Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

Urban Campus has officially announced the opening of a new coliving space: Urban Campus Avenida América, Madrid Coliving!

  • This is a new operation in partnership with the French group Batipart.
  • The new coliving space is scheduled to open in March 2024.
  • With this project, Urban Campus plans to end 2023 operating more than 406 units in Spain.


Urban Campus Avenida América, Madrid Coliving 

Urban Campus announces new Avenida América, Madrid coliving 1

Real estate leader Urban Campus continues its expansion with the opening of a new coliving space in Madrid, named “Urban Campus Avenida América, Madrid Coliving.”

This project will be the company’s sixth coliving in Madrid, located at 23 Béjar Street. It includes 54 units and more than 2,042 square meters with modernly designed rooms, studios, and common areas. The coliving is scheduled to open its doors in March 2024.

Consistent with the ethos of Urban Campus’ coliving spaces, the Avenida de América residence is designed to provide an immersive community-focused living experience. It will feature a array of accommodation options, from private rooms to expansive studios. 

The building also boasts over 105 square meters of space of common zones, embodying the signature Urban Campus experience. These common areas will be comprised of a coworking space, fitness center, communal kitchen, internal patio, and multiple terraces. Plus, there will be dedicated bicycle parking.



Urban Campus announces new Avenida América, Madrid coliving 3

Committed to sustainability, Urban Campus has redesigned and optimized the building to conserve energy and resources. They used furniture for both the common areas and rooms from locally certified ESG brands, including recycled materials and FSC-certified or recycled woods. 

Additionally, the common areas will be equipped with automatic sensors that modulate lighting and air conditioning. This will help promote resource conservation and reduce the building’s environmental footprint.


The Growth of Urban Campus

Urban Campus announces new Avenida América, Madrid coliving 4

The inauguration of Urban Campus’s Avenida América location represents a significant milestone in the company’s expansion journey. Urban Campus has set its sights on concluding 2023 with a substantial portfolio of 406 units under operation. This achievement paves the way for an impressive growth projection, which is forecasted to exceed 200% for the upcoming year of 2024.

With the execution of this new coliving space, Urban Campus also continues to strengthen its relationship with Batipart. Batipart has acted as the investor and promoter for this new building, while Urban Campus is developing the design and will manage its daily operation after opening.


Urban Campus announces new Avenida América, Madrid coliving

Casilda Mulliez, Head of Business Development – Iberia, highlighted: “This new operation represents a significant step in implementing our strategic plan. It will allow us to end 2023 achieving our goal of operating more than 406 beds. We are proud of our sustained growth, and continue to listen to the service and design needs of our residents. This has also helped position us as leaders in terms of the average length of stays, which already exceed 12 months.”


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Are you interested in living in Madrid? Well, you couldn’t have chosen a better city. 

Madrid, the remarkable capital city of Spain, is filled with history, culture and intrigue. Every street tells a story and every corner brings a new adventure. 

When moving to any new place, it is normal to feel a mixture of excitement, nervousness, and curiosity. It is important to remember that patience will be your best companion when living in Madrid, especially when navigating the intricacies of Spanish bureaucracy. To ease your transition into this iconic Spanish city, we’ve crafted a guide that highlights some of the essentials for expat life in Madrid. 


Living in Madrid: Madrid Public Transport 

Things to know before living in Madrid

Navigating Madrid is a breeze thanks to its world-class public transportation system. The city boasts a comprehensive network. In fact, Madrid has the second-largest metro in Europe and the sixth-largest globally. With over 300 metro stations spread across 12 different lines, accessing every key area in Madrid is convenient and efficient. Not to mention, the metro system is complemented by extensive bus routes and readily available self-service bikes. 

For occasional travelers, the Madrid Metro offers a temporary card system. The purchase of 10 single tickets costs about €12, plus a one-time fee of €2-3 for a reusable card. You can refill this card as needed. If you have any questions, assistance is readily available at metro stations for any queries or help with ticket machines.

For regular commuters, the “abono” personal transport card is a more economical and hassle-free option. To obtain this card, you’ll need a standard passport-sized photo and an original ID document (EU ID, Spanish residency card, or passport). The application process, which can be initiated here, involves a one-time fee of €5 and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Once issued, you can load the card with a 30-day unlimited transport pass.

Madrid’s public transport zones are divided into Zone A (central Madrid) and Zone B (the outskirts). The monthly abono pass rates vary by age group and zone:

  • Youth Tickets or “Abono Joven” (7 – 25 years): €20/month for access to both Zones A & B.
  • Standard Tickets (26 – 64 years): €54.60/month for Zone A and €63.70/month for Zone B.
  • Senior Tickets (65+): €3.30 for access to both Zones A & B.

Abono Joven

The “Abono Joven” in Madrid, which is a transport pass specifically for young people, is priced at 20 euros and is valid for travel in all zones. In 2023, there were special discounts for this pass: it was priced at 10 euros in January and 8 euros from February to June. These reduced prices were part of a promotion, as the regular price for the Abono Joven is 20 euros. 

To monitor potential discounts and updates for the Abono Joven card in Madrid, you can visit the official website of the Community of Madrid’s transportation services. Additionally, balance inquiries and discount information can also be checked through the official Metro de Madrid website. These sources are regularly updated with the latest information regarding fares, discounts, and any special offers associated with the Abono Joven card. 


How to get the Empadronamiento in Madrid

Things to know before living in Madrid

The “Empadronamiento” or “Padrón” certificate is a mandatory official document in Spain. The document registers your residential address in the local municipal records. It’s essential for every resident, whether a Spanish national or a foreigner, to acquire this certificate, ideally within the first month of their stay in Spain. This certificate is often required for various administrative procedures and is a prerequisite for obtaining your NIE (Foreigner’s Identification Number).

To successfully apply for the “Empadronamiento,” you must:

  • Complete the application form, which can be accessed here.
  • Present a valid passport and a photocopy of it for each individual being registered.
  • Submit proof of your residence address in Spain.
  • Schedule an appointment through the provided link, selecting “Padrón” as the category and then choosing “Certificado de Empadronamiento” as the service.

Securing this registration is a crucial step in establishing legal residency and accessing services in Spain.


How to obtain an NIE number in Spain

Things to know before living in Madrid

The “NIE” (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) serves as a Foreigner Identity Number in Spain. It is an essential identification document, different from a tax identification number, and is closely linked to your residence status and social security within the country. For individuals planning to reside in Spain for over three months, obtaining an NIE is a legal necessity. This is applicable to both EU and non-EU citizens.

Acquiring an NIE requires in-person application; the number cannot be processed online. It’s advisable to schedule your appointment in advance, preferably before your arrival in Spain, to ensure a smoother process.


How to schedule an NIE appointment? 

Scheduling an NIE appointment in Madrid is a straightforward process that can be completed online. Individuals planning to move to or work in Spain must request an appointment through the official website of the Spanish government. 

To begin, select the province where you will reside, in this case – Madrid. The website provides a step-by-step guide, allowing you to choose the relevant service and available time slots. It’s essential to prepare and bring the necessary documents, including your passport and any other required paperwork, to the appointment. Due to high demand, it’s advisable to schedule your appointment well in advance of your planned move to Spain​​​​​​.

At your appointment, you will need: 

  • A completed NIE application form.
  • Your original passport, valid and current, along with a photocopy.
  • Two recent, passport-sized photographs of yourself.
  • Payment of the €10.71 government fee.


How to set up a bank account in Spain 

Setting up a bank account in Spain, while not mandatory, is highly advisable for those planning to reside in the country. It streamlines your financial transactions, saving you from the often costly currency conversion fees and credit card commissions.

In Spain, you’ll encounter two primary categories of bank accounts:

  • Resident Accounts: Intended for individuals who have established residency in Spain.
  • Non-Resident Accounts: Designed for individuals residing outside of Spain.

It’s worth noting that opening a non-resident account may be simpler, but resident accounts typically offer greater flexibility and benefits.

The following documents are typically required to open a bank account in Spain:

  • Valid passport as proof of identity.
  • Your NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) or Foreigner Identity Number.
  • Proof of address, such as a utility bill or rental agreement.
  • Evidence of your employment status, like a student card or employment contract.

Several banks in Spain, including LaCaixa, Bankinter, Santander, and Sabadell, may offer account opening services without requiring an NIE number.

Spanish banks generally operate from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM, Monday to Friday, so be mindful of these hours when planning your visit. 


It’s Time to Enjoy Madrid!

Now that you’ve got all of the logistics taken care of, it is finally time to embrace Madrid for the incredible city that it is. 

Madrid, the vibrant capital of Spain, is renowned for its high quality of life, a factor that continually attracts expats from all corners of the globe. The city offers a unique blend of historical splendor, exemplified by landmarks like the majestic Royal Palace, and modern comforts. Madrid has a rich culture, evident in iconic spots like Plaza Mayor. Plus there are a plethora of opportunities for both work and leisure, making Madrid a sought-after destination for those seeking an enriching expat life.

For expats, Madrid offers an appealing balance between professional opportunities and a lifestyle that allows for personal growth and exploration. The ability to work remotely has opened doors for many to live in Madrid while maintaining ties to their home country. The city’s well-connected transport system, vibrant social scene, and the plethora of cultural experiences ensure that living in Madrid is never dull. 

This dynamic blend makes Madrid stand out amongst other European capitals, providing an alluring mix of traditional Spanish charm and contemporary living for its diverse expat community.

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Welcome to Madrid’s Vegan Scene!

Madrid, a capital city known for its rich culture and culinary diversity, has seen a significant surge in vegan options over the past few years. Gone are the days when vegan restaurants were a rarity; today, Madrid boasts a thriving vegan scene that caters to all palates.

The city’s shift towards veganism isn’t just a trend, it’s a reflection of a growing global awareness around healthy eating and sustainability. Madrid’s culinary landscape continues to evolve, with chefs and restaurants of all types embracing plant-based ingredients to create mouthwatering dishes.


The Best Vegan Restaurants in Madrid

Mad Mad Vegan

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Madrid

Mad Mad Vegan is a gem for those seeking a contemporary vegan dining experience in Madrid. This restaurant is celebrated for its innovative and flavorful plant-based meals, especially known for towering plant-based burgers, scrumptious fries, and delectable desserts like brownies and tiramisu. It’s a go-to place for vegans who crave variety and taste. They have 2 locations, one in Chueca and the other in Lavapiés. 

Distrito Vegano

Distrito Vegano is an elegant restaurant with chic interior design and plenty of space. The restaurant’s menu is impressive to say the least. They offer a delectable classic breakfast menu, plus additional highlights that include Thai and Japanese burgers, Smoked Galette, and Boeuf Bourguignon. 


The Best Vegan Restaurants in Madrid

VEGA, situated in the center of Madrid, combines artistic presentation with high-quality ingredients. The 100% vegan menu features a wide range of options such as tacos, pizzas, burrata, eggplant teriyaki, poke, hamburgers, and ever-changing options of new dishes.

Freedom Cakes Cafe

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Madrid

Freedom Cakes Cafe in Madrid offers plant-based alternatives to classic American diner food. That’s right – this cafe has a 100% vegan menu with milkshakes, high stacks of pancakes, bagels and more. There are also hearty lunch options like tacos and hamburgers. The interior of Freedom Cakes Café is brightly decorated, evoking the nostalgic ambiance of an old-fashioned 50s diner. It is a certainly an unforgettable dining experience! 


Vegan Cafés & Brunch

Bite Me Café

Bite Me Café is known for its innovative range of vegan donuts, offering one-of-a-kind flavors like carrot cheesecake, vanilla matcha, and jalapeño popper. They even introduce a new flavor every week! But the cafe isn’t just about donuts; they also serve a variety of breakfast, brunch, and lunch options, including bagels and sandwiches. 

VegAmazing Doughnuts 

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Madrid

VegAmazing Doughnuts stands out for its handcrafted, 100% vegan donuts, showcasing a range of creative flavors such as lavender and tiramisu. Imagine donuts that are the size of your face! Additionally, customers can indulge in soft, melty cinnamon buns and high-quality coffee.

Zenith Brunch & Cocktails – Valverde

Zenith at Valverde is a fantastic destination for vegan brunch enthusiasts in Madrid. Famous for its brunch and cocktail menu, Zenith has 2 locations (Malasaña and near Gran Via). The menu includes a variety of starters like nachos, hummus, and banana bread, plus breakfast options like pancakes and açaí. If you’re looking for something heavier, you can choose from burgers, salad bowls, jackfruit tacos and even vegan shakshuka! 

While not exclusively vegan, Zenith provides plenty of vegan options. Their drink deals are also unbeatable – for example, 1 liter of mimosas for 25 euros!

Santa y Pura

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Madrid

Santa y Pura presents a laid-back vegan bar ambiance, offering a fusion yummy snacks and tapas. Think sandwiches, toasts, burritos, and pizza. To complement the food, Santa y Pura also has a nice selection of wines, beers, and kombucha.


Vegan Restaurants with International Food

Kathmandu Tandoori House

For those craving vegan-friendly Indian and Nepali cuisine, Kathmandu Tandoori House in Madrid is a top choice. While not exclusively a vegan restaurant, it’s highly accommodating of vegan preferences. They offer richly spiced, flavorful choices with a willingness to carefully work around food intolerances. 


The Best Vegan Restaurants in Madrid

Choose, located in the artistic La Latina neighborhood, epitomizes Italian cuisine in a vegan format. This Italian restaurant is renowned for its diverse and authentic menu, offering traditional foods like Arancinetti, Carbonara, and Gnocchi – all 100% vegan. 

Los Andenes Vegan

In Chamberí, Los Andenes Vegan has a menu of traditional Peruvian food with purely vegan ingredients. The menu features a diverse selection ranging from Alfredo noodles to vegan pork rinds, plus fish-style bites, hamburgers, empanadas, and fried sweet potatoes. 

Pizzi & Dixie

Pizzi & Dixie stands out as another must-visit destination for Italian cuisine lovers in Madrid. This restaurant specializes in vegan pizzas and pastas, adhering to a 100% plant-based menu. They pride themselves on using fresh quality products, with a large variety of fresh pasta and artisanal pizza doughs prepared in the Neapolitan tradition.


Health-Focused Vegan Restaurants

Hakuna Matata Veggie

Hakuna Matata Veggie has a casual and welcoming atmosphere in Madrid, ideal for those who prefer health-conscious dining. This restaurant is known for its wide range of nutritious vegan meals, including cheese boards, lentil burgers, and flavorful stir-fries with heura and beyond meat. Their rice-based dishes are also highly acclaimed. 

Alma Libre Açaí House 

For açaí enthusiasts, Almalibre is as good as it gets. You can create your own personalized açaí bowl with a variety of toppings, including fruits, seeds, chocolate, peanut butter, and coconut flakes. Beyond açaí, they have a comprehensive vegan menu featuring diverse options such as wraps, hearty sandwiches, quinoa bowls, and even plant-based hot dogs. The ambiance is enhanced by the presence of lush green plants and pastel furniture, perfect for a laid-back meal.

Level Veggie Bistro

Located on the edge of Retiro Park in Sainz de Baranda is Level Veggie Bistro. This restaurant stands out with its elegant setting and a focus on fresh, wholesome vegan cuisine. The diverse menu ranges from lasagna to sushi to vegetable woks, complemented by a full dessert selection. 

Masa Madre Vegan Food

Masa Madre Vegan Food is located on the outskirts of Madrid and recognized for its artisanal approach to vegan cuisine. They focus on homemade, high-quality dishes made with whole ingredients. Masa Madre offers a variety of options including a pea protein burger, rigatoni, and curry, with an emphasis on sustainable packaging and a dog-friendly environment. Plus, they gluten-free options available! 


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Did you know that Madrid hasn’t always been the capital of Spain? 

That’s right – Toledo served as the capital of Spain for almost 200 years. Toledo is one of the most heralded cities in all of Spain, known for its renowned culture and deep history. The city is filled with stunning views, historic architecture and many authentic elements of Spanish culture. Come with us and discover more about one the best day trip from Madrid – Toledo, Spain.


Toledo’s unique history 

The best day trip from Madrid - Toledo, Spain

Toledo served as the capital of Spain from 542 to 725 CE, after the decline of the Roman Empire. The city sits atop a steep rock and is defined by its proximity to the Tagus river, which surrounds it on three sides.

The Tagus river is the longest waterway in the Iberian Peninsula. It stretches from Spain’s eastern Albarracín region all the way to the Atlantic Ocean near Lisbon, Portugal. Toledo remains the capital of the Spanish autonomous community Castilla-La Mancha and is a popular destination for tourists and spaniards alike. 

Often called the “City of the Three Cultures,” Toledo, Spain has a unique mixture of Christian, Islamic, and Hebrew culture. These 3 cultures coexisted peacefully for centuries, which led to a natural interchange of traditions, architecture and art. In 1986, Toledo was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its rich cultural heritage, highlighting its significance in preserving the shared history of these diverse communities. You will still find cathedrals, mosques and synagogues throughout the city, each embellished with remarkable detail. 

Wondering what to do in Toledo? Check our recommendations below.  Grab your fellow colivers and take a day trip from Madrid to Toledo, Spain!


Puente de Alcántara

The best day trip from Madrid - Toledo, Spain

The Puente de Alcantara is one of the most beautiful historic bridges in Toledo. Dating back to Roman times, it once served as the sole gateway for pilgrims entering the city. The bridge gracefully spans the Tagus River, offering a timeless connection between past and present. A visit during the night is especially enchanting, as the lights of the city and the nearby Alcazar create magical views of Toledo. 


The Alcázar of Toledo 

The best day trip from Madrid - Toledo, Spain

The Alcázar of Toledo, perched at the city’s highest point, is an ancient fortress with a rich history. It has served different purposes over the centuries as a royal residence, fortress, and official government building. Nowadays, it houses a military museum dedicated to the Spanish army. Don’t miss the impressive views from the top balcony, offering a one-of-a-kind perspective of the city. 


Cathedral Primada

The best day trip from Madrid - Toledo, Spain

The Cathedral Primada is the city’s primary cathedral and a must-see attraction in Toledo. It has a striking Medieval Gothic style, and showcases an art gallery with renowned artists such as El Greco, Goya, and Velázquez. Want a panoramic perspective? You can climb to the cathedral’s 44-meter-tall tower to see panoramic views of the city. 


Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes 

Nestled in the heart of Toledo’s historic Jewish quarter is the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes. Completed in 1495, the monastery is a splendid example of Elizabethan Gothic style, with coffered, high ceilings and elegant buttresses. Plus, there are lush gardens that offer a place for stillness and reflection. As one of the most important structures commissioned by the Catholic Monarchs, this monastery stands as a testament to their legacy. 


Puy du Fou

A visit to Puy du Fou promises an unforgettable experience immersed in history and captivating storytelling. Puy du Fou is a spectacular park with immersive theatrical shows that have earned national acclaim. These shows recreate historical tales, bringing the past to life with actors, costumes, and elaborate sets. The park also offers options for dining, accommodations, and mesmerizing fireworks displays at night.


Mirador del Valle

Mirador del Valle

The Mirador de Valle is the ultimate vantage point. It has a reputation for the best views of Toledo, as you can see the entire cityscape and the winding river below. This breathtaking outlook inspired the iconic landscape painted by El Greco in his masterpiece, “Vista de Toledo”. You can walk to the Mirador del Valle from the Puente Nuevo de Alcántara, or take the convenient Trainvision from Plaza de Zocodover. 


Plaza de Zocodover

Plaza de Zocodover

The Plaza de Zocodover, Toledo’s central square, is a bustling hub that links together many of the city’s main attractions. Serving as the historic heart of Toledo, it has long been a vital point of connection for the city’s residents and visitors. In the past, Zocodover was the go-to venue for trading horses and other animals. Today, it is adorned with diverse historical monuments, making it an ideal starting point for exploring the city’s rich heritage and vibrant culture.


Take a sword tour 

Toledo steel is known worldwide for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Toledo has long been a prominent center for traditional sword-making and metalworking. The distinctive Toledo steel technique involves encasing a steel blade within a wrought iron strip, a method designed to prevent the steel from bending or cracking. This meticulous craftsmanship gave rise to the belief that Toledo steel weapons possessed a “soul of iron,” known for their remarkable strength and durability. 

While the tradition of sword-making has become less prominent in recent years, a dedicated group of sword makers in Toledo continue to preserve and carry forward these ancient techniques. You can visit their shops and even take a tour to learn more about their craftsmanship.


How to get from Madrid to Toledo 

Traveling from Madrid to Toledo is an easy trip. You can head to the train station and take a high speed train, which takes approximately 30 minutes and costs 14 euros one-way. Alternatively you can take a bus, which is a one hour journey for approximately 6 euros. If you prefer flexibility, driving by car is another easy option, which takes around one hour. 

Whichever mode of transportation you choose, you certainly won’t regret taking one the best day trip from Madrid – Toledo, Spain. 

September 6th, 2023

  • Urban Campus announces the opening of Cuatro Caminos II for 2024. This project is the second phase of the Cuatro Caminos Madrid Coliving, already operated by Urban Campus and located on Topete Street.
  • This new coliving meets significant sustainability benchmarks. The project is build in alignment with the passivhaus standard, is carbon neutral, and will serve as a renewable energy producer. 
  • Cuatro Caminos II will be the first coliving space with a wooden structural framework in all of Spain. 
  • The developer and investor is the French group Batipart.


Cuatro Caminos II

Urban Campus announces the opening of Cuatro Caminos II

Urban Campus, in partnership with Batipart, continues their leadership in the coliving space.

They are embarking on an innovative venture, constructing the very first coliving space with a wooden structural framework in all of Spain. Situated in the vibrant Tetuán district of Madrid, Cuatro Caminos II Madrid Coliving represents a significant step forward in the field of coliving, championing environmental sustainability and resource efficiency. This project is the second phase of the Cuatro Caminos Madrid Coliving, already operated by Urban Campus and located on Topete Street.

Cuatro Caminos II Madrid Coliving will span approximately 1,825 square meters with 32 units (rooms in clusters), each equipped with private bathrooms, shared kitchens and lounges. Residents will enjoy an array of amenities characteristic of Urban Campus coliving spaces. These include coworking zones, fitness facilities, a shared kitchen, an interior courtyard, terraces, and bicycle parking.


Leadership in Carbon Neutral Emissions

Efficiency and sustainability are at the heart of Urban Campus’s mission, and this project exemplifies their commitment. Many of the company’s buildings already hold prestigious sustainability certifications like BREEAM. However, Cuatro Caminos II Madrid Coliving stands out as their first project featuring a wooden structural framework, marking a pioneering achievement in Spain’s coliving landscape.

Furthermore, this coliving facility will be constructed in line with the Passivhaus standard and will achieve carbon neutrality, resulting in an impressive 80% reduction in energy consumption for its residents. The building will even serve as a renewable energy producer, generating 20 kWp of photovoltaic power. Notably, excess renewable energy will partially supply the neighboring building, the first phase of the coliving project, which is already operational. Thanks to its wooden structure and high-efficiency measures, the building will hold a CO2-neutral certification throughout its lifecycle.


The Growth of Urban Campus

Casilda Mulliez, head of Real Estate and Business Development at Urban Campus, expressed the importance of this project. “This new project is a significant reflection of Urban Campus’s strategic direction: leading new residential models that are not only efficient but also sustainable. We are one of the largest coliving operators and leaders in carbon-neutral assets, positioning us as a market reference.”

This is a collaborative project in which several actors are involved. Batipart, as developer and investor; sAtt, as architectural firm and Artelia as Project Manager, among others. Urban Campus has already participated in the development of the coliving architecturally and will participate in the design and conceptualization of the interior. They will also be in charge of managing the building.

Cuatro Caminos Madrid Coliving Phase I is already operational, while construction has commenced on the second building. The grand opening of Cuatro Caminos II Madrid Coliving is scheduled for the last quarter of 2024.

Spain has always held a strong appeal for remote workers, travelers, and digital nomads. The country offers numerous attractive features for expats, including affordable living, beautiful beaches, and foreigner-friendly cities. While these factors make Spain an enticing option, the reality of relocating can be much more complicated. For those contemplating a move to Spain from a non-EU country, the notorious visa requirement always comes into play.

The process of navigating visas can feel overwhelming. However, Spain has several options for foreigners who want to live, work, or study. No matter what your aim, there are choices for you. Here we’ve compiled an overview of how to get a visa in Spain. Check out the most popular visa types and get ready to step into your new life under the Spanish sun!


Spain Digital Nomad Visa

How to get a visa in Spain

After much anticipation, Spain has recently launched a digital nomad visa. This brand new visa allows foreigners who meet certain specifications to live and work in Spain for up to 5 years. Spain joins the ranks of other countries like Portugal, Greece, Italy, and Croatia in offering such visas, which aim to attract international talent and innovation.

The Spain digital nomad visa is open to all non-EU individuals who work remotely for a non-Spanish company. To qualify for the visa, there are several basic requirements. First, applicants must have a history of at least 3 months working with their respective company. The company itself must also have an operational history of at least one year. The job role must be completely remote, and the applicant must demonstrate sufficient qualifications or expertise in their respective field. 

One of the crucial aspects of the digital nomad visa is that the applicant must have social security coverage from their country of origin, which can be difficult to obtain. For countries without a social security agreement with Spain, the applicant’s company will need to register and pay into the Spanish social security system. 

If you’re planning to work as a digital nomad in Spain, be sure to check out our Urban Campus Coliving Spaces. At Urban Campus, you will be connected with other digital nomads and freelancers from all over the world.


Spain Work Visa

How to get a visa in Spain

Spain’s work visa is one of the most traditional visa types, allowing you to live and work in Spain through the sponsorship of your employer. To acquire a traditional Spanish work visa, the first step is securing a job offer. This will be the main component of your application. The company does not have to be Spanish, but your job position must require your presence in Spain.

The company sponsoring you will need to provide details and documentation about their operations and financial status, and you will also be required to demonstrate your qualifications and expertise. This could include documents like university degrees, certificates, and letters from previous employers. 

The traditional work visa additionally requires some fundamental documents necessary for almost all visa applications. Typically, this includes background checks with stamps and seals, medical certificates and passport scans. The notable advantage of Spain’s traditional work visa is that it allows you to seamlessly integrate into the country’s workforce, and it can be easily renewed year after year.


Spain Student Visa

How to get a visa in Spain

The Spain student visa can be obtained for various educational pursuits, including university studies, exchange programs, and research endeavors. The student visa has a straightforward application process and also allows you to work up to 30 hours a week. You do not need to attend a traditional university to obtain a student visa, as there are a wide variety of programs and institutions that offer them. It is important to note that you need to be accepted by a program or educational institution before you apply for the visa. 

The student visa remains valid throughout the duration of your study program. If you’re eyeing opportunities to work in Spain, this visa can be a great start. You’ll be able to establish professional contacts in Spain while utilizing the 30 hour student work authorization. Be sure to obtain a certificate of completion at the end of your course, which will be a key requirement if you plan on applying for another visa in the future.


Spain Self-Employed Visa

Do you naturally have an entrepreneurial drive? If that’s the case, considering the self-employment visa might be a smart move. To become a self-employed individual in Spain, you’ll need to show your relevant qualifications, have a solid business plan approved by a government-endorsed organization, and demonstrate your initial investment and investment income for your business. If you have a history of freelancing or self-employment, it will surely make the application easier.  

Once your visa is approved, you’ll need to register as a self-employed person (autónomo) in Spain. This forms the basis for all your business activities. While the process of getting a self-employment visa is more complex, it’s worth it because you will have the freedom to work for yourself and run your business independently.


Fast-Track & Golden Visas

How to get a visa in Spain

For those lucky individuals who meet stringent criteria, expedited visas are an option. The most common fast-track route is reserved for highly qualified professionals who earn notably high salaries and present exceptional qualifications. Similar to the traditional work permit, you will need a job offer from a company to apply for this visa. If your salary is above the specified threshold, this visa could be an option for you. The approval process for highly qualified professionals is swift and normally involves very little waiting time. 

We would be remiss not to mention the well-known “golden visa”, which is an expedited visa obtained through lofty investment avenues. This includes actions like buying €500,000 of Spanish property or investing €1 million into a Spanish bank. While the golden visa is not a realistic possibility for most people, it certainly is an effective way to obtain a fast-tracked visa.


The Visa Process

How to get a visa in Spain

Embarking on the visa journey is an exhilarating step towards a new adventure. 

Conventionally, most visa applications are done through an embassy or consulate in your country of origin. However, sometimes you can enter Spain on a tourist visa and initiate your application from inside the country. We highly recommend seeking the guidance of a legal professional, as the requirements are complex and ever-changing. With the right information and support, you can seize the visa process and embark on your new life in Spain. 

Madrid is known as a bustling metropolis with a rich mixture of cultures, languages and opportunities. With a city so vast and diverse, the challenge of finding your social niche can be daunting. It is normal to feel a little lost amidst the hustle, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Allow us to guide you through the city and show you the best ways to meet people in Madrid.


Language Exchanges 

The Best Ways to Meet People in Madrid

Language exchanges are a fantastic opportunity to meet people in Madrid. Not only can you practice the language of your choice, but you can connect with both international and local attendees. These exchanges happen at various bars throughout the city with different tables dedicated to languages like Spanish, English, French, and German. The beauty of language exchanges is their relaxed environment. You can engage in conversations, enjoy drinks, and forge new friendships without any pressure or judgment. Don’t be intimidated if your language skills aren’t the best – the true focus of these events is meeting new people and having a good time. 

Popular Language Exchanges in Madrid: 


Download the Meetup App 

The Best Ways to Meet People in Madrid

The Meetup app is a true gem when it comes to discovering the pulse of Madrid. With a comprehensive weekly calendar, Meetup provides a treasure trove of opportunities for making new friends. Events on the app range from sports games and yoga classes to bar meet-ups and art exhibitions. Meetup also showcases various city-wide organizations that cater to specific interests groups such as “hiking enthusiasts” or “digital nomads”. Attending just a few of these activities can help you meet like-minded people who share your interests and passions. What’s more, these events are known for their warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it effortless to socialize.


Hit the Bars

The Best Ways to Meet People in Madrid

We all know that Spanish culture and bar culture go hand in hand. Spanish bars are more than just places to enjoy a good beverage; they are also hubs for socializing and making new connections. We understand that stepping into a bar alone can feel a bit uncomfortable. Luckily in Madrid, there are many bars that host events or feature live music performances, which makes it easier to strike up conversation with the people around you. Whether you’re looking to hit-it-off with the locals or are seeking a bar with more international flare, we’ve got recommendations. 

  • Café Berlin – a historic bar with live music performances in various genres
  • Salmon Guru – known for their experimental cocktail menu and creative interior design
  • Ojala – an indoor beach bar, complete with sand and a tropical drink menu 
  • O’Connell St or Dubliners – two of the most popular Irish pubs in the city, practically next door to each other


Take a Weekend Trip

The Best Ways to Meet People in Madrid

Pack your bags! Did you know there are groups in Madrid that organize awesome weekend trips? You can visit cool spots outside the city like peaceful nature trails, or even go to charming cities like Segovia and Toledo. These excursions are quick, affordable, and are an incredible way to bond with new people. As many seasoned travelers will tell you, there is no better way to build meaningful friendships than through group travel. Plus, these excursions have experienced guides who help facilitate a familial, social environment amongst trip participants. Recruit some fellow colivers and consider getting out of the city for a day or two.  


Explore Different Neighborhoods

The Best Ways to Meet People in Madrid

If you’re on the hunt to expand your circle of friends, don’t just stick to one part of the city! Madrid is an enormous place with so many neighborhoods to explore. It can be tempting to revisit the same areas over and over, but venturing beyond what is familiar will help you discover the true essence of Madrid. Plus, the more neighborhoods you explore, the more opportunities you have to meet people from all over the city. Retiro, La Latina, and Chueca are great neighborhoods for after-work drinks and weekend activities. If you are interested in adventuring beyond the city center, try Chamartín. Each neighborhood has its own specific vibe and unique attractions that heighten the fun of exploring. 

Our mission at Urban Campus goes far beyond the creation of coliving spaces. We are intent on building engaged, supportive communities where people can grow together. Urban Campus coliving spaces aren’t only residences, but also hubs of collaboration, networking and ideation for young professionals from all over the world. Our spaces are brimming with digital nomads, freelancers and entrepreneurs eager to embrace each other’s projects and interests. 

Urban Campus Cuatro Caminos, Madrid Coliving opened it’s doors in October 2022 with 150m2 of contemporarily-designed common space. The common spaces include a coworking area, patio, gym, event space, and kitchen. With so much space to enjoy, there is a natural sense of community and connection amongst colivers. The environment at the Cuatro Caminos coliving is close-knit and familial, with many Urban Campus events and organic plans happening every week. Curious to know more about the people living there? Keep reading to meet a few!

Meet Delia – Entrepreneur & Travel Enthusiast

Meet CC Community

Delia is a hard-working entrepreneur who runs her own SEO Marketing Business. Originally from Spain, she moved into our Cuatro Caminos coliving space right after it’s opening in October 2022. Delia was drawn to Urban Campus because she was looking for a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Since she is a successful business owner, she wanted to be surrounded by ambitious people with their own goals and passions. She appreciates how among the mixture of business owners, freelancers and corporate workers in Cuatro Caminos, everyone shares a similar determined mindset.

Meet CC Community 1

The story of Delia’s entrepreneurial journey is inspiring. After working for many years in corporate marketing, she found herself at a cross-roads during the COVID-19 pandemic. With no job and no clear direction, she couldn’t help but feel pulled to create something of her own. She had always craved the autonomy of an entrepreneurial lifestyle, so she took a leap and started her own Rank&Rent business. Rank&Rent involves creating niche websites, ranking them #1 on google, and then renting them to local business owners. Now in it’s third year, Delia’s business is thriving and she is enjoying her lifestyle as a digital nomad. With all of her expertise, she is preparing to start a mentorship program that will help others achieve the same success and financial freedom through Rank&Rent SEO Marketing.

Beyond SEO Marketing, Delia has an affinity for travel. She has lived in different places all over the world, including 1 year in Switzerland and 2 years in Australia. She particularly loved her experience in Australia, spending time in both Sydney and on an island in the Great Barrier Reef. Being connected to the international community is important to Delia, and Urban Campus has been the perfect place to continue meeting people of all different backgrounds and nationalities.

Meet Pilar – Business Coach & Creative

Meet CC Community 2

Pilar grew up in Chile and worked as a psychologist before starting her own business. After many years spent in the psychology field, she ventured to Silicon Valley in the United States to study business, technology, and innovation. She immersed herself in the famously fast-paced work culture, and after progressing in her studies, felt inspired to explore business coaching. She wanted to help businesses improve their daily operations and work culture. This path also presented a unique opportunity for her to synthesize her background in psychology and her studies in innovation. She began coaching in San Francisco and never looked back. Now, she runs her own company coaching businesses and leaders from all over the world.

Meet CC Community 4

Pilar came to Madrid last year and was inspired to join Urban Campus so she could meet new people and connect with other business owners. Similar to Delia, she was eager to find a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Urban Campus provided the collaborative environment Pilar was looking for, which helped spark her latest professional project. She is currently collaborating with another coliver to design a collection of physical intuition journals. These journals are focused on helping individuals navigate personal and business-related topics. Several themes include how to start your own business, navigating teamwork, and improving your personal relationships.

As a successful business owner, Pilar now has flexibility in her daily schedule to invest in her other passions. This includes playing the guitar, singing, and creating music, all things she is excited to spend more time doing. Urban Campus has helped Pilar find meaningful friendship and community, which has simplified her move to Madrid. She reflects that it is fantastic to have community events and common spaces where you easily connect with people, as this creates an authentic sense of home and belonging.

Meet Sofi – Business Owner & Journalist

Meet the Colivers of Cuatro Caminos 1

Sofi is a powerhouse entrepreneur who runs her own Advertising Agency. She grew up in Argentina and has always had a knack for freelancing, spending years gaining experience in copywriting, photography and journalism. She came to Spain in 2019 with a vision to culminate her strengths and launch her own Advertising Agency. By February 2020 she had her first client, and now her business has grown to include clients from all over the world. 

Within her agency, Sofi focuses largely on projects in the areas of human rights and ecology. These subjects are personal interests of hers, and as her own boss, she appreciates the freedom to embrace these passions in her work. Sofi is a lover of anything creative and is always exploring new outlets. One of her favorite projects is a Creative Workbook called “Art & Writing” that she created to help people renew their energy and find creative release. She also expresses herself through poetry, and frequents museums and cultural events to continue learning about the world around her. 

Sofi moved to our Cuatro Caminos coliving in March 2023, where she lives with her partner in a shared apartment. She moved to Madrid after spending 3 years in Barcelona and appreciated how easy the Urban Campus application process was. It was important for Sofi to find other creative people in the city, and Urban Campus became both a home and creative network for her. She now participates in a creative ideation group where colivers meet and give feedback on each other’s professional projects. You can also frequently find her in the Cuatro Caminos gym, where she enjoys doing yoga and centering herself.

Check out her website, LinkedIN and Instagram!

Summer is supposed to be a time of sweet release and relaxation, but we all know it doesn’t always look that way. Everyday stressors stay present regardless of the season, especially in today’s fast-paced world. Most of us spend the summer juggling work pressure and vacation logistics, all while trying to squeeze in as much “me-time” as possible. Then, in the blink of an eye, the sun wanes and we find ourselves at the start of fall once again. 

Despite the ever-present stressors of life, summer truly is the best time to slow down and reflect. It marks the halfway point of the calendar year, a prime time to check-in on yourself and realign your intentions. We want to encourage you to unwind this summer, even if you’re pressed for time. Here you can find our recommendations on the top 7 ways to de-stress this summer.

Travel to Natural Destinations

Travel doesn’t always have to involve complex planning and expensive tickets. Sometimes a peaceful walk or day spent at the beach is all you need to decompress. There are many easy afternoon, one day or weekend trips that you can enjoy spontaneously with friends and colivers. To de-stress, we recommend forgoing city trips and instead embracing some local nature. Fresh air and scenic views are unmatched when it comes to putting your mind at ease.

  • For our Valencia colivers, check out the springwater pools and lush mountains of Montanejos. Montanejos is 45 minutes by car from Valencia city and is great for sunbathing, swimming, hiking and rafting. If you don’t have a car, the Valencia Language Exchange frequently organizes group trips via bus.
  • For our Madrid colivers, try the Hayedo de Montejo. Hayedo de Montejo is an expansive forest that makes up part of the European Beech Forests, which all together are declared a UNESCO World Hertiage Site. The forest has long walking paths underneath big beech trees, and is roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes from Madrid’s city center. Be sure to make a reservation before you go.
  • For our Lille colivers, we suggest the Parc Naturel de Scarpe Escaut. This natural park is a haven of greenery and walking paths. The park was shaped by the Scarpe and Escaut rivers and now has zones of wetland, forest and farming. The journey from Lille to Parc Naturel de Scarpe Escaut is one hour by train or 30 minutes by car.

7 Ways to De-stress this Summer 1

Create a “Summer Vibes” Playlist

Usually it’s the little moments that have the biggest impact on your day. Sometimes all it takes is a stellar cup of coffee or listening to your favorite song to flip your mood and alleviate stress. For this reason, we suggest romanticizing your daily routines with your own summer-inspired playlist. Whether you prefer calm beats or scream-your-heart-out bangers, having a soundtrack ready-to-go makes your everyday life sweeter. Activities like working out, eating breakfast and commuting to work all feel more exciting with summer tunes in the background. We asked the Urban Campus team for some summer song recommendations to help you start your playlist. 

Favorite Summer Hits: 

  • Lovely Day – Bill Withers
  • Summer Days – Martin Garix (Flora, Expansion Strategy Analyst)
  • New Soul – Yael Naim (Marta, Marketing Manager)
  • LAS BABYS – Aitana (Simon, Product Owner) 

Wander at your local produce market

Eating fresh produce in the summer just feels right. The sunshine has a way of making plump strawberries and scoops of juicy watermelon taste extra delicious. Plus, wandering through an open-air market is sure to soothe your stress. It’s therapeutic to loose yourself amongst the many vendors of colorful produce and blossoming flowers. Also, since many fruits thrive in summer seasonality, you’ll have the chance to explore different types of produce that aren’t available in the fall or winter. Keep your eyes peeled for something different to try – you never know what new favorite food you may uncover! 

Grab your Urban Campus colivers and head to the market nearest you: 

7 Ways to De-stress this Summer 3

Take an Email Vacation

Trust us, we know – disconnecting is hard. Email and social media have become the foundations of our everyday communication, and shutting them off can feel impossible. However, it is crucial to periodically trade-in the buzz of notifications for true peace and quiet. Even just a few hours of notification detox can leave you feeling refreshed and recalibrated. You can set application time-limits within your phone, or create automated response emails if you’re ready for a longer break. We know everything feels urgent, but this is your reminder that it isn’t. Digital boundaries are key for de-stressing and maintaining a sustainable work-life balance.

Experiment with a Creative Hobby

If you are having a hard time kicking your stress, maybe it’s time to embrace your artistic side. Creative expression is a textbook strategy for stress relief. Art slows down time and encourages more introspection and intentionality. Most of us have strolled curiously through the displays of an art museum, but have you ever participated in the creation of something artistic? Whether you feel a creative passion stirring within you or just want to have some fun with friends, we’ve got some ideas.

  • Take a pottery class
  • Try out a musical instrument
  • Go to a dance workshop
  • Learn a bit of mixology
  • Get an adult coloring book
  • Cook a new recipe

7 Ways to De-stress this Summer 6

Make a Splash!

Ahh, water…the only true escape from the summer heat. Water is naturally comforting, and even just dipping your toes into the cool sea can help you feel less stressed. The sound of water is healing too – the crashing of waves, the current of a river, raindrops on a lake or even the soft splashes of a swimming pool. No matter where you go, taking a swim this summer is essential for your relaxation. Don’t be discouraged if you are landlocked or feel stuck in the city; there is always some type of water to be found. 

  • Valencia: Patacona, Malvarrossa, or Cabanyal beach should do the trick. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, go to the end of Turia park and picnic in front of the sparkling lake. You can even rent a paddle boat! 
  • Madrid: The Embalse de San Juan is known as “Madrid’s Beach.” It has over 14km of sand beach and is great for laying in the sun, swimming, or canoeing. You can go by bus, train or car – see your best transportation options here.
  • Lille: Head to Dunkerque, 1 hour by train from Lille, for a classic beach day. Dunkerque is famous for Kitesurf, long beaches and big sand dunes. Here you will have plenty of space to stroll along the shore or take a dive into the refreshing water.

Be Social

Time flies when you’re in good company. Human beings are a naturally social species, yet we often neglect our need for authentic social interaction. If you’re feeling like a ball of stress, ask yourself – when is the last time I spent quality time with friends? When is the last time I met someone new? Sometimes it is best to drop everything, get out of your house and be present with other people. Grab drinks with your friends, go to a language exchange, or call up that new coworker you’ve been meaning to go out with. You’ll be amazed how a little social interaction goes a long way.

It is no secret that at Urban Campus we are focused on crafting the highest possible quality of living for our colivers. Our mission isn’t just focused on creating beautiful spaces, but helping our colivers build engaged lives full of friendship, activities, and adventure. In Madrid, we have developed partnerships with local businesses to help our colivers integrate into the city. That’s right – we’ve got the hookup! Here you can explore our diverse list of Member Perks, which includes everything from restaurant deals to discounts on mental health resources.

It’s Time to Eat!

☕️ Misión Café: Coffee & Breakfast

Enjoy a quality coffee or scrumptious breakfast at the charming Misión Café. Right below our Malasaña coliving space, this café is a great place to kick-off a Saturday morning, collaborate on a project, or catch-up with friends. We highly recommend trying their menu del día for lunch.

Offer: 15% discount on coffee or breakfast

How to Access: Show your Urban Campus key/card 

🥩 Saboli Taboli: Butcher Shop in Mercado Mostenses

Around since the 1960s, Saboli Taboli is one of the best butcher shops in all of Madrid. Saboli Taboli is centrally located in the Mercado de los Mostenses, and they sell a variety of meats including beef, lamb, pork, and Iberian pork. If you have any questions about meat, these are the experts to ask. 


  • 5% discount on all orders
  • 10% discount on orders over 50€
  • Delivery option available for large orders

How to Access: Show your Urban Campus key/card

 🍕 Bizzo Pizzeria

A good pizza shop is a fundamental staple of life. The amount of options in Madrid can be overwhelming, but we’ve narrowed it down for you. If you are looking for the tastiest pizza in the city, there is only one place to go – Bizzo Pizzeria. They make all of their pizzas by hand and even allows you to mix-and-match slices with different toppings and flavors. Bizzo Pizzeria has 2 locations: one in Chamberi and one in Bernabeu.

Offer: 20% discount on your bill from Monday to Thursday

How to Access: Show the picture displayed below and they will apply the discount

Urban Campus Perks & Discounts in Madrid

Grab an After-Work Drink

🍻 Spoiler Bar: Beer & Friends

Spoiler Bar is also only a few steps from our Atocha coliving space. This is a laid-back bar ideal for enjoying an ice cold craft beer with friends or colleagues. If beer isn’t for you, they also have a comprehensive menu of cocktails and offer brunch during the weekends. Spoiler Bar is always hosting different events like bingos and trivia nights, so be sure to follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date.

Offer10% discount on all orders
How to Access: Show the picture displayed below and they will apply the discount.

Urban Campus Perks & Discounts in Madrid 8

🍸 Coppelia cocktail bar: Cocktails & Live Music

Coppelia is a cocktail bar, ice cream parlor and coffee shop all in one. It is just around the corner from our Atocha coliving space. Everything is Cuban-inspired, and you can try a variety of dishes like sandwiches, homemade potatoes and crepes. They have live Cuban music concerts every weekend where you can let loose and dance the night away! 

Offer10% discount on all orders
How to Access: Show the picture displayed below and they will apply the discount

Urban Campus Perks & Discounts in Madrid 6

Tired of the Supermarket?

🌱 Vegan Food Club: 100% plant-based real food

Eating vegan is an excellent way to care for the planet and also to prioritize your own personal health. Vegan Food Club delivers delicious, pre-prepared vegan food directly to your home or office. They offer news meals every week and you can even create a customized plan suited to your preferences. No commitments – cancel anytime. 

Offer: 30% discount on the first 3 weeks 

How to Access: Use the discount code URBANCO on their website 

🍽 Zamparte: The best variety for delivered weekly menus

Zamparte has an impressive variety of pre-prepared meals available for delivery. They have various “kitchens” for you to choose from, each one combining different home-made food brands and ingredients. You can choose from a predetermined menu or customize your own, and receive your order in 48 hours. If you are a foodie who loves to experiment with your meals, this is the service for you.

Offer: 12% off your order

How to Access: Use the discount code URBANCAMPUS on their website

🍛 Appeteze: Food for health

We all know that what we eat forms the foundation of our health. Appeteze simplifies the process of eating healthy by compiling menus of nourishing meals for you to order. They have both daily and seasonal menus, and even better, they offer a fast food menu that uses healthy ingredients to create burgers, pizzas, wraps, and more. 

Offer: 20% off your order 

How to Access: Use the discount code URBAN20 on their website

Learn Something New

🇬🇧 Skyeng: Online English classes

Looking to improve your English? Skyeng is a fantastic online resource with English classes, speaking clubs and study materials. This platform is great for applying your English knowledge to real-life situations. Whether you are looking to travel abroad, pursue a work opportunity or use more English in social settings, Skyeng can help. 


  • 1 free introduction class
  • 30% discount on all classes

How to Access: Go to our exclusive SKYENG Urban Campus webpage

🎹 Piano classes

With more than 15 years of experience teaching piano classes, Guille Porto Garcia is as professional as they come. Guille teaches a wide variety of styles (pop, rock, jazz, blues and classical) and offers classes to the Urban Campus community with exclusive prices. 

Choose your best option:

  • Physical classes in the coliving, using the piano in the common areas of our colivings
  • Physical classes wherever you want, with a portable keyboard he would bring for you
  • Online classes

Offer: 22€ / hour (instead of 30€: -27% discount!)

How to Access: Say your from Urban Campus

Break a Sweat!

🤸‍♂️ Gymage: Gym / fitness membership

Gymage is a trendy gym just around the corner from our Malasaña coliving space, located in the expansive Plaza la Luna. They have spacious workout rooms with all the equipment you could possibly need, plus a gorgeous terrace where you can unwind post-workout. Choose from group classes, cross fit training, or take advantage of the private exercise spaces to do your own self-guided workouts. 


  • NO sign up fee
  • 42,90€ / month
  • 239,90€ / 6 months (payment upfront)

How to Access: Say your from Urban Campus 

⚽️ Celebreak: Football matches and football community

Want to play football, but struggling to find teammates? Celebreak will connect you with other football enthusiasts in Madrid and help you set up your own games. Simply download the app and sign up for your first match. You’ll be joining a large network of football players who you can go toe-to-toe with as often as you would like. 

Offer: 2nd game for free

How to Access: Download the App. Sign up for a 1st match. Send an email to daniel@celebreak.eu and get the 2nd game for free!

🧘🏽‍♂️ Yoga: Yoga classes at Pranahouse studio

We all need a little more “zen” in our lives. Center yourself at Pranahouse Yoga studio where you can choose from classes in Barre, Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin. Pranahouse is a favorite for members of our Urban Campus Yoga Club, and is a great place to slow down and release any stress you’ve been holding onto.


  • 10% discounts on class packs : 5 classes for 76.5 euros, 10 classes for 135 euros, 15 classes for 202.5 euros.

How to Access: Book your class here
Pay at the studio and show the card below to get your discount.

Urban Campus Perks & Discounts in Madrid 9

Embark on an Adventure

🦊 Fox in a box: escape room

Have you ever tried an escape room? Fox in a box is one of the biggest spaces in the city with many escape rooms to choose from. Each room has a different plot and overarching theme, with a few examples being Underground Bunker, Zombie Laboratory, Zodiac and Western Saloon. Pick your preferred experience and put your intellectual reasoning skills to the test.  

Offer: 10% discount on all orders
How to Access: Show the picture displayed below and they will apply the discount

Urban Campus Perks & Discounts in Madrid 7

 💫 Ikono Madrid: Sensory experience

Unleash your imagination at Ikono Madrid! Ikono is an immersive, sensory experience created through modern art and photography displays. The space engulfs you with vibrant colors, conflicting textures and unique murals. Ikono is an amazing place to ignite your creative spark and explore art with friends. Be sure to bring your phone, as there are many one-of-a-kind photo opportunities within the space.

Offer: 20% on your tickets with the URBAN20 code.

How to Access: Go to the web, choose your date and time and introduce the URBAN20 code.

🏴‍☠️ Escape the city: Escape game in the street to discover cities

Escape the City puts a twist on the classic Escape Room experience. Instead of espacing from a room or building, you will be solving a challenging quest in the streets of Madrid. Get to know Madrid firsthand as you hunt down clues and try to solve complex mysteries. You can choose from several different plots and customize the experience based on difficulty level and group size.

Offer: 20% on all Escape tours with the URBANCAMPUS code.

How to Access: Go to the web, choose your tour and use the URBANCAMPUS code.

Technology & Transportation

🚕 Free2Move: Spend less, move more

Free2move is an innovative carsharing program designed to make city transportation more convenient. With their Carsharing Pass, you can rent a car for a few minutes, hours, or even a full day. Locate, unlock and drive! The rental process couldn’t be easier, and at the end of your ride simply lock the vehicle with the app and park anywhere in Madrid. Free2move vehicles are 100% sustainable and are a wonderful solution if you are struggling to find appropriate transportation.

Offer: Buy 25€ of carsharing credit and receive 50€.

How to Access: Use our pass here

📱 Tecfys: Subscribe to your mobile or laptop, don’t buy it

All the technology you need with a simple subscription model. Are you needing a new phone or laptop? Subscribe to Tecfys to receive new technology in the blink of an eye, all without the stress of buying a new product. At Tecfys you can subscribe to your phone or laptop, and they will even look for a sustainable recycling procedure or second use for your old technology products. 


  • 5% discount on all our subscription products (mobile & laptop)

How to Access: Use the UBTCF123 code on their website

Additional Resources

💖 Affor: Mental Health

Anabel Fernandez, Malasaña Coliving resident, is the founder and CEO of AFFOR, a company dedicated to offering mental health support to companies.

📱 Free 24/7 access to an online support chat.

Through our partnership with AFFOR you can get in touch with a therapist in real time. No waiting and no appointments. All you do need to do is download the Mypsico app and use the URBANCAMPUS code for free access.

💆🏼‍♀️ Online therapy sessions at a discounted priced.

These private online sessions with a therapist are just as safe and effective as in-person sessions. Go to the webpage and use the URBANCAMPUS code!


  • 25% discount on 1 session (50 min) with a therapist (60€ value, you’ll pay just 45€)
  • 25% discount on a package of 5 sessions with a therapist (250€ value, you’ll pay just 187€)

🧑🏻‍💻 Metricool: Tool to manage your digital presence

Metricool is a powerful tool for managing, planning and analyzing your digital presence. It offers everything you need for your digital strategy in one single place. You can track your online campaigns and their performance, analyze your social networks, monitor your website or blog, and perform competitor analysis. This tool is essential if you are looking to level-up the digital performance of your business. 


  • 30 days for free on all paid plans with the URBANCAMPUS code

💰 Taxdown: Tax returns done fast, efficiently, and with the most savings!

We all feel a bit stressed when tax season comes around. Taxdown wants to make sure you get your tax returns done fast and efficiently, with the most savings possible. With Taxdown you can preview your tax returns for free and work with professionals who advise you every step of the way. You can even download their mobile app and manage everything from your phone.

Offer: Enjoy an exclusive 10€ Urban Campus member discount on all their plans and have your tax returns reviewed by experts. 

How to Access: Use the URBAN10 code from their web page.