 40, who are freelancers or entrepreneurs, or who work for startups or larger corporations.

      Do you accept students?

      We like to make sure that everyone staying with us has similar interests and experiences. That’s why we can’t accept students, even those doing a Bachelors or those on an Erasmus programme - we only accept young professionals.

        Do couples pay extra?

        Yes. Couples must pay an extra 100 € per month for their stay.

          Are services included?

          Yes! You only pay one cost, and everything comes included - water, electricity, high-speed internet, AC, heating, maintenance service, a weekly common area cleaning service, a monthly private space cleaning service, and access to all amenities including the gym.
          Even the price of Netflix is included for the common areas, and we have additional services available too.
          You just need to show up and enjoy your stay - we’ll sort out the rest!

            What is the minimum length of a stay?

            3 months.

              What is the average length of a stay?

              Most people who stay with Urban Campus tend to live with us for around 12 months.

                Can I visit before I book a space?

                Unfortunately, we don’t offer onsite visits, only because we respect the privacy of those staying with us - we don’t want to disturb them. We do offer a virtual tour though, so you can see the space before you book it.

                  Are pets allowed?

                  To make sure everyone has a comfortable and peaceful stay, unfortunately, your furry friends can’t stay with us.

                    Can I bring visitors to the space once I move in?

                    Of course! We want you to feel at home, so you’re more than welcome to bring visitors. In your private space you can have 1 visitor at a time for a maximum of 7 nights per month.

                      What are the payment options?

                      Our booking process is fully automated, but you’ll be able to choose the payment method that suits you best - SEPA transfer, or credit card.
                      Once you’ve picked, rent is charged automatically every month. If you don’t move in on the 1st of the month, the rent is charged according to how many days are left in the month.

                        Is VAT included?

                        Yes, VAT is included in the final price.

                          Can I cancel or extend my stay?

                          Of course! The minimum length of a stay at Urban Campus is 3 months, but after that you’re more than welcome to cancel your stay, or to extend it for as long as you like. Just please bear in mind that you will need to give us at least 30 days’ notice.

                            WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING…



                            Ben Laurence


                            I have been living here almost 2 years, and am very settled, my work-life balance has improved dramatically and I have made some friends for life. Moving to a new city is tough, and I wish i’d had something like Urban Campus in previous cities I’ve lived in!

                            Pauline Leneveu


                            Amazing place to live in Madrid ! Spaces are nice and above all the international atmosphere is so great. We really feel like being part of a community. I recommend it 100% for a short or longer stay.

                            cristina torres


                            A GREAT place to LIVE and WORK! Urban Campus is without a doubt, the best place to live in Madrid if you like socialising and making friends. The atmosphere is the BEST and working and living here enables you to meet a lot of new people that are super sociable and nice. What I like the most is that there is always something to do or a plan to join which I personally love! If you are an entrepreneur, want to expand your network and also like to make friends, this is for sure the best place to live and work, especially if you are new in town.

                            Jan Marc Schwidtal


                            If you're looking for a place full of inspiring people, young professionals that develop and push their own ideas, that study and work together, but that share also a common life togethers, going out for sports, a shared lunch or a drink after work in the vibrant neighbourhood - there you go. Urban Campus offers the platform for this. Especially in these days social interaction is surely not as easy as usually (and that's for a good reason), but here you have the in my opinion best solution that respects all sanitary rules while still enables you to dive into a group of amazing people as quickly as probably nowhere else. Highly recommended!

                            Moni MMS


                            Amazing experience! Great people, great place and lots of good vibes. I wish i could stay more, looking forward to coming back.

                            Daniel Nakhla


                            Living here was one of the best decisions I've ever made - great staff, service, and a sense of community (i.e. friends around all the time) that's nearly impossible to find in more traditional living situations especially when moving to a new city/country.

                            SUNICA DE KLERK


                            Coliving is a fantastic phenomenon that's taking the world by storm accross the globe. It offers Colivers the opportunity to become part of a community which in itself is one of best perks of living here. Other than that, the spaces are well designed and each floor offers 3 apartments. The concept is based on having smaller private space to have larger shared spaces. This means that a large portion of each floor offers beautiful shared living rooms and kitchens, while everyone has their private room and bathroom to retract into. The shared spaces are all different sizes offering different settings. The 6th floor offers a multifunctional space with a dedicated work area. There is also a sunroom and a terrace with a barbecue. The work area provides opportunity for both concentration work and collaboration (screen and whiteboards) as well as space for downtime. It's a pleasure to be part of a place that offers a platform for entrepreneurs to engage accross disciplines.

                            Onur Şimşek


                            It's really a good option for expats for their onboarding process. Everything is ready from the first day in your room plus out of your room like a coworking area, gym and terrace.

                            Roel Monard


                            From the start the People involved in running this place (Urban Campus) have been super helpful and accommodative. What a pleasure to say I have lived here and met so many amazing people 🙂

                            Marcela Feldens


                            The best part of having lived in UC is the connection I created with so many amazing people!



                            Really nice residence, in your apartment you got everything you need and also they are common areas like a coworking, gym and terrace. It’s a really good option if you come to Madrid.

                            Alexandra Cooper


                            One of the best places with the best people you will meet in Madrid. A truly amazing community!

                            Jade Tinsley


                            Spaces are really nice, community is super welcoming and fun but also chilled out. Plus the staff are very helpful!



                            Highly recommend this place <3

                            Jorge García Rojas


                            Amazing place! The spaces are unbelievable and the community makes one feel at home. Perfect place to grow.

                            Sophie Monnier - Richard


                            Great experience in this coliving! I met super nice and inspiring people 🙂 thanks Urban Campus!!

                            Mariam joly


                            The concept is amazing, the place is wonderful and I met there the sweetest people I've ever met !

                            Martin Blanchard


                            (Translated by Google) I arrived at Urban Campus 1 month ago and I have really had a great experience. If you come from abroad and want to know an incredible community this is the place. First class facilities with staff very aware of what is missing and what is being carried out in the coliving. Urban campus is a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world where it is really welcoming and there is never a lack of something to do. Coworking is also great for the community to nurture itself in terms of friendships and also professionally. Highly recommended! (Original) Llegué a Urban Campus hace 1 mes y la verdad he tenido una gran experiencia. Si llegas desde el extranjero y quieres conocer una comunidad increíble este es el sitio. Instalaciones de primer nivel con personal muy pendiente de lo que falta y que se está llevando a cabo en el coliving. Urban campus es una gran oportunidad de conocer gente de todo el mundo donde es realmente acogedor y nunca falta algo que hacer. El coworking también es genial para que la comunidad se nutra en términos de amistades y también en el ámbito profesional. Muy recomendado!

                            Sabrina Gario


                            (Translated by Google) I have had a great experience living at UC Andrés Mellado! Living here has allowed me to generate community, meet different, enterprising and inspiring people that has helped me in this new stage of my life. Without a doubt it has been the right choice. On the other hand, the facilities are incredible! All very well thought and designed, taking into account the design and functionality. And the team is always on hand to solve any inconvenience that may arise. The common areas are the best, you can enjoy the facilities and at the same time generate links with other members. I recommend it for those who want to generate community, know different experiences and get rich from them. (Original) ¡He tenido una gran experiencia viviendo en UC Andrés Mellado! Vivir aquí me ha permitido generar comunidad, conocer gente diferente, emprendedora e inspiradora que me ha ayudado en esta nueva etapa de mi vida. Sin dudas ha sido la elección correcta. Por otro lado, las instalaciones son increíbles! Todo muy bien pensado y diseñado, teniendo en cuenta el diseño y la funcionalidad. Y el equipo siempre a la orden para resolver cualquier inconveniente que pueda surgir. Las zonas comunes son de lo mejor, puedes disfrutar de las instalaciones y a la vez generar vínculos con otros miembros. Lo recomiendo para quien desea generar comunidad, conocer diferentes experiencias y enriquecerse de ellas.

                            Natalia Hernandez


                            (Translated by Google) For me the best option to live in Madrid! Comfortable and modern apartments in the city center, where you also meet many people and friends. I recommend it 100% !! (Original) Para mi la mejor opción para vivir en Madrid! Apartamentos cómodos y modernos en el centro de la ciudad, donde además se conoce mucha gente y amigos. Lo recomiendo 100%!!

                            Teresa Vázquez


                            (Translated by Google) I love thinking about my experience at Urban Campus, based on 3 words: #Creativity: it's great to live with other people who are curious, restless to learn and be better! and without doubt in Mellado you always find inspiration to create !. They also organize events of all kinds to learn, for example, about slow pastry, public speaking, or olfactory marketing, which are some of which I have been ... and Creative Campus, sessions where we generate synergies and give ideas to Urban Campus to improve our experience. #Community: I love the idea of ​​creating community and connecting with people in an environment drawn by diversity. It's great, for example, to go up to the co-working and always find someone with whom to have an interesting conversation or during the dinners of the community two Mondays a month. #Disruptive: I'm excited to be part of a disruptive and dreamer project in which a new way of living in cities is designed. It fascinates me that this formulated with the essence of the thinking of the classics and understanding the needs of a future that is already present. And if this is not enough, I love the flexibility, location, interior design that makes you feel great and an all in one service, (yes! Netflix and fitness room included! Many thanks to Alana, the Jorges, Sylvain, Ana, Domingo and Marta for making me feel at home and part of the community! 🙂 (Original) Me encanta pensar en mi experiencia en Urban Campus, en base a 3 palabras: #Creatividad: es genial vivir con otras personas que tienen curiosidad, inquietud por aprender y ser mejores! y sin duda en Mellado siempre encuentras inspiración para crear!. También organizan eventos de todo tipo donde aprender, por ejemplo, sobre slow pastry, hablar en público, o marketing olfativo, que son algunos a los que yo he ido... y Creative Campus, sesiones donde generamos sinergias y damos ideas a Urban Campus para mejorar nuestra experiencia. #Comunidad: me fascina la idea de crear comunidad y conectar con personas en una ambiente dibujado por la diversidad. Es fantástico, por ejemplo, subir al co-working y siempre encontrar a alguien con el que tener una conversación interesante o durante las cenas de la comunidad dos lunes al mes. #Disruptivo: me emociona formar parte de un proyecto disruptivo y soñador en el que se diseña una nueva forma de vivir en las ciudades. Me fascina que este formulado con la esencia del pensamiento de los clásicos y entendiendo las necesidades de un futuro que ya es presente. Y si esto no es suficiente, adoro la flexibilidad, localización, el diseño de interiores que te hace sentir genial y un servicio todo en uno, (si!, Netflix y fitness room incluidos!. Muchas gracias a Alana, a los Jorges, Sylvain, Ana, Domingo y Marta por hacerme sentir en casa y parte de la comunidad! :).

                            David Casarejos Fresnedo


                            (Translated by Google) I have made many friends living there. It seems great to meet so many people and at the same time be in such modern and beautiful facilities in the heart of the capital. I will continue to live there for several months for sure. (Original) He hecho muchos amigos viviendo allí. Me parece genial poder conocer a tanta gente y a la vez estar en instalaciones tan modernas y bonitas en pleno centro de la capital. Voy a seguir viviendo allí varios meses seguro.

                            Ana Barral


                            (Translated by Google) An incredible place to live and create synergies with people from all over the world. UC is a young and dynamic community where I have been living practically for 1 year and where I hope to return in the future. (Original) Un lugar increible para vivir y crear sinergias con personas de todo el mundo. UC es una comunidad joven y dinámica donde he estado viviendo praticamente 1 año y donde espero volver en un futuro.

                            Ana García Varela


                            (Translated by Google) Very good experience there, impeccable facilities and charming and super efficient professionals at all times. Perfect location. Not at all recommendable. (Original) Muy buena experiencia allí, instalaciones impecables y profesionales encantadores y super eficientes en todo momento. Perfecta ubicación. Recomendable en absoluto.

                            Sergio Izan


                            (Translated by Google) I went to pay a visit and each room surprised me more, exquisite decoration. You breathe good atmosphere, a good luck to be able to live in such a place. (Original) Fui a hacer una visita y cada sala me sorprendió más, decoración exquisita. Se respira buen ambiente, una suerte poder vivir en un lugar así.

                            Fernando Guerrero


                            (Translated by Google) One of the best options to live in Madrid. Easy, friendly and with the best friends one can find. (Original) De las mejores opciones para vivir en Madrid. Fácil, agradable y con los mejores amigos que uno puede encontrar.

                            Eduardo Carreras


                            (Translated by Google) Coliving with large facilities designed for young entrepreneurs. Unfortunately it is not what it was before, the magic is long lost. (Original) Coliving con grandes instalaciones pensadas para jóvenes emprendedores. Lamentablemente ya no es lo que era antes, la magia se perdió hace mucho.

                            David García Crespo


                            María pilar Muñoz romero


                            Alejandro Martinez de Velasco


                            Gonzalo Ruiz


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