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Noemi Marelli


Urban Campus is my home 💚 I’ve been living here for almost a year, and will stay for sure longer. I love living here because they make life so much easier (all included in 1 bill) + the beautiful community you join when you choose to live here! We are people from all over the world! Young professionals, entrepreneurs, masters/PhD students… a very enriching community. UC organize great activities for us to stay connected, learn and enjoy together! (Biweekly community dinners, sports, yoga, interesting seminars, BBQs at our gorgeous terraces, and much more!) I also appreciated very much the access to the communal areas: coworking space! The big living room-kitchen, music instruments (including a piano!), TV and video games room… just perfect 👌 If you are looking to meet new people in Madrid and want to come living in a great comfortable place, Urban Campus is your place! As it’s mine 😊

Yahya Miri


Ive been staying in Urban Campus for a month now and I kind of feel very lucky that i found that place , it is incredible ! The community is amazing and is super engaging, you feel valued and you meet people from all over the world ! I definitely recommend Urban Campus for anyone who just moved to Madrid, or is looking to be part of an amazing community ! Thank you Alana for all your help and effort in making sure that everyone feels valuable and indeed part of an incredible community !

Diana Loaiza


I’ve been living in Urban Campus for about 3 years. The first 2 in the Mellado Coliving and the 3rd one in the Malasaña one. The facilities are great everything is very modern and new, you can have the private space you choose, either a comfortable room with private bathroom or a complete studio just for yourself. (I’ve lived in both) The common areas include a coworking area with chill out zones perfect to work or spend time with others. The Mellado one has a gym which is great because you won’t even need to leave home to workout. But the best part for me as a foreigner living in Madrid, is the community you build, you get to meet and become friends with so many amazing people from all over the world. It is a great space to network, to get to know interesting people with different stories and different projects. In my experience so many great friendships have emerged in this 3 years as well as so many good memories.

Pamela Capizzi


My stay at Urban Campus was an amazing experience. The location is great and the Coliving offers a range of different services and activities. It is really confortable and can accommodate basically any need. Among others, the coworking space on the top floor is the perfect place to work in. Most importantly, I met a lot of amazing people. I would definitely recommend to any young (or less young) professional a stay at the UC Coliving.

Lorena Quinan


Urban Campus is a unique space where you can have home, space to work and also make friends. It's a great opportunity to be in an environment with people from all over the world who want to share interests and are open to meeting new people.



First year in Madrid I lived thursday till friday in a hotel. Very depressing. Then I was accepted in UC Malasaña. A really life changing event. Very pleasant. Nice people, nice flat, nice ammendities. The community and member engagement is worthy any extra cent you have to pay. Very recommendable.

denisa miu


I've lived here for 8 months now and it's fair to say I love it. Met some great people, I have the space to do anything I need and the comfort of having everything taken care of is a really nice perk. I would definitely choose the same if I had the chance ❤️

Magnus Johansson


Loved it! It had everything I needed and wanted and I am very picky and peculiar with standard and things. Very much worth the money and so nice to have a community to belong to when away from family and friends. I got very inspired by the beautiful and talented people I met while at Urban Campus in Madrid. It felt like I got a second Erasmus (not partying) for adult professionals. I sincerely hope I can find this concept elsewhere. Thanks a lot! I am so greatful!

Henry Backshall


Superb service for quality and flexibility! Great environment for professionals looking to network with similar people and get the best out of the Madrid City Centre.

José Antonio De Pedro Cuadrado