Are you curious about the benefits of coliving? 

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, the way we live and work is transforming. Enter coliving – a concept that redefines traditional living arrangements, offering a blend of community, convenience, and flexibility. Let’s explore the benefits of coliving and how it can enhance living experiences. 


What is Coliving?

The Benefits of Coliving: A New Era in Urban Living

Coliving is a modern form of communal living that goes beyond the mere shared housing. It’s an urban-centric accommodation solution, ideal for people new to a city, seeking an easy housing option, or looking for meaningful community. 

Coliving spaces are typically fully-furnished and integrate extensive common areas like coworking spaces, terraces, and gyms, promoting a blend of privacy and community living. Plus, they offer intetional communities of like-minded people.


Brief History of Coliving

The Benefits of Coliving: A New Era in Urban Living

The concept of coliving, akin to ‘coworking’, originated in Silicon Valley, a hub for young professionals and entrepreneurs. It evolved as a response to the unaffordable housing options in bustling urban centers. Initially, it was seen as a university residence for working professionals, but it has since expanded globally, adapting to diverse urban needs and lifestyles. Now, the benefits of coliving for a variety of different demographics are widely recognized. 


Key Benefits of Coliving

The Benefits of Coliving: A New Era in Urban Living

  • Combatting Isolation: Coliving offers an environment where residents can connect with like-minded individuals, reducing feelings of loneliness and enhancing social interactions.
  • All-Inclusive Living: Coliving spaces often include all essentials like utilities, Wi-Fi, and furniture, simplifying living arrangements and reducing the hassle of managing separate bills.
  • Flexible and Affordable Housing: Coliving provides a cost-effective solution for housing in expensive urban areas, with flexible contracts and a range of accommodation options.
  • Community and Networking: Coliving spaces foster a sense of community, encouraging collaboration, professional networking, and social activities among residents.
  • Innovative Living Spaces: Modern coliving spaces are designed with a focus on fostering social interaction and providing comfortable, functional living areas. Most colivings include common spaces like coworking areas, shared kitchens, cinema rooms, living rooms, patios, terraces and more. These can be especially useful for digital nomads or people who work remotely. 


Coliving with Urban Campus

The Benefits of Coliving: A New Era in Urban Living

Urban Campus is leading the way in the coliving movement, providing premium living spaces in pivotal urban areas. At the heart of Urban Campus is a commitment to fostering a supportive community. We strive to create environments where residents feel a sense of belonging and happiness, reducing overall feelings of loneliness. 

Urban Campus coliving spaces are vibrant hubs, hosting a variety of social events each month to strengthen community bonds and friendships. Our spaces are a unique melting pot, blending locals with individuals from around the globe. We cater specifically to young professionals, which has translated into a highly entrepreneurial and creative communities. 

Additionally, there are a variety of communal areas and private living spaces to enjoy. Each of our coliving spaces offers a range of private rooms and studios to choose from. You’ll also find our signature common zones in all Urban Campus coliving spaces, which typically include: 

  • Coworking space
  • Gym
  • Cinema Room
  • Living Room
  • Shared kitchen 
  • Patio
  • Terrace 

Above all, Urban Campus offers flexibility and ease. We only require a 30-day notice for lease cancellations, providing residents with the freedom to adapt as their needs change. All of our spaces come fully furnished and equipped. Plus, the booking and application process is streamlined and completed entirely online.

Check out our dynamic coliving spaces here. 

Coliving vs Cohousing – what’s the difference? 

Coliving and Cohousing are two contemporary living arrangements that are often confused, but they cater to different lifestyles and preferences. Both modern concepts present unique approaches to communal living. Understanding the differences between coliving vs cohousing can help you in making an informed decision about which type of community living best suits your lifestyle.


Coliving: A Community-Oriented Urban Lifestyle

Coliving vs Cohousing: What's the difference?

Coliving provides an urban-centric accommodation solution, ideal for newcomers to a city or those seeking an easy housing option. It simplifies the process of finding a place to live, especially in urban environments. Coliving spaces typically offer fully-furnished private rooms or studios, along with extensive common areas such as coworking spaces, terraces, and gyms.

Booking and Convenience

The booking process in coliving is usually streamlined and online, making it efficient and transparent. This contrasts traditional leasing, which often involves cumbersome paperwork and high deposits. Coliving also mitigates issues like acquiring furniture or dealing with fluctuating utility costs. This makes the move in process seamless and easy. 

Designed for Interaction and Convenience

Coliving spaces are architecturally designed to encourage interaction among residents. They provide well-thought-out shared spaces, fostering a sense of community. Residents enjoy the privacy of their own rooms, often with private bathrooms, while also having access to communal living rooms, gyms, and workspaces.

Integrated Services

Colivings often include additional services like weekly professional cleaning, laundry and various perks and discounts. This approach aims to reduce the hassle of daily chores, enabling residents to remain stress-free and focus on their personal and professional lives. It also improves affordability as all services are often combined into one single bill. 

Intentional Community Building

A significant aspect of coliving is the emphasis on community. Often, the selection of residents is based on complementary profiles to facilitate a harmonious living environment. This creates opportunities for social interaction, professional networking, and cultural exchange. Coliving typically targets younger demographics, often including young professionals. 

Length of Stay & Flexibility

In coliving spaces, the concept of flexibility is deeply ingrained, especially concerning the length of stay. Unlike traditional leases, coliving contracts may span from a few weeks to several months, or even more than a year. This all depends on the provider’s policies and the tenant’s requirements. This flexible nature allows tenants to adjust their living situations without the long-term commitment often demanded by conventional landlords. 

At Urban Campus, we embrace a highly flexible policy concerning length of stay. For lease terminations, we only require a 30-day notice period.


Cohousing: A Collaborative Approach to Shared Living

Coliving vs Cohousing: What's the difference?

Cohousing, on the other hand, leans towards a more suburban or rural setting. It typically consists of privately-owned housing units clustered around shared spaces. Residents often self-organize and manage cohousing communities, collaboratively planning and running the community.

Shared Spaces and Mutual Responsibility

Cohousing communities feature common facilities like kitchens, dining areas, and recreational spaces. These shared resources foster a strong sense of community. Residents participate in the management and maintenance of these amenities, promoting a collaborative environment.

Privacy with Community Engagement

While offering private living spaces, cohousing encourages community interactions through shared meals, activities, and decision-making processes. It combines personal privacy with collective living, making it suitable for families and individuals who value community involvement in addition to having their own private space.  

Sustainable and Inclusive

Cohousing often focuses on sustainability, with shared resources reducing individual consumption. Communities are inclusive and diverse, welcoming people from various backgrounds and fostering a supportive environment.


Differences between Coliving vs Cohousing

Coliving vs Cohousing: What's the difference?

Here are some of the key differences between coliving vs cohousing.

  • Location and Structure: Coliving is more prevalent in urban areas with fully furnished spaces, while cohousing is often found in suburban or rural areas with individual housing units. Both emphasize high property quality. 
  • Management: Coliving is typically managed by a company, offering services like cleaning and maintenance, whereas cohousing is self-managed by residents.
  • Community Involvement: Cohousing requires more democratic participation in community life, while coliving provides a ready-made community with less formal obligation and more freedom.
  • Privacy and Sharing: Coliving offers more privacy in living quarters with shared amenities, while cohousing balances private homes with communal responsibilities.


Coliving at Urban Campus

Coliving vs Cohousing: What's the difference?

Urban Campus, established in 2016, specializes in crafting exceptional coliving environments in France and Spain, tailored for the modern young professional. Here’s an overview of what sets our spaces apart:

  • Adaptable Lease Terms: Our leasing policy is designed with your convenience in mind, requiring just a 30-day notice for any lease modifications or terminations. This ensures maximum adaptability for our colivers.
  • Community for the Long Haul: Colivers typically stay with us for 12 months, allowing for the nurturing of deep, enduring connections and friendships within our community.
  • Convenience: Living at Urban Campus is a stress-free experience. All of our private and shared spaces come fully-furnished and equipped. Additionally, all of your essentials are included in the cost of rent: utilities, Wi-Fi, cleaning services, laundry and more. This means one consolidated monthly payment covers all your living needs. 
  • Easy Application: Experience the ease of our digital-first approach with a straightforward and smooth online application process.
  • Engaging Community Life: We pride ourselves on fostering a lively community atmosphere, enriched by a variety of monthly events. These events include everything from language exchanges and craft beer tastings to competitive sports tournaments, all contributing to an energetic and united community spirit.

Explore our dynamic coliving spaces here.

  • Urban Campus formalizes an agreement with Vitruvio to open its sixth coliving building in Madrid.
  • The new project will be located at 4 Duque de Rivas Street, very close to Madrid’s Plaza Mayor. The property will have a surface area of 3,100 square meters and will accommodate 44 apartments.

Madrid, June 14, 2023. Urban Campus continues its growth strategy in the Spanish market. The leading operator of residential coliving buildings will open a new asset in Madrid in partnership with SOCIMI Vitruvio. The new project will be located at 4 Duque de Rivas Street, very close to the central Plaza Mayor of the capital.

In its constant search for quality products and alliances with institutional investors, Urban Campus has signed a management contract with SOCIMI for a centrally located building in Madrid, which will be renovated by Vitruvio as a residential rental building with common areas for young professionals. “This alliance is great news for Vitruvio and Urban Campus. Investing in improving the quality and residential offering in the center of Madrid is consistent with our philosophy and positioning, but also much needed to revitalize an aging urban center. Vitruvio is carrying out a very profound transformation in this building, with a lot of prior urban planning work and now construction to execute it. As a result of the above and with Urban Campus’ management, we expect to create a lot of value for Vitruvio’s shareholders,” says Jorge de Vera, Vitruvio’s investment manager.

It is a historic building constructed in 1900 and located in the heart of the La Latina neighborhood, very close to Calle Mayor. It shares its location with the noble building of the Viana Palace, annexed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The property, which will become a fully dedicated coliving space, will undergo a comprehensive renovation to provide 44 units. The offerings will range from individual studios to one-bedroom apartments, as well as clustered studios (shared rooms with kitchen and living room). The building’s common areas are Urban Campus’ hallmark, as their focus is on creating buildings where tenants have access to a community of like-minded individuals compared to other residential options. Therefore, the property reserves over 180 square meters for spaces such as coworking areas for tenants, a gym, a kitchen, and an events and meeting area.

The interior design of the building has been entrusted to the Urban Campus team, who will operate it once it opens at the end of 2024. With this upcoming opening, the company will have a total of 300 units in the Spanish market.

According to Casilda Mulliez, Urban Campus’ Real Estate and Business Development Manager for Iberia, “This project consolidates our presence in the Spanish market. With Duque de Rivas, we will have a presence in the main and best neighborhoods of Madrid, thus ensuring strategic growth thanks to alliances with investment groups. We will continue to seek opportunities in the capital to strengthen our presence and offer turnkey accommodation solutions to a generation that seeks comfort, community, and services.”

Madrid, the vibrant and lively capital, beckons you to embark on a summer filled with excitement and joy. While Madrid may not have a seaside, it compensates with an incredible array of summer plans that will keep you buzzing with delight. Whether you’re a seasoned local or a newcomer to the city, summer is the perfect time to uncover the hidden treasures of Madrid. Get ready to dive into the best summer plans the city has to offer!

Dive into Refreshments at Rooftop Pools 

Madrid’s scorching summers call for a refreshing dip in a pool, and why not do it in style? Discover two of our favorite hotels with stunning rooftop pools that are open to non-hotel guests:

🏨 Hotel Indigo Madrid – Gran Vía:

Located near Plaza de Callao, near to our Urban Campus Malasaña Coliving, this splendid hotel boasts a rooftop pool that’s open from May to September. Treat yourself to a “dayroom” experience starting at just 65€ for 2 people, granting you access to a room and the pool for 8 hours.

Contact number: +34 912 00 85 85.
📍 Location: Calle de Silva, 6, 28013 Madrid.

Hotel Indigo  


🎸 Hard Rock Hotel Madrid – Atocha:

Immerse yourself in the rock-inspired oasis in the heart of Madrid. Enjoy the swimming pool at our Roxy Garden with a Day Pass, and savor the delectable food and drinks on the menu. Prices range from 40€ per person (Monday to Friday) to 60€ per person (Saturdays and Sundays), with credit to spend on food and/or drinks.

More info and reservations: guestexperience@hrhmadrid.com
📍 Location: Ronda de Atocha 17 Madrid, 28012.

🌇 NYX Hotel Madrid – Cuatro Caminos

Just a stone’s throw away from Urban Campus Cuatro Caminos Coliving, NYX Hotel Madrid offers another incredible rooftop pool experience. With cool wall art designed by local artists, creative cocktails, and a relaxed atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot to unwind. For 30€, you can enjoy a sunbed, towel, and drink.

Contact number: +34 915 53 59 00.
📍 Location: Calle del Aviador Zorita, 34, 28020 Madrid.

NYX Hotel Best Summer Plans


🛏 Urban Campus Atocha Coliving

🏊 Dive into the summer vibes at Urban Campus Atocha Coliving! Our members are in for a refreshing treat with our fantastic pool. Don’t miss out on the fun and stay tuned on our app for exciting poolside events! Mark your calendars: the pool will be open from June 10th to September 15th.

📍Location: Calle del Áncora 20, Madrid

Join our community and make a splash this summer! 💦

On a budget? There are plenty of great low-cost municipal swimming pools around the city for you to enjoy.
 Look for the closest pool and book your spot!

Public Pool Best Summer Plans in Madrid

Enjoy Outdoor Cinema Screenings

As the sun sets, Madrid comes alive with enchanting outdoor cinema screenings. Don’t miss these two captivating venues for a cinematic experience under the stars:

🎥 CinePlaza at Matadero:

Located near the Manzanares River, the Matadero Cultural Centre hosts CinePlaza, showcasing the best independent movies from around the world. From July 16th to August 16th, you can enjoy 20 films from renowned festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, and more. Ticket prices start at just 3.50€.

CinePlaza Matadero


🌌 Terraza Magnética at La Casa Encendida

Step into the magical world of outdoor movies at La Casa Encendida’s famous terrace, known as “La Terraza Magnética.” Every Saturday in July and August, immerse yourself in films exploring the connection between humans and nature. Tickets are only 3€ per screening.

Terraza Magnetica Casa Encendida


🎡 Los Veranos de la Villa

Embark on a Summer Adventure at Los Veranos de la Villa: Madrid’s Extraordinary Festival of Music, Theatre, Circus, and More!

Experience the enchantment of Madrid during the most vibrant season of the year. The city comes alive with its very own summer festival, now celebrating its 37th edition. From July 5th to August 27th, Los Veranos de la Villa will immerse you in a world of over 50 captivating events, spanning music, theatre, circus performances, cinema screenings, fashion showcases, comic exhibitions, and tantalizing gastronomic delights.

This year, as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of China and Spain’s diplomatic relations, the festival pays homage to China’s rich cultural heritage. In collaboration with the Cultural Center of China in Madrid, Veranos de la Villa presents a series of captivating activities that place Chinese culture center stage. Brace yourself for an extraordinary fusion of artistic expressions from Germany, Colombia, Cuba, the United States, Mali, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, and Japan, as the festival’s international character shines brightly.

Prepare to be transported to various captivating venues throughout the city, including Conde Duque, Palacio Fernan Nuñez, Paseo de Recoletos, Parque de la Bombilla, and many more. Allow yourself to be captivated by the diverse talents and cultural experiences that await you at Los Veranos de la Villa.

Join us on this mesmerizing journey, and let the spirit of Madrid’s summer festival ignite your sense of wonder and adventure.

Embrace the Spirit of Festivities

Madrid knows how to celebrate, and you’re invited to join the fiestas! Experience the lively atmosphere during the neighbourhood celebrations honoring their Catholic saints or Virgen. Join the revelry in San Cayetano, El Rastro/Embajadores (August 7th), San Lorenzo, Lavapiés (August 10th), and Virgen de La Paloma, La Latina (August 15th). The streets transform into joyous party hubs, offering authentic treats like churros, sangria, and sardines. Immerse yourself in the traditional Madrileño dance, the “chotis,” as locals of all ages sing and dance together.

Madrid Summer celebrations


Find Serenity in Madrid’s Parks

Escape the bustling streets and bask in the shade of Madrid’s tranquil parks. Discover three of our favorite green havens:

🏞️ Casa de Campo:

As one of the largest public parks in the world, Casa de Campo offers a serene retreat. Stroll around the park’s lake, enjoy delicious food from nearby restaurants and food stands, and marvel at stunning views of the Almudena Cathedral and Edificio España.

Best Summer Plans in Madrid - Casa de Campo

🌳 El Retiro Park

Iconic and breathtaking, El Retiro Park is a true gem in the heart of Madrid. Take a leisurely walk amidst monuments, statues, and fountains. Rent a rowboat and glide across the central pond, or relax under a tree while engaging in lively conversations and picnics with friends. Don’t miss the enchanting Palacio de Cristal, which often hosts free exhibitions.

You can even book a table at “Florida Park”, a nice restaurant with a terrace that’s also a club. You can enjoy different tapas and drinks while grooving to live music. Make sure you check their concerts calendar as they have different music styles. 

El Retiro Summer in Madrid La Florida in El Retiro Summer in Madrid

🌺 Parque del Oeste:

Nestled in the Argüelles neighborhood, Parque del Oeste offers a unique experience. Admire the mesmerizing Temple of Debod, an ancient Egyptian monument that gifts visitors with breathtaking sunsets. Explore the park’s rose garden, showcasing a variety of roses in different colors and sizes.

This amazing park is very close to our Urban Campus Mellado Madrid Coliving and our community goes there to practice outdoor yoga from time to time!


Parque del Oeste


Live Your Best Summer in Madrid with Urban Campus

Make the most of your summer in Madrid by joining our vibrant community at Urban Campus. We offer exceptional coliving spaces where you can connect with like-minded individuals and create lifelong memories. Discover the perfect place to call home and experience the best that Madrid has to offer.

Are you ready for an unforgettable summer in Madrid? Explore our coliving spaces at Urban Campus and join us for a summer filled with adventure and joy!

Madrid, June 6, 2023.

Happier, more active, and with lower stress levels. This is the conclusion of the latest impact report presented by Urban Campus on its tenants, after doubling the number of buildings it operates in a year and consequently doubling the number of colivers in its community.

The combination of convenience and social commitment has shown that 57% of Urban Campus residents lead a healthier lifestyle since living in Urban Campus, with 54% of them believing that their stress levels have decreased and 52% feeling that their mental health has improved.

Urban Campus, the leading operator of complete coliving buildings, has presented its new Coliving Impact Report at its Malasaña space in Madrid. It is a comprehensive analysis of the impact of coliving aimed at sharing knowledge and showcasing the impact of coliving on its tenants and the neighborhoods where they are located. It draws conclusions about this residential model based on a survey conducted among all its residents.

As Urban Campus has grown in size, it has perceived the impact on its operations and the satisfaction of its colivers. After stabilizing its operations, it has gained a clearer understanding of how to standardize its processes and maintain consistency as expansion continues.

The opening of new buildings has increased the proportion of private units (studios and apartments), resulting in a slight change in the target customer compared to previous reports. This past year, the target, based on 35 different nationalities, remains a single profile (73%) without children (100%), although the average age has increased to 35 years.

The study reveals that the main reason people choose to live on an Urban Campus is to have access to an international community of like-minded individuals compared to other residential options. The convenience of paying for services (Wi-Fi, electricity, and maintenance) in a single bill, as well as the flexibility of stays (from three months onwards) compared to other models, also contribute to this choice.

After moving in, Urban Campus tenants confirm that the community created in the buildings is a space to connect and develop a sense of belonging. Thus, 73% of the surveyed individuals claim to have more social interactions, and 65% feel less lonely. Similarly, 68% participate in one or two events per week. All of this translates into more than half of the tenants (60.4%) feeling at home in less than a month.

Building a thriving community

Believing in the importance of social well-being, Urban Campus has developed new strategies to empower tenants and allow them to build their best experiences. In line with this, they launched a members’ app, enabling tenants to connect and organize events with greater autonomy. To date, 92% of tenants have downloaded the app, with an average of 49 sessions per quarter per user.

Furthermore, to foster a sense of belonging and engage with the neighborhoods, Urban Campus has initiated collaborations with NGOs such as Fundación Ocean Born and formed alliances with local businesses (Al Son de Cuba, Coppelia, Prana Yoga, and Spoiler Bar).

Comfort is an absolute priority for Urban Campus tenants, regardless of the number of buildings managed. The effort lies in offering an exceptional living experience that combines comfort with a vibrant social community, where residents can participate in events and clubs that promote a healthier lifestyle.

Coliving as a long-term solution

While the professional situation of its tenants is quite similar to previous years (with 73.5% being workers, 20.8% combining studies and work, and 5.7% being students only), the recent openings have attracted new tenants that have affected the average duration of their stays. These tenants feel more comfortable and familiar with their environment, leading them to take active community roles. These roles can include initiating conversations with new residents, participating in events, and organizing activities.

On the other hand, the average length of stay used to be around 12 months, although, with the opening of new centers and consequently new contracts, the average has decreased to 11 months. However, tenants who stay in Urban Campus colivings in the long term usually feel more comfortable and familiar with their environment, leading them to take active roles in the community.

A solid and creative community

By gathering these valuable opinions, Urban Campus can study sector trends and improve its community’s experience. The feedback collected from this latest report has received a score of 8 out of 10.

As staunch advocates that the growth of Urban Campus does not solely consist of expanding the business, the company is committed to ensuring tenant satisfaction and constantly seeking ways to improve their experience. It also encourages all residents to participate in creating a solid and creative community.

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Les Moulins is a neighborhood undergoing a transformation located in Lille, France. Despite common beliefs, it is becoming an increasingly sought-after neighborhood, thanks to its multicultural ambiance, history, and vibrant events. In this article, we invite you to reconsider your expectations and experience the undeniable charm and spirit of this neighborhood that has everything to offer.

Les Moulins: Rethought and Revitalized

Once considered a notorious neighborhood, Les Moulins has undergone a remarkable transformation. Today, it reflects the evolution of cities, blending historical charm with contemporary dynamism. Its typical brick houses of the region and charming architecture provide the perfect backdrop to immerse yourself in the local culture.
Where to go? Stroll through the streets of Trévise, make a detour to Boulevard Victor Hugo to enjoy some well-known bars and restaurants in the neighborhood, and end with Parc Jean Baptiste Lebas, which marks the neighborhood’s boundary with the city center.

Culinary Delights: Indulge in Regional Specialties

Les Moulins offers plenty of great places to taste delicious local cuisine. Start your day with a gourmet brunch at this café, where you can savor artisan pastries and freshly brewed coffee.
Where to go? Treat yourself to a good meal at Frigidaire, opposite Parc Jean Baptiste Lebas, a welcoming restaurant with excellent homemade dishes. Café Bellot or Moulinette Café on Boulevard Victor Hugo are also worth a visit!

Art and Culture: An Inspiring Canvas

Immerse yourself in the flourishing artistic and cultural scene of Les Moulins. The neighborhood is home to a dynamic community of artists, galleries, and creative spaces. Where to go? Explore the contemporary art scene at Gare Saint Sauveur, which offers a calendar of exhibitions and events throughout the year.

Saint So’ Lille Urban Campus Coliving: Your Gateway to Les Moulins Neighborhood

Our Coliving is located in the heart of Les Moulins neighborhood. Our coliving space will make you feel at home from day one, allowing you to rest, telecommute, and meet new people. The residence offers numerous services and amenities, comfortable living spaces, and a regularly organized events calendar to make your stay with us memorable!

Conclusion: Les Moulins has shed its outdated reputation and has become a neighborhood brimming with life, creativity, and endless possibilities. And when it comes to fully experiencing the neighborhood’s vibrant life, make Urban Campus Saint So’ Lille Coliving your new home!

Are you a young professional seeking a vibrant and dynamic city to call home? Look no further than Valencia, Spain, and more specifically, the captivating Ayora neighborhood. With its unique blend of modernity, culture, and a thriving community, Ayora has emerged as a haven for young individuals looking to make their mark in this vibrant coastal city.

Nestled in the heart of Valencia, Ayora offers an irresistible mix of cosmopolitan charm and authentic Spanish living. Here, you’ll find a range of amenities, cultural landmarks, and recreational spaces that cater to the diverse interests of young professionals. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Ayora the perfect neighborhood for those seeking a fulfilling urban lifestyle.

Prime Location and Connectivity: Ayora enjoys an enviable location, offering easy access to Valencia’s city center, beaches, and major transportation hubs. With excellent public transportation options, including Valencia Metro and Valencia Bus Lines, navigating the city is a breeze, ensuring that you’re always connected to Valencia’s vibrant pulse.

Trendy Cafés and Eateries: Ayora is a gastronomic paradise, boasting a diverse range of trendy cafés, restaurants, and bars. Whether you’re seeking a cozy spot to work remotely, a place to socialize with friends, or an opportunity to indulge in the city’s culinary delights, Ayora has it all. From “La Tapadera de Ayora” for a Spanish ambiance and delicious coffee to “Restaurante Pinnea” for traditional Mediterranean cuisine, and “Pizzeria Restaurante Al Pomodoro” for mouthwatering Italian cuisine, you’ll never run out of options to satisfy your cravings.

Green Spaces and Outdoor Recreation: Despite being situated in an urban setting, Ayora offers ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. The neighborhood is dotted with lush parks and green spaces, providing a breath of fresh air amidst the bustling cityscape. Take a leisurely stroll in the Turia Gardens (Jardines del Turia) or engage in outdoor activities at the nearby Ayora Garden (Jardín de Ayora) or Cabecera Park (Parque de Cabecera) , where you can go jogging, cycling, or simply relax and soak up the sun.

Cultural Gems: Immerse yourself in Valencia’s rich history and vibrant culture right in Ayora. The neighborhood is home to several museums, art galleries, and cultural centers, where you can explore contemporary art, delve into local history, or attend captivating exhibitions and performances. From the prestigious IVAM (Valencian Institute of Modern Art) to the renowned City of Arts and Sciences, Ayora offers a treasure trove of cultural experiences.

Thriving Community: Ayora’s charm lies not only in its physical attributes but also in its welcoming and inclusive community. The neighborhood attracts a diverse mix of young professionals from various backgrounds, creating a vibrant tapestry of cultures and experiences. Engage in community events, join local interest groups, or simply join our Ayora, Valencia Coliving Space to meet like-minded neighbors to foster connections and a sense of belonging.

As city experts, we at Urban Campus are passionate about promoting the best that Valencia has to offer, and Ayora is undoubtedly a gem worth exploring. Its unique blend of urban conveniences, cultural richness, and the strong sense of community that our Ayora, Valencia Coliving offers, make it an ideal destination for young professionals seeking a fulfilling and exciting lifestyle.

Make Ayora your new home and experience the dynamic energy and endless possibilities that this neighborhood and Valencia have to offer. Discover why so many young professionals are choosing Ayora as their base for success and happiness in this vibrant Spanish city.

Urban Campus is here to guide you every step of the way. Reach out to us today and let us help you find your perfect home in our Ayora, Valencia Coliving!

As more real estate investors turn their attention to the residential market it has become increasingly important to cater to the changing demographics of modern society. This is where Urban Campus comes in. We are a leading consultant and operator in the residential real estate market, offering data-driven solutions that match the right product to the right area and investors.

Our focus is on unlocking value and meeting the changing needs of society. One example of our work is a recent collaboration with a developer in France who was revitalizing a post-industrial neighborhood. By researching the area’s demographics and analyzing the surrounding projects, we were able to identify the ideal target market. We recommended creating Build-to-Rent buildings for families and coliving spaces for young professionals and digital nomads. We then spent the last year in the design phase, providing project management and optimization to ensure the best possible outcome. 

At Urban Campus, we not only design residential assets, but offer furnished and unfurnished accommodation with optimized layouts to create a comfortable living space for the tenants. Our focus on community building with the help of common spaces that include a gym, coworking area, extra shared kitchen, lounge to ensure that our residential assets are more than just a place to live; they are an opportunity for people to connect and thrive.

To guarantee the success of our projects, we pay close attention to the temporality of large developments. We arrive during the late phases of the projects, to make sure our tenants are not living around cranes and the neighborhood is ready for our BTR and coliving buildings to sell properly.

Our ultimate goal is to become the operator of the finished building. Our shared living approach has earned us recognition in the market. We have recently hired a specialist to industrialize our approach to analyzing target areas in Spain, Portugal, and France. This will help us identify opportunities for growth and continue to provide innovative solutions for our partners. 


Urban Campus expands into Tetuán, the Cuatro Caminos Coliving building will have 31 studios and will be located just a ten-minute walk from the Azca financial center. This will be the second investment in coliving for Batipart in Spain, which will operate Urban Campus

Madrid, June 15th, 2022.- Urban Campus will operate its fifth coliving building in Madrid, and the second for Batipart. The first operator of complete coliving buildings in Spain thus establishes itself in Madrid, increasing its offer in the capital. The new project, Urban Campus Cuatro Caminos is located in the district of Tetuán, in the Cuatro Caminos neighborhood and just a 10-minute walk from the financial center of Azca, the most avant-garde in the capital.

The family investment group, Batipart, once again trusts Urban Campus as the operator of its next coliving, after the agreement for the company’s first new-build coliving in Valencia, which is already under construction and will receive its first tenants in 2023.

For Urban Campus, Tetuán is one of the most attractive districts. It offers many opportunities due to its proximity to Azca, the Four Towers, and the Paseo de la Castellana.

Urban Campus Cuatro Caminos, which has an elegant facade, will have an area of ​​around 1,200 square meters in which there will be room for 31 studios, almost all with a private balcony, 11 one-bedroom apartments, and 20 in a two-bedroom cluster format with a kitchen and large shared lounge. The building will have different common areas like a gym, a coworking, a community kitchen, a meeting or events area, and an outdoor area with a corrala-style patio, common in old buildings in the city, evoquing the most traditional Madrilian character. Urban Campus expects to welcome the first tenants in October 2022.

For Casilda Mulliez, Head of Business Development for Spain at Urban Campus, “our fifth coliving in Madrid strengthens our presence in the capital. We are firm defenders of booming areas, having already begun in Valencia, and once again confirming our position in Madrid with our expansion into Tetuán.”

For Martin Fauchille, Director of Acquisitions Spain and Portugal “After the success of our alliance with Urban Campus, we want to continue with our expansion in the main cities of Spain and Portugal, where we see a growing demand from young professionals for this type of offer.”

private Living room
Private living room/ kitchen
Private Room
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Summertime in Madrid – the sun’s out and the streets are bustling. There’s no better time to be in the city!

There are so many ways to make the most of summer here, whether it’s swimming in a rooftop pool, taking a day trip, or relaxing in a terrace bar.

But, really, there’s nothing better than brunch – pancakes and mimosas go down as a real treat at this time of year!

With so many amazing restaurants in Madrid, maybe it’s a little overwhelming trying to decide where to go for your next brunch date.

Don’t worry – our wonderful Urban Campus Community has you covered, with over 20 of their favorite recommendations you HAVE to try this summer.

1 Ambu Coffee (Calle del Pez 36)

AMBU  are all about specialty coffee and good vibes.

They really know their stuff – they even have a coffee school with experiences, courses, and workshops on how to create your own barista-style drinks.

A trendy spot that’s less than a 5-minute walk from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, they have a great choice of food too – we’re talking grilled cheese, sandwiches, toasts (with avocado, tomato, or serrano ham), and a great selection of pastries.

2. Arquibar (Travesía del Conde Duque 5)

Another one less than a 5 minutes from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, Arquibar actually started life as an architecture studio.

Eventually transformed into a ‘bar with charm’, it’s a lovely brunch spot with music and aesthetics from the 30s.

Whether you fancy sipping on coffee or cocktails, digging into fresh fruit, pastries, cheese or tortilla, this is the place for you. They even have a brinner (breakfast meets dinner) menu!

3. Brunch Club Cafe (Calle Barco 15)

Cozy and modern, Brunch Club Cafe is a great place for fresh food.

From yogurt to wraps, salads to croissants, it has plenty of healthy and not-so-healthy options for you to try.

Wash it all down with a classic mimosa, and it’s a winning combination if you ask us!

Just 10 minutes from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, it’s a real favorite among our Community.

4. Carmencita (San Vicente Ferrer 51)

Arguably one of the most popular brunch spots in Malasaña, Carmencita  brings American brunch to Spain.

No worries if you don’t eat meat or dairy – there are plenty of vegetarian, vegan, even gluten-free options here.

With healthy food like fresh juice and classic egg dishes, and treats like Bloody Marys, French toast, burgers and homemade cakes, there really is something for everyone.

It’s only a 5 minute walk from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, but if you’d rather eat in, you can always order their food on Just Eat or Uber Eats.

Carmencita is also located at Calle Sombrerería 6 – just 15 minutes from our Urban Campus Atocha Madrid Coliving .

5. EatMyTrip (Calle de Manuela Malasaña 17)

With a creative menu full of ‘epic fusion flavors’, EatMyTrip  do brunch differently.

Expect classic dishes with a twist. Think eggs Benedict with Panang coconut curry sauce, pavlova pancakes, and strawberry cheesecake French toast.

If you just fancy coffee and cake, that’s no problem. Or, bottomless brunch, with unlimited cocktails? Yes, please!

Their light, airy restaurant is only 10 minutes from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving. And, the best part? You can eat brunch all day – the kitchen’s open until 23:30 Thursday to Sunday.

EatMyTrip are also located on Calle de la Morería 11, and they have a restaurant in Barcelona too.

6. Federal Café (Pl. de las Comendadoras 9)

With a large menu, great atmosphere and plenty of outdoor seating, Federal Café is a winning choice this summer.

Even better, it’s only 5 minutes from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving. Roll out of bed and you’ll be enjoying fresh cake in no time.

Inside, it has clean décor and large tables for working or group brunches, and when it comes to food, it’s got everything from eggs to salads and avocado toast. You can’t go wrong!

Federal Café are also located on Plaza del Conde de Barajas 3, and they have restaurants in Barcelona, Valencia, Sitges and Girona.

7. Frutas Prohibidas (Calle Conde Duque 26)

A vegan restaurant with a super creative menu, Frutas Prohibidas is just a stone’s throw from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving – it’s only 10 minutes to walk.

They work with local artisans and suppliers, and they use Bio ingredients wherever they can, so everything they serve looks good, tastes good and does good.

We’re talking vegan versions of all the brunch classics – toast, eggs, pancakes, and more – so meat-eaters and vegetarians are sure to love it too.

The restaurant itself is so light, and it’s an incredibly welcoming environment. What more could you want from a fab brunch spot?

8. La Bicicleta Café (Plaza San Ildefonso 9)

If you’re a fan of cycling and love coffee, La Bicicleta Café is for you.

The ride from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving is only 5 minutes (10 to walk), and you can even keep your bike inside if you forget to bring a lock.

Whether you’re after porridge or eggs, burgers or cakes, their fresh, seasonal food, eco-friendly coffee and incredible cocktails make it a brunch spot that’s pretty hard to beat.

You’ll love its cozy atmosphere, and the large tables make it great for coworking too.

La Bicicleta Café is also located at Calle de Galileo 39. With a peaceful garden and terrace, you’ll find it in the Teatro Galileo – 10 minutes from our Urban Campus Mellado Madrid Coliving .

9. La Desayunería (Calle Barbieri 4)

Let’s be honest. When it comes to brunch, no one does it quite like the Americans. That’s where La Desayuneria comes in.

Inspired by trips to the US, their pancakes are a must-have. And, there are so many options! We’re talking classic banana and Nutella, to ones with bacon and egg. There are even pancake versions of cakes! Red velvet, banoffee, Tiramisu – you name it.

Complete with a shake or mimosa, it’ll make a brunch unlike any other.

Of course, the menu covers sandwiches, omelets, and more, with plenty of vegan options, so it’s great to have on your doorstep – our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving is just 15 minutes away.

La Desayuneria is also located on Calle Ayala 46, and they have restaurants in Leganés, Barcelona and Málaga too.

10. Lamucca (Plaza Carlos Cambronero 4)

Lamucca  has nine different locations in Madrid, and Lamucca de Pez is only a 10-minute walk from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving.

A stylish restaurant all about pizza, burgers, and nachos, their brunch menu has everything from oats to yogurt, eggs to toast, and a great choice of natural juice to top it off.

Why not indulge yourself a little with their breakfast burger and a mimosa, or one of the 9 different beers that they have on tap?

Big believers in dishing up high-quality food with a low impact on the environment, it’s a winning brunch spot for everyone, with plenty of vegan options too.

11. La Rollerie (Calle Guzmán el Bueno 105)

Found in one of the most traditional areas of Madrid,  La Rollerie  is just 5 minutes from our Urban Campus Mellado Madrid Coliving.

Step inside and you’ll see what makes it unique – it’s the warm atmosphere, the comfortable décor and the incredible balcony of flowers.

When it comes to the food, you’d best be ready for choice, with set breakfasts from around the world (English, French, Mexican…), and brunches too (Nordic, New York or Iberian). They have cinnamon rolls, yogurt and plenty of creative egg dishes… The list goes on.

La Rollerie has another 4 locations in Madrid, one at Calle Carrera de San Jerónimo 26 just outside our Urban Campus Jerónimo Coworking. They also have restaurants in Valencia, Boadilla del Monte and Alcalá de Henares.

12. Natif Coffee & Kitchen (Calle Santa Teresa 2)

Great aesthetic, great atmosphere, great décor.

From our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, it takes only 15 minutes to get to Natif’s  cozy restaurant, and it’ll quickly become a new favorite.

A space inspired by nature, its modern, earthy design is so welcoming, it’ll help you feel super comfortable and relaxed.

Coffee and pastries are their speciality, but the menu covers recipes from all over the world – think Nordic toast, shakshuka, croissants and focaccia. There’s plenty for everyone here!

13. Ojalá (Calle San Andrés)

Only 10 minutes from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, Ojalá  is epic. Their basement is an indoor beach! Sand on the floor, beach bar, funky lights – the full works!

There’s ‘normal’ seating upstairs as well, if you’d rather not get sand in your shoes, but this space is just as wonderful, with lots of hanging plants and plenty more of that funky lighting.

You can even take a table outside to enjoy your meal in the square.

You’ll be just as impressed with the food, whether you pick the world mix breakfast, NY deli dish, eggs, pancakes or homemade cakes, with juice, smoothies or beer to wash it all down.

14. Osom (Calle Santa Teresa 2)

osom  is all about transparency, so they’ve created an organic menu, a sustainable space and a welcoming community.

Their food is fresh, healthy and seasonal without any additives, and they really do have something for everyone, with gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, keto and paleo options.

From chia pudding to overnight oats and pancakes to toasts, it all goes down perfectly with a cup of their specialty coffee.

Just take a 15 minute stroll from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, and you’ll stumble right into their stylish coffee house.

15. Perrachica (Calle Eloy Gonzalo 10)

Another one for those at our Urban Campus Mellado Madrid Coliving, Perrachica  is a large restaurant with high-quality food and traditional flavors – and it’s only 15 minutes away.

You’ll love the fresh, tropical feel, and there’s plenty of space with its glass-covered terrace, tables with a view, two bars, and sit-down areas for lunch and dinner.

It’s the menu that’ll keep you coming back though.

Of course, there’s the classic eggs Benedict, homemade pancakes and avocado toast, but it’s the Crêpe Suzette and cream-filled croissant that’ll become a real favorite.

16. Pum Pum Café (Calle Tribulete 6)

Fresh food and great design – that’s Pum Pum Café .

Just 15 minutes from our Urban Campus Atocha Madrid Coliving, the décor has a stylish, industrial feel that’s softened by all the plants to create a super cozy space.

With a brunch menu including eggs, granola and croissants, and a general menu with sandwiches, salads, focaccia and more, there’s so much to choose from.

But, it’s the cakes and sweet treats that you really have to try. They’re so good that Pum Pum also has a bakery! You can find it at Calle Esgrima 1.

17. Religion Coffee (María de Molina 24)

Bringing together healthy food and good vibes, Religion  is a stylish coffee house on the edge of the Barrio de Salamanca neighborhood.

It’s a bit of a walk from us – around 35 minutes from our Urban Campus Mellado Madrid Coliving – but you’ll be well rewarded with specialty coffee and a great brunch menu.

In terms of food, they have everything from granola to pancakes, bagels to smoothie bowls and – of course – eggs, while they have drinks like smoothies, juices and craft beer.

A friendly space with a great atmosphere, it has everything you need from a winning brunch spot, and more.

18. Sala de Despiece (Ponzano 11)

If you don’t mind having a bit of a late brunch, Sala de Despiece  opens at 13:00 on weekends and it’s truly unique.

Known for being incredibly creative, it’s decorated like a cutting room and the menu is hand-written, for an authentic touch.

A culinary theater experience, chefs put together the innovative tapas dishes right behind the bar where you sit, and where the seasonal ingredients are set out on display.

The amazing food combinations nod to traditional Chamberí tapas but have real flair that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

A 20-minute walk from our Urban Campus Mellado Madrid Coliving, it’s one you have to try.

19. Superchulo (Manuela Malasaña 11)

Serving up rainbow food, Superchulo’s  motto is ‘count colors not calories’.

With a menu that’s healthy, sustainable and – of course – colorful, they use no chemicals or processed foods.

Whether you come for the açaí bowls and smoothies, or brioche and craft beer, they don’t have a microwave or deep fryer, so you know it’s all fresh and really good for you.

With plenty of gluten-free and vegan options, this trendy restaurant is just a 15-minute walk from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving.

20. Zenith (Calle Valverde 28)

Talk about an Instagrammer’s dream! Zenith  is a modern restaurant with an industrial style that goes perfectly with their fab brunch menu.

They have everything from banana bread to Oreo French toast and nachos, fresh juice to healthy shots and classic cocktails. What more could you ask for?

It’s only 10 minutes from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, but you always order from Uber Eats if you don’t fancy the walk.

Zenith also has restaurants in Portugal and Barcelona.