Where will you be able to find the best torrijas of Madrid this Holy Week? Look no further, this article will provide you with insights into the history of Semana Santa, as well as when to experience the ceremonies and where you will be able to savor the best pastries in the city this week!

History of Holy Week 

Holy Week, also known as Semana Santa, is a significant religious festivity celebrated in Spain and many other countries around the world. This week-long event begins on Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter Sunday, and ends on Easter Sunday.

In Spain in particular, Holy Week is a very important celebration, and many cities and towns hold processions in which religious figures are physically carried throughout the streets while accompanied by music and chanting.

What happens during Holy Week? 

As the capital city of Spain, Madrid is known for its vibrant celebrations. The processions in Madrid are organized by religious brotherhoods, or cofradías, which are responsible for carrying the religious figures known as Saints through the streets. 

The processions in Madrid typically begin on Palm Sunday, when a procession of the Virgin Mary of Sorrows and the Christ of Medinaceli takes place. On Holy Thursday, there is a procession of the Cristo de los Alabarderos, which is attended by the Spanish royal family.

One of the most impressive processions in Madrid takes place on Good Friday, when the “Procesión del Silencio” (Procession of Silence) takes place. This procession features hooded penitents who carry crosses and statues of religious figures through the streets in silence.

Where to go?

To know where to go see the processions we recommend you click on here. This article, will guide you on every procession or celebration happening throughout the entire week in Madrid, with detailed locations as well as start and finish times. 

What is the traditional desert during Holy Week? 

Torrijas are a traditional Spanish dessert made from slices of bread that are soaked in milk or wine, dipped in egg, fried until golden brown, and sweetened with sugar or honey. Typically enjoyed during Holy Week, when meat is avoided, torrijas are a filling and energy-boosting treat that originated as a practical solution to using up stale bread and affordable ingredients. Over time, torrijas have become a beloved part of Spanish cuisine, as a deliciously satisfying dessert and we can confirm this because just the people of Madrid alone, every year eat around seven million torrijas. 

Where can you try the best torrijas in Madrid?

We will be honest, every Spaniard in Madrid will say to you that the best torrijas are their mothers. However, we know not everyone’s mom is around the corner to make them some torrijas so here are some options where you can buy this pastry in Madrid. 

La Casa de las Torrijas 

If you are looking for an authentic torrija experience, look no further than La Casa de las Torrijas. The name says it all – this charming restaurant is dedicated to serving up the very best of this classic Spanish dessert. Conveniently located near Sol, just a 10-minute metro ride from Urban Campus Atocha Coliving, it’s the perfect place to immerse yourself in a truly Spanish atmosphere while indulging in this sweet treat. So gather your fellow colivers, and get ready to savor the flavors of this beloved delicacy!



Villaroys is home to the best torrija in Madrid 2023, according to the prestigious prize awarded to its young chef, Martín Martínez. Despite the expected long queues, the heavenly taste of this award-winning dessert is definitely worth the wait. With over 200 Google reviews giving it a perfect 5-star rating, Villaroys is renowned for its unbeatable homemade quality. Conveniently located just a 9-minute walk away from Cuatro Caminos Coliving, you won’t want to miss out on this unforgettable culinary experience.



Unlike your typical Spanish restaurant, Umikobake is a bit of a twist. They offer an beautiful array of pastries, especially known for their Japanese mochi. However, during this time of year they serve torrijas of course, and have really put themselves on the map for it! So if you are looking to venture out of the norm, give this little pastry shop a try!


Pasteleria Mallorca

For a long time, Pasteleria Mallorca has consistently produced top-quality pastry goods with great attention to detail. Their reputation as a must-visit establishment is not just limited to Madrid, but extends throughout Spain. And it’s no surprise that their torrijas have become a fan favorite, as they are so fluffy and delicious that they’re often sold out quickly. In short, Pasteleria Mallorca is a must-visit spot for those looking for the best pastries in Spain.


If you are looking for the best bars to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day in Madrid, look no further than in the neighborhood that has it all – Cuatro Caminos! Get ready to raise a glass and cheers to this festive occasion in the best locations. We have prepared a list of the top bars offering Irish-themed drinks, décor, and party in this lively part of the city for this Friday, March 17th. 

This article covers the traditional Irish pubs near Urban Campus Cuatro Caminos Coliving. So, grab your colivers, put some green on, and get ready to have a nice cold Guinness. 

Irish Rover 

The Irish Rover just on an architectural level is absolutely stunning. When you walk in you will see stone floors, a vintage street light, and all the seating areas surrounded by wood. Honestly, you feel as though you were just transported to Ireland. 

Don’t believe us? Go to Avenida de Brasil, 7, Madrid to find out. 

Proper pints. Yes, we say it and we mean it, the concept of “doble” here does not exist. When you order a beer you can go for the “small” version (honestly we didn’t ask the size so we do not know that answer) or order yourself a proper pint which is equivalent to 568mL (20 fl oz). You will have an array of beers to choose from at the Irish Rover. If you are feeling dangerous and want to give an Irish beer since you are celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day of course, aside from Guinness we recommend Murphy’s Irish Red or if you want something lighter, Magners Irish Cider is also very tasty! 

Are you looking for live music this Friday? This is your place. Get there early, they get pretty busy, but we are positive you will love the atmosphere! People, dancing, drinking, laughing, and appreciating the Irish artists throughout the entire building – you won’t want to miss it! If you cannot go this Friday, this pub is still one of the best places to go out in Cuatro Caminos from Friday to Sunday so definitely keep it on your list. 

The Irish Rover can be found an 18-minute walk away or a 14-minute metro ride from Urban Campus Cuatro Caminos Coliving.

Paddys Irish Pub 

Paddys Irish Pub lives up to its name, as it is a typical Irish bar with Irish whiskeys and Irish beers, both bottled and on tap. An authentic feel, perfect for a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration with friends!

Some of the highlights of Paddys are the Gaelic art pieces across the walls, as well as their outdoor terrace. They usually have music on throughout the night, but being Saint Patrick’s we are told that they will make sure you are up and dancing!

Are you bringing a big group of people? Don’t worry, their tables are easy to move and can accommodate a group of happy customers. 

Paddy’s is a quick 23-minute bus ride from Cuatro Caminos Coliving, so wear some green and head to Avenida de Concha Espina, 69. 

The Beer Temple

A solid selection of craft beers is what The Beer Temple is all about! This bar has an environment like no other when there is a rugby, or football match so can you imagine how it will be this Friday, March 17th? 

Known for its good service, The Beer Temple definitely has to be on your bar-hopping list. In terms of food, there is a lot of sharing options available. Some of their starters include your typical nacho dish, wings, onion rings, and potato wedges – you just cannot go wrong!

Located a mere 9-minute walk from Cuatro Caminos Coliving head over to Calle. de Almansa, 85!

Luas Irish Tavern

The cozy pub and the big terrace at Luas Irish Travern offers the perfect space to enjoy spending time with friends or grabbing a quick bite to eat. They have an array of apertivios for you to properly celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and their staff tends to recommend pairing a Guinness and pig ears to really get in the mood and prepare yourself for the celebrations to come. 

Located on Calle de Villaamil, 5 Luas Irish Tavern is only an 11-minute bus ride from Urban Campus Cuatro Caminos Coliving so head on over, and enjoy the music, the atmosphere, and the service! 

In conclusion, if you are looking for a memorable Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in Madrid, look no further than the Irish pubs provided above. With their lively atmosphere, authentic Irish decor, and delicious food and drink, these pubs are the perfect place to get into the holiday spirit. And when the festivities are over, you can retreat to your comfortable and convenient accommodation at Urban Campus Cuatro Caminos Coliving with your amazing community members!

Urban Campus Mellado is the first coliving to achieve the BREEAM In-Use green building certification! This is just the beginning of our sustainable path. 

What is BREEAM In-Use?

The purpose of the certification is to provide building owners, facility managers, investment managers, and building occupiers with a consistent and credible means of determining the impact and performance of their buildings, and deciding the areas for improvement. Many factors are considered, such as: materials, energy, water and utility usage, and management processes put in place, among others.

Our building not only provides greater health and comfort for those who live in it, but it also means greater profitability for those who build, operate and maintain it.

Why Mellado?

Mellado was our first coliving building in Madrid. It was originally built in the 1960s and has been renovated to be more circular. Since 2018 it has been operated as an Urban Campus coliving. The building layout was optimized and the envelope was improved to reduce energy consumption which in turn has a direct effect not only on the environment but also on operational costs. It was during the refurbishment phase that the space was optimized to create common areas that added value, reduced loneliness, and promoted social moments between tenants. 

We have put in place policies and communication to promote a responsible community and encourage healthy spaces. Some examples include, waste management protocols (recycling and reducing), shared appliances in certain areas, and reduced water fixtures. 

Mellado is also a smart space that is digitally managed. By tracking and measuring consumption patterns, we have proactively solved overconsumption, and reduced emissions with the help of power meters like Wibeee.

All these factors were taken into account upon being rewarded with the BREAAM In-Use certification. Usability and comfort will always stand for all of our buildings.

So What’s Next?

We know this is just the very first step of the journey. In the next years, you will see many actions within this line from our partners and our company. Our objective is to reduce the carbon footprint and emissions of our present and future buildings. We strive for more efficient, modular, and responsible construction, and will continue digitalizing our operations further. The end goal is to provide our residents with healthy conscious spaces. 

Spain’s new digital nomad visa is finally here making it one of the most attractive destinations for remote workers. The goal is to promote Spain as one of the leading countries in attracting entrepreneurs, investors, and qualified workers in the greatest living conditions.

Spain has long been a popular destination for travelers, with its rich history, stunning architecture, beautiful beaches, and world-famous cuisine. Data also proves that Spain is considered one of the top 20 healthiest places to live in the world by analyzing factors such as life expectancy, cost of healthcare, air pollution, obesity rates, safety, sunlight hours, and more! However, the country has faced challenges in recent years due to a high unemployment rate, making it difficult for nationals and expats alike to find work. Expats often face the additional challenge of limited job opportunities under government programs, which primarily require English teachers. This results in highly skilled individuals, such as engineers, being unable to work in their field and being urged to teach instead. This leads to the heartbreaking decision to leave the country despite falling in love with its culture and way of life.

About the Digital Nomad Visa

The digital nomad visa is available to self-employed individuals or those working for a company based outside of Spain. Applicants must demonstrate that they have a steady income and provide proof of adequate health insurance coverage. The visa is valid for one year and can be renewed annually, providing remote workers with the flexibility to live and work in the country for as long as they wish.

We will provide you with the insights to better understand if you can apply for this visa and what it is you will need to provide to receive it. 

Who can apply for the Digital Nomad Visa

All citizens who are non-EU nationals that work remotely for non-Spanish companies are able to apply for the new visa.

How to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa 

The latest steps that we have researched are the following: 

  • Ensure you have a contract with the current company you are working with for at least one year
  • You must submit your criminal records certificate with a minimum validity of 90 days, they must be legalized and apostilled. You will also need to provide a sworn statement that you do not have a criminal record within the last five years
  • Fill out the application form which can be found here 
  • Pay the administrative fee for the visa
  • Contract private health insurance with full coverage throughout Spain
  • Provide a bank certificate proving the possession of at least €28,000 for the main applicant, which is 200% of the minimum wage in Spain
  • A letter of authorization from your company allowing you to work in Spain

We want to also mention this article from Planet Nomad because they are constantly updating their blogs with the latest protocols. Planet Nomad also provides insights into other visas from neighbouring countries in case you are interested. 

For those who would like to know of the alternatives to the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa, please take a look at this website here.

Where to live in Spain?


With your visa in hand, it’s time to decide where to call home in Spain. Madrid, the capital city, is a thriving metropolis that offers a vibrant lifestyle. For seamless integration into your new surroundings, consider residing in a coliving space. Urban Campus has five prime-located coliving buildings in Madrid, all fully equipped with everything you need to make your move as stress-free as possible. Our unique coliving spaces offer ample opportunities for socializing with neighbors through a variety of common areas.

Valencia is another highly recommended destination for nomads, with several articles singling it out as the top place to live and work abroad. Luckily Urban Campus Ayora Valencia Coliving is set to open in July 2023, offering 41 fully equipped studios and 200m2 of common spaces, including a gym, coworking area, cinema room, shared kitchen and dining area, laundry room, and rooftop barbeque, showers, and chill-out zone. This is the perfect opportunity for you to join our international community and experience Valencia’s vibrant culture.

Stay connected with us on our Instagram page to keep up-to-date on our latest openings, current properties, and events. We don’t want you to miss out on finding your future home in Spain!

Chritmas Markets in Madrid are not as popular as others in central Europe, but they are actually quite spectaculal. So it is time for you to bundle up, and take a walk through the city and experience not one, but at least seven Christmas Markets this year. Below you will see the best guide, to ensure you have solid plans every weekend this holiday season. 

Plaza Mayor Christmas Market 

The most famous holiday market in the city takes place in Plaza Mayor, located a 10-minute walk from Malasaña Madrid Coliving . Right in the center, you will find more than 100 wooden booths that offer an array of Christmas decorations and ornaments. It is here where all the things that you need to complete your Nativity Scene can be found. 

When: November 25 – December 31, 2022
Location: Plaza Mayor

Handmade Artisan Market of Madrid 

This will be Madrid’s 36th edition of the Crafts Fair which can be found between Colón and Cibeles, a 5-minute walk from Urban Campus Jerónimo. There will be 155 stands for you to discover throughout your walk, some may include pottery, jewellery, leather goods, engraved gifts, glass products, and more.

When: December 1 – 30, 2022
Location: C. Timón, 27

Plaza de Juan Goytisolo Christmas Market

An additional market is held next to the skating rink of Plaza de Juan Goytisolous, again only a 10-minute walk from our Coworking in Jerónimo. The vendors here not only sell gifts, but delicious Christmas food you will need to keep you warm.

When: 4 December, 2022 – January 6, 2023
Location: Plaza de Juan Goyistolo

Christmas Sweets Fair

If you like sugar and sweets this is the market for you. Quite literally known as the Christmas Sweets Fair, this market has everything you need to offer your family after a big Christmas day lunch. For those who live in our Malasaña Coliving, you are only a dangerous 10-minute walk away!

When: November 30, 2022 – January 5, 2023
Location: Plaza de Isabel II 

El Corte Inglés Castellana Christmas Market

The parking lot of the Corte Inglés converts into what we believe to be one of the most Christmas-themed spots in Madrid and it is luckily only 10-minutes from our brand new coliving in Cuarto Caminos. There are a handful of food vendors where you can grab a nice bite to eat. Last year, there was a gourmet burger truck with quite the line up. 

We feel it is important to say, not much shopping will be done here in terms of gifts for family or friends. However, we do recommend you visit and experience the scenery, the light show and Christmas classic jams they keep on all night  – its a great afternoon plan to get in the holiday spirit.

When: November 20, 2022 – January 5, 2023
Location: El Corte Inglés Castellana

Articus – Casa de Campo Christmas Market 

The new Christmas Market in Casa de Campo known as Articus will offer artist creations, crafts, and products from major brands. They are showcasing this market all over Madrid, from billboards in the metro to ads on the buses. We don’t have much to say, as this is a new market for Madrid, but we will definitely see you there! Especially those who live in our Malasaña Coliving, because its only 5-minutes away.

When: December 16, 2022 – January 8, 2023
Location: Av. del Lago s/n


La Navideña 

An outdoor skating rink of 450m2 will be set up in the newley renovated Plaza España for the second year in a row. Located 3-minutes away from our Malasaña Coliving, you will be able to see the biggest Christmas tree Madrid has this year. Not only will you be able to purchase handmade products and meals but there will also be theatrical and circus experiences.

When: November 25, 2022 – January 8, 2023
Location: Plaza España

Looking for a new coworking space in Madrid? Urban Campus Jerónimo is the ideal location for entrepreneurs, startups, and growing companies. You will be immersed in an environment that offers everything you need, fast and reliable wifi, 24/7 access, daily cleaning, concierge service, security, discounted parking, bi-weekly community breakfasts, and more…we are also pet friendly! 

Not only do we offer office spaces, but a genuine community that continues to expand every passing year, since our opening in April 2017. Within our walls, you will be able to find the tools, contacts, and focus you need to expand your business and create new opportunities. 

Our coworking building is a mere 5-minute walk from Sol, 2-minute walk from Sevilla,  an 11-minute walk from the famous Plaza Mayor and a 7-minute walk from the beginning of the neighborhood “Los Jerónimos”. We are in the heart of Madrid and as you can imagine the rich area has a vast array of restaurants and cafes to choose from. This may get a little overwhelming when it comes down to choosing where to go for breakfast, lunch, or after-office drinks. Here is a guide of the best places to visit once you move into our Jerónimo coworking!

The Best Breakfast Spots:

Feliz Coffee

What better way to start your day than with a happy cup of coffee? Feliz Coffee is known for its delicious craft coffee and kind owner. Let the barista know how you like your coffee and they can recommend something just for you. If you are having doubts, many speak about the v60 being spectacular as it is with a great natural Rwanda coffee, full of light orange flavors. The shop is small, but they also have benches outside so you can enjoy the sun on your face. 

Location: C. de Lope de Vega, 2

Get to know the Neighbourhood near Urban Campus  Jerónimo Coworking

La Rollerie 

Beautiful inside and out, La Rollerie is located on the same street as your new coworking. Their menu has a wide variety of pastries to enjoy from, made fresh everyday. Our coworkers recommend the breakfast andaluz, which is two very large pieces of bread that you can put olive oil and salt on, then add in the fresh tomato paste they provide for you – a typical Spanish breakfast. 

Location: Cra de S. Jerónimo, 26

Get to know the Neighbourhood near Urban Campus  Jerónimo Coworking 1

La Mejor Tarta de Chocolate del Mundo

The name is a dead give away about their best product…cheesecake. Just joking, it is in fact a chocolate cake, described to be unusual, indulgent, light and the perfect amount of sweet. Will you be the judge of the best chocolate cake in the world?

Location: Calle de Cervantes, 9

Get to know the Neighbourhood near Urban Campus  Jerónimo Coworking 2

Café Bar Hylogui

A family run cafe serving crispy bacon and eggs, known to be delicious. Café Bar Hylogui is where the locals go for nice cup of cafe con leche and their service. Located a whole one minute walk away from Urban Campus Jerónimo!

Location: C. de Ventura de la Vega, 3, Bajo Izquierda

Get to know the Neighbourhood near Urban Campus  Jerónimo Coworking 3

The Best Lunch Spots:

El Chaparrito

Located 120 meters away from UC Jerónimo, El Chaparrito is one of the best Mexican restaurants around. Their menu includes great tacos, some even for only 1 euro. Their restaurant is decorated with beautiful colors and truly gives you the Mexico vibe. Some strong recommendations from the UC Jerónimo coworkers would be tacos al pastor and pollo chipotle if you are looking for a little more spice. We were also able to try their nachos and can confidently say they are well worth the price you are paying. If you are looking to take away, we recommend you call before as sometimes they can get busy during lunch hour! 

Location: C. de Ventura de la Vega, 11

Get to know the Neighbourhood near Urban Campus  Jerónimo Coworking 4

Lamucca De Prado

Recognized in the neighbourhood for the amazing balance between quality/quantity and their prices. The freshness of the ingredients, attention to detail and overall atmosphere will surely draw you in. Unsure of what to order? The staff at Lamucca are extremely friendly and will ensure to provide you with the best service possible, you will not be disappointed.

Location: C. del Prado, 16

Get to know the Neighbourhood near Urban Campus  Jerónimo Coworking 5

Revoltosa Prado

The atmosphere in Revoltosa Prado is electric and their decor is very trendy. Many recommend their cocktails as they have a long list to choose from. We cannot recommend a particular dish as every week their menu changes to keep things exciting, so be sure to give them a try!

Location: C. del Prado, 4

Get to know the Neighbourhood near Urban Campus  Jerónimo Coworking 7

La Finca de Susana

A very classy restaurant with incredible service. However do not let this steer you away, at La Finca de Susana, they offer 12 euro menus of the day, which include first and second courses, one drink (water, pop, wine, beer) and desert (can vary everyday or coffee). It is a very large restaurant, however we do recommend you reserve a table as it is quite the popular spot in our neighborhood. 

Location: C. del Príncipe, 10

Get to know the Neighbourhood near Urban Campus  Jerónimo Coworking 8

Chuka Ramen 

A Japanese restaurant located a mere 2-minute walk from our coworking, Chuka Ramen has been around since 2014 and has truly made a name for themselves. The bao buns starter are great, we recommend the fried chicken and tiger shrimp. If you are new to Jerónimo, it is imperative you order the beef gyozas as you will be dreaming with them for the weeks to come. 

Location: Calle de Echegaray, 9 

Get to know the Neighbourhood near Urban Campus  Jerónimo Coworking 9

Macao Príncipe

 Located a 3-minute walk from Jerónimo coworking, Macao Príncipe offers asian inspired tapas at a great price. The staff are very helpful and provide great insight about the dishes. If you go for lunch, for 13.50 euros you can have their menu of the day which includes a drink, three dishes to choose from their 40+ tapas menu and a desert! 

Location: C. del Príncipe, 16

Get to know the Neighbourhood near Urban Campus  Jerónimo Coworking 10

The Best After-Work Spots:

Salmon Gurú

From their interactive menu to the eccentric nature of the bar, and unique presentation of the drinks, the top rated cocktail bar in Madrid is quite the experience. Their bartender, Diego Cabrera is world renowned, and you will most likely see him there at the forefront of the bar. All who have visited before can do nothing but rave about how unique of a place Salmon Gurú is. So, if you are looking to take your colleagues somewhere different, you now know where to go!

Location: Calle de Echegaray, 21

Get to know the Neighbourhood near Urban Campus  Jerónimo Coworking 11

Viva Madrid

With a variety of drinks to choose form, you will not be disappointed. Viva Madrid has a very classy feel to their surroundings. The main bar is spectacular, and if you are lucky enough to get a seat infront of the bartenders, be ready for a show. 

Location: C. de Manuel Fernández y González,7

Get to know the Neighbourhood near Urban Campus  Jerónimo Coworking 12

Casa Gonzalez

Casa Gonzalez provides you with great portions of food and fantastic wine to pair it with. We cannot forget to mention the assortment of cheese they have to offer! Seats are limited, but the cozyness of the bar is what you will leave with. It is the perfect place to have a gourmet picinic-like experience. 

Location: C. del León, 12

Get to know the Neighbourhood near Urban Campus  Jerónimo Coworking 13

Alimentación Quiroga

Dating from 1958, this quaint restaurant has incredible reviews, local dishes and a fantastic wine selection. At Alimentación Quiroga You are able to order different tapas sizes meaning even if you are wondering the streets of Madrid alone, this could be your next stop!

Location: C. de las Huertas, 19

Get to know the Neighbourhood near Urban Campus  Jerónimo Coworking 14

The best things to do in the Cuatro Caminos neighborhood (belonging to the district of Tetuán) focusing on Ponzano and Azca, is known for being in one of the most diversified locations in the city. If you are looking to move into the area and to our brand new coliving in Calle Topete, here are some of our best recommendations to better enjoy your new neighborhood.

Calle Ponzano
You will have to remember this, it is one of the most well-known trendy streets of Madrid, Pozano is only a mere 10-minute walk from our Cuatro Caminos Madrid Coliving.

It is here where you will be doing the act of “Tapeo” – to go around the bars drinking and eating snacks and “Tardeo” – meeting up with friends to catch up for some drinks before dusk – both are definitely the most active Spanish pass times we have in Madrid. It is called the “gastro-cool” street in Madrid and even has its own hashtag #ponzaning. Therefore, it is a foodie’s place to be due to its wide array of options. There is always something happening in the late hours, any day of the week. 

Where to eat in Ponzano: 

Claxon Bar

If you are looking for impeccable service, juicy yet crispy torreznos (fried bacon bites), and great ambiance this is the place for you. Claxon Bar serves typical Spanish dishes with an innovative touch. The bar is quite small, but that is what makes it so unique. 

Sala de Despiece

A restaurant that serves its meals differently. After ordering, the waiters will bring your meal to the table and prepare it in front of you for the ultimate experience. The lovely staff at Sala de Despiece take the time to explain each ingredient and complete the plating perfectly. It is a bit more expensive than other restaurants on the street, however, you will not get a service like this anywhere in Madrid. 

Location:  C. de Ponzano, 11

Toque de Sal 

With its elegant surroundings, Toque de Sal suits many tastes. Described to have the authentic Madrid atmosphere that everyone is looking for. The steak tartar, along with the duck confit rolls are their main highlight. The restaurant is again very small, as is its terrace but very cozy. 

Location: C. de Ponzano, 46

La Máquina Chamberí

A friendly place to be, La Máquina Chamberí is known for its homemade croquetas and great energy. Their portions are very generous considering their meal are mainly tapas. They offer a true Spanish ambiance that everyone can appreciate. 

Location: C. de Ponzano, 41

To go out in Ponzano: 


Elegant restaurant by day, secret club by night. Enjoy a spectacular dinner show before midnight and then stay for the party until the late hours. Marabú is a very creative place to be, with different shows every night and two bars available meaning it will surely be a night to remember. 

Location: C. de Ponzano, 37


Papaya Destilados Artesanales

Papaya Destilados has every flavor of gin you can possibly think of. Their collection may intrigue people to visit their space, but it is the craft of the bartenders that will keep them coming back. If you are open to trying new drinks, let your server know, and get ready to enjoy a spectacular spirit. 

Location: C. de Ponzano, 32

La Lianta 

The name says it all, La Lianta is the perfect spot to start off your Friday or Saturday night with a good group of friends. We recommend going at the beginning of the night simply because it can get very busy, but that is what makes it so lively. The decor is on point, it will definitely become your typical go-to spot for an ‘after’ in Ponzano. 

Location: C. de Ponzano, 10

Azca is known as the financial district of Madrid, located in the north of the city, only a 15-minute walk from our new coliving. There are establishments of all types in the area, from boutiques, and restaurants, to clubs for the best “after work” spots.

Where to eat in Azca

D Cool 

A chic restaurant with a lot of personality. D Cool’s main protagonists are their ingredients. Looking for a dish you know you can enjoy? Try their Crispy Artichoke Chips with Alioli Emulsion, they will leave you wanting more. 

Location: Calle de Modesto Lafuente, 82

El Capataz

El Capataz is a hidden non-touristy spot of Azca with a beautiful entrance that will surely grasp your attention. Known for their delicious typical Spanish breakfast,  the quality of their service, as well as the staff’s attention to detail – you will appreciate the price for the overall value and experience. 

Location: C. de Orense, 10, 12 bajos

Where to go out in Azca


If it’s Thursday and you just finished work, this is the place to be. Bicai has great atmosphere, music, and people of all industries are there to let loose and get ready for the weekend. If you stay close to the right side of the main bar, you will be located near the main kitchen, where appetizers are served fresh for all who attend – a prime spot if you have not yet had dinner. 

Location:  Pl. de Carlos Trías Bertrán, s / n

Posh Club

There is always a line, but that’s what makes it the place to go in the Azca neighborhood. It is very important you have correct legal documentation as they take it very seriously prior to entering Posh Club. They do have a dress code as well so it’s time to get fancy! It usually starts to get busy around 12 – 1 AM and the music is always the best hits. Do not worry, the drinks are priced very well considering the location. It is also important to mention that the staff such as the doormen and bartenders are always very kind. 

Location: C. de Orense, 18

Do you have more recommendations in Cuatro Caminos? Share them with us! 

Our third coliving building, Atocha Madrid Coliving will be opening on September 5, 2022. With 2,800sqm available for rooms, studios, and apartments, an entire floor of common areas, including a coworking space, gym, lounge, swimming pool, and more, as well as, four terraces it is an incredible residence, to say the least. 

After 2 years with no opening, the launch of a new residence is a good opportunity to reflect on our path.

We have come a long way since starting in 2016. Within our first year, we focused on convincing real estate professionals that coliving was an opportunity. We knew that there was a need for communities in residential buildings and had a vision of what it meant to take advantage of each sqm in our spaces. In 2018 we opened our very first residence. Over time, it proved not only that there was a genuine market for coliving, but that the experience we proposed made sense for tenants.

When the world took a turn in 2020, we adapted by strengthening our brand and diversifying our target to reach 50% national and 50% international tenants. We also accelerated the development of our technology for operation, so that our team could focus on the human relationship with our tenants. These shifts helped us in two ways; residents were happier and stayed longer, which we truly believe allowed for even more genuine connections to be made in our spaces.

With the current all-time high occupancy in all our residences, the pandemic certainly has confirmed that our model is resilient and successful. It also confirmed that the need for a new residential experience is growing in our society.

We have numerous opportunities on the rise. We have been working on several openings simultaneously, closing residential management agreements, and most importantly, building partnerships that have propelled us even further throughout the years. 

We are extremely grateful, excited, and ready to open Atocha Madrid Coliving’s doors in less than one week. Thank you to each individual that was involved in the process, without you it would have not been possible.

Thinking about moving to Madrid or more specifically, Atocha? We put together Atocha’s top 5 best brunch spots that will push you to make that big move! 

With our new building opening on September 5th, we thought it would be perfect to highlight the top 5 brunch spots you should visit in Atocha!


Looking for a great place to eat just outside your new coliving? You must visit Sésamo, located a whole 1-minute walk from your new home! You will not be disappointed with the choices they have to offer (plenty of vegetarian and vegan options as well)!

There are three different types of cheesecakes that are waiting to be explored and the portions are tremendous, which you can enjoy from inside the restaurant or outside in their covered terrace.

We must also highlight their staff, no matter how busy, they are extremely polite and provide fast service which is much appreciated.

Location: C/ del Áncora, 26
Metro Nearby: Line 3 – Palos de la Frontera

Carmencita Brunch Lavapiés

Located a 13-minute walk from our Atocha Madrid Coliving we discovered Mimosas for 1€ so could this be the perfect brunch spot? You have to go to find out!

Known for their eggs Benedict and generous servings Carmencita Brunch truly has the best atmosphere and yes they are pet-friendly! They offer plenty of dairy alternative milk for those who need them too.

The restaurant only has 10 tables so make sure to book in advance, it has no outdoor seating available but that shouldn’t take away from the experience! 

Location: C. de la Sombrerería, 6

Metro Nearby: Line 3 – Lavapiés 


Pum Pum Café

Famous in Madrid, Pum Pum Café is known for its creative rustic space and the feasts they serve every morning. They offer a brunch menu for 10 euros that includes: coffee, croissant, eggs Benedict, and yogurt (with oats and fruits) that will truly get your day started on the right foot. 

Only a beautiful 15-minute walk from Atocha’s new Coliving, you cannot go wrong! 

Location: C. de Tribulete, 6, 28012 Madrid

Metro Nearby: Line 3 – Lavapiés


Scarlett – real food and specialty coffee just an 11-minute walk from our Atocha Coliving. You can order an array of delicious food from fluffy pancakes, fruity açaí bowls, crunchy avocado toast, rich cinnamon rial and more the list is endless. Scarlett prides itself on healthy choices so there will not be an issue to find your vegan & gluten-free options! 

Location: Pl. del Emperador Carlos V, 10

Metro Nearby: Line 1 – Estación Del Arte

Bite Me Café

We recently spoke about Bite Me Café in our Specialty Coffee Shops you must visit if you live in Madrid blog post a few short weeks ago.

By walking through Paseo de las Delicias you will arrive in approximately 11-minutes to Bite Me and be able to savour their vegan junk food! They have a vast array of Donuts that will awaken your senses and make you feel less guilty for enjoying them because of the ingredients they have. 

Not a fan of donuts? They have pesto bagels, super cookies, and power balls to choose from! Enjoy the location, environment, and beautifully decorated desserts while you are there!

Location: Pl. de la Beata María Ana de Jesús, 2
Metro Nearby: Line 3 – Delicias or line 6 – Arganzuela-Planetario 

We want to set you up for success, here are the top four things you will need to get once you move to Madrid.

You have temporarily “borrowed” everyone’s luggage, have used every empty box you could find in your recycling, and have completed a thorough clearing of your wardrobe – it’s official, you are moving my friend.

Once you arrive we are sure you will have a whirlwind of emotions – you will be nervous, excited, frustrated, interested, and everything else you could think of. It is important to start off by saying that patience is key. Time cannot be of the essence when it comes to Spanish bureaucracy.

This guide was created with you in mind, in the order that we believe you will need to follow when you arrive to Madrid. 

Metro Card (Abono)

Madrid is a great city to get around, its public transport system is considered one of the best in the world. With electric bikes available in every corner, extensive bus routes and the metro being the second-longest in Europe and sixth-longest in the world we truly have it all. Over 300 stations and 12 colourful metro lines located perfectly in all important junctions of Madrid you will surely be able to explore the city comfortably. 

Without a metro card registered to your name you will find yourself at a ticket machine (located in every metro) paying 12 euros for 10 single tickets. The first time you do this, the machine will charge you an extra 2-3 euros because it is providing you with a re-usable plastic card that you will use to refill every time your tickets run out. There are always metro service workers there to assist you incase you need any help.

For your first few days in Madrid this temporary card will work, but if you plan on getting around without worrying about how many trips you have left we recommend booking an appointment to get your very own “abono”.

To complete this process you will need:

  • A standard passport sized photo
  • An original copy of either your, EU ID, Spanish residency card, or passport
  • Schedule an appointment by clicking here 

It is important to know that this card will cost a one time fee of € 5. It will take approximately 10 minutes or less to complete the necessary paperwork and have the card ready for use. Once you leave the Metro office you can go to one of the ticket machines, put through your card and pay 30 days worth of unlimited transport. 

There are two zones of Madrid which you would need to choose from.  Zone A is considered the city “center”, while Zone B the outskirts of Madrid. 

In terms of monthly pricing it goes as follows:

  • Youth Tickets: (7 – 25 years old) pay  €20 / month and have access to Zone A & B
  • Standard Tickets: (26 – 64 years old) pay €54.60 / month in Zone A and € 63.70 / month in Zone B
  • Senior Tickets: (65+) pay €3.30 and have access to Zone A & B

We have a huge tip for those moving to or will be living in Madrid from September – December 2022! 

The Government of Spain recently announced a price reduction for subscriptions. Meaning from September 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022, the 30-day regular subscription will be the following:

  • Youth Tickets: (7 – 25 years old) will cost €10
  • Standard Tickets: (26 – 64 years old) will cost €27.30
  • Senior Tickets: (65+) will cost €1.15

So if you are thinking about creating your metro card in August 2022, it may be best to purchase the 10-trip pass and hold off until September 1st to pay for your 30-day subscription to take advantage of this discount!  



The certificate of “empadronamiento” (also known as padrón) is an official registry that indicates where you live which every resident of a municipal area, whether Spanish or foreigner must legally have. It is advised to do this within your first month of being in Spain as you will most likely need to present it in various administrative occasions. We recommend applying for this certification before getting your NIE. 

To complete this process you will need:

  • To fill out the application form here
  • A valid passport and copy for each member you are registering
  • Provide proof of address
  • To schedule the appointment here by selecting “Padrón” in the category and then “Certificatido de empadronamiento”

NIE – Identification 

A NIE is “Número de identidad de extranjero” meaning a Foreigner Identity Number, not to be confused with a tax identification number. A NIE is linked to your residence card and to your social security in Spain. If you plan to live in Spain more than three months it is a requirement for you to obtain this card. 

Whether you are an EU citizen or NON-EU citizen this card is required by law. You cannot apply for the NIE online, it must be done in person, but are encouraged to prebook your appointments before your arrival to Spain. 

To complete this process you will need:

City Life Madrid has provided an intricate step-by-step guide as well, to help you obtain your NIE and have even provided a direct link to a consulting company experienced with this application process.



Having a Spanish bank account is not a legal requirement, but if you plan on living in Spain it would be extremely beneficial to your finances to avoid conversion fees and commission from your credit card.

There are 2 types of bank accounts in Spain:

  • a residents account (for people who live in Spain)
  • a non-residents account (for people who live abroad)

It is important to keep in mind that although the non-residents’ account is easier to open, a resident’s bank account can give you more flexibility.

To complete this process you will need:

  • Proof of identity (Passport)
  • Your NIE
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of employment status (student card or employment contract) 

There are a handful of banks that do not require a NIE number to open an account such as LaCaixa, Bankinter, Santander and Sabadell

Banks are typically open from 8:30 – 14:30 Monday – Friday to assist you in opening your new account. 

After you have completed all of this you will be ready to relax on a terrace with a well deserved vermouth or
caña while basking in the Spanish sun from all your hard work. 



The information on this blog post could change, it is always advisable to look on official government websites for updated versions.