Summertime in Madrid – the sun’s out and the streets are bustling. There’s no better time to be in the city!

There are so many ways to make the most of summer here, whether it’s swimming in a rooftop pool, taking a day trip, or relaxing in a terrace bar.

But, really, there’s nothing better than brunch – pancakes and mimosas go down as a real treat at this time of year!

With so many amazing restaurants in Madrid, maybe it’s a little overwhelming trying to decide where to go for your next brunch date.

Don’t worry – our wonderful Urban Campus Community has you covered, with over 20 of their favorite recommendations you HAVE to try this summer.

1 Ambu Coffee (Calle del Pez 36)

AMBU  are all about specialty coffee and good vibes.

They really know their stuff – they even have a coffee school with experiences, courses, and workshops on how to create your own barista-style drinks.

A trendy spot that’s less than a 5-minute walk from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, they have a great choice of food too – we’re talking grilled cheese, sandwiches, toasts (with avocado, tomato, or serrano ham), and a great selection of pastries.

2. Arquibar (Travesía del Conde Duque 5)

Another one less than a 5 minutes from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, Arquibar actually started life as an architecture studio.

Eventually transformed into a ‘bar with charm’, it’s a lovely brunch spot with music and aesthetics from the 30s.

Whether you fancy sipping on coffee or cocktails, digging into fresh fruit, pastries, cheese or tortilla, this is the place for you. They even have a brinner (breakfast meets dinner) menu!

3. Brunch Club Cafe (Calle Barco 15)

Cozy and modern, Brunch Club Cafe is a great place for fresh food.

From yogurt to wraps, salads to croissants, it has plenty of healthy and not-so-healthy options for you to try.

Wash it all down with a classic mimosa, and it’s a winning combination if you ask us!

Just 10 minutes from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, it’s a real favorite among our Community.

4. Carmencita (San Vicente Ferrer 51)

Arguably one of the most popular brunch spots in Malasaña, Carmencita  brings American brunch to Spain.

No worries if you don’t eat meat or dairy – there are plenty of vegetarian, vegan, even gluten-free options here.

With healthy food like fresh juice and classic egg dishes, and treats like Bloody Marys, French toast, burgers and homemade cakes, there really is something for everyone.

It’s only a 5 minute walk from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, but if you’d rather eat in, you can always order their food on Just Eat or Uber Eats.

Carmencita is also located at Calle Sombrerería 6 – just 15 minutes from our Urban Campus Atocha Madrid Coliving .

5. EatMyTrip (Calle de Manuela Malasaña 17)

With a creative menu full of ‘epic fusion flavors’, EatMyTrip  do brunch differently.

Expect classic dishes with a twist. Think eggs Benedict with Panang coconut curry sauce, pavlova pancakes, and strawberry cheesecake French toast.

If you just fancy coffee and cake, that’s no problem. Or, bottomless brunch, with unlimited cocktails? Yes, please!

Their light, airy restaurant is only 10 minutes from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving. And, the best part? You can eat brunch all day – the kitchen’s open until 23:30 Thursday to Sunday.

EatMyTrip are also located on Calle de la Morería 11, and they have a restaurant in Barcelona too.

6. Federal Café (Pl. de las Comendadoras 9)

With a large menu, great atmosphere and plenty of outdoor seating, Federal Café is a winning choice this summer.

Even better, it’s only 5 minutes from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving. Roll out of bed and you’ll be enjoying fresh cake in no time.

Inside, it has clean décor and large tables for working or group brunches, and when it comes to food, it’s got everything from eggs to salads and avocado toast. You can’t go wrong!

Federal Café are also located on Plaza del Conde de Barajas 3, and they have restaurants in Barcelona, Valencia, Sitges and Girona.

7. Frutas Prohibidas (Calle Conde Duque 26)

A vegan restaurant with a super creative menu, Frutas Prohibidas is just a stone’s throw from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving – it’s only 10 minutes to walk.

They work with local artisans and suppliers, and they use Bio ingredients wherever they can, so everything they serve looks good, tastes good and does good.

We’re talking vegan versions of all the brunch classics – toast, eggs, pancakes, and more – so meat-eaters and vegetarians are sure to love it too.

The restaurant itself is so light, and it’s an incredibly welcoming environment. What more could you want from a fab brunch spot?

8. La Bicicleta Café (Plaza San Ildefonso 9)

If you’re a fan of cycling and love coffee, La Bicicleta Café is for you.

The ride from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving is only 5 minutes (10 to walk), and you can even keep your bike inside if you forget to bring a lock.

Whether you’re after porridge or eggs, burgers or cakes, their fresh, seasonal food, eco-friendly coffee and incredible cocktails make it a brunch spot that’s pretty hard to beat.

You’ll love its cozy atmosphere, and the large tables make it great for coworking too.

La Bicicleta Café is also located at Calle de Galileo 39. With a peaceful garden and terrace, you’ll find it in the Teatro Galileo – 10 minutes from our Urban Campus Mellado Madrid Coliving .

9. La Desayunería (Calle Barbieri 4)

Let’s be honest. When it comes to brunch, no one does it quite like the Americans. That’s where La Desayuneria comes in.

Inspired by trips to the US, their pancakes are a must-have. And, there are so many options! We’re talking classic banana and Nutella, to ones with bacon and egg. There are even pancake versions of cakes! Red velvet, banoffee, Tiramisu – you name it.

Complete with a shake or mimosa, it’ll make a brunch unlike any other.

Of course, the menu covers sandwiches, omelets, and more, with plenty of vegan options, so it’s great to have on your doorstep – our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving is just 15 minutes away.

La Desayuneria is also located on Calle Ayala 46, and they have restaurants in Leganés, Barcelona and Málaga too.

10. Lamucca (Plaza Carlos Cambronero 4)

Lamucca  has nine different locations in Madrid, and Lamucca de Pez is only a 10-minute walk from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving.

A stylish restaurant all about pizza, burgers, and nachos, their brunch menu has everything from oats to yogurt, eggs to toast, and a great choice of natural juice to top it off.

Why not indulge yourself a little with their breakfast burger and a mimosa, or one of the 9 different beers that they have on tap?

Big believers in dishing up high-quality food with a low impact on the environment, it’s a winning brunch spot for everyone, with plenty of vegan options too.

11. La Rollerie (Calle Guzmán el Bueno 105)

Found in one of the most traditional areas of Madrid,  La Rollerie  is just 5 minutes from our Urban Campus Mellado Madrid Coliving.

Step inside and you’ll see what makes it unique – it’s the warm atmosphere, the comfortable décor and the incredible balcony of flowers.

When it comes to the food, you’d best be ready for choice, with set breakfasts from around the world (English, French, Mexican…), and brunches too (Nordic, New York or Iberian). They have cinnamon rolls, yogurt and plenty of creative egg dishes… The list goes on.

La Rollerie has another 4 locations in Madrid, one at Calle Carrera de San Jerónimo 26 just outside our Urban Campus Jerónimo Coworking. They also have restaurants in Valencia, Boadilla del Monte and Alcalá de Henares.

12. Natif Coffee & Kitchen (Calle Santa Teresa 2)

Great aesthetic, great atmosphere, great décor.

From our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, it takes only 15 minutes to get to Natif’s  cozy restaurant, and it’ll quickly become a new favorite.

A space inspired by nature, its modern, earthy design is so welcoming, it’ll help you feel super comfortable and relaxed.

Coffee and pastries are their speciality, but the menu covers recipes from all over the world – think Nordic toast, shakshuka, croissants and focaccia. There’s plenty for everyone here!

13. Ojalá (Calle San Andrés)

Only 10 minutes from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, Ojalá  is epic. Their basement is an indoor beach! Sand on the floor, beach bar, funky lights – the full works!

There’s ‘normal’ seating upstairs as well, if you’d rather not get sand in your shoes, but this space is just as wonderful, with lots of hanging plants and plenty more of that funky lighting.

You can even take a table outside to enjoy your meal in the square.

You’ll be just as impressed with the food, whether you pick the world mix breakfast, NY deli dish, eggs, pancakes or homemade cakes, with juice, smoothies or beer to wash it all down.

14. Osom (Calle Santa Teresa 2)

osom  is all about transparency, so they’ve created an organic menu, a sustainable space and a welcoming community.

Their food is fresh, healthy and seasonal without any additives, and they really do have something for everyone, with gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, keto and paleo options.

From chia pudding to overnight oats and pancakes to toasts, it all goes down perfectly with a cup of their specialty coffee.

Just take a 15 minute stroll from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, and you’ll stumble right into their stylish coffee house.

15. Perrachica (Calle Eloy Gonzalo 10)

Another one for those at our Urban Campus Mellado Madrid Coliving, Perrachica  is a large restaurant with high-quality food and traditional flavors – and it’s only 15 minutes away.

You’ll love the fresh, tropical feel, and there’s plenty of space with its glass-covered terrace, tables with a view, two bars, and sit-down areas for lunch and dinner.

It’s the menu that’ll keep you coming back though.

Of course, there’s the classic eggs Benedict, homemade pancakes and avocado toast, but it’s the Crêpe Suzette and cream-filled croissant that’ll become a real favorite.

16. Pum Pum Café (Calle Tribulete 6)

Fresh food and great design – that’s Pum Pum Café .

Just 15 minutes from our Urban Campus Atocha Madrid Coliving, the décor has a stylish, industrial feel that’s softened by all the plants to create a super cozy space.

With a brunch menu including eggs, granola and croissants, and a general menu with sandwiches, salads, focaccia and more, there’s so much to choose from.

But, it’s the cakes and sweet treats that you really have to try. They’re so good that Pum Pum also has a bakery! You can find it at Calle Esgrima 1.

17. Religion Coffee (María de Molina 24)

Bringing together healthy food and good vibes, Religion  is a stylish coffee house on the edge of the Barrio de Salamanca neighborhood.

It’s a bit of a walk from us – around 35 minutes from our Urban Campus Mellado Madrid Coliving – but you’ll be well rewarded with specialty coffee and a great brunch menu.

In terms of food, they have everything from granola to pancakes, bagels to smoothie bowls and – of course – eggs, while they have drinks like smoothies, juices and craft beer.

A friendly space with a great atmosphere, it has everything you need from a winning brunch spot, and more.

18. Sala de Despiece (Ponzano 11)

If you don’t mind having a bit of a late brunch, Sala de Despiece  opens at 13:00 on weekends and it’s truly unique.

Known for being incredibly creative, it’s decorated like a cutting room and the menu is hand-written, for an authentic touch.

A culinary theater experience, chefs put together the innovative tapas dishes right behind the bar where you sit, and where the seasonal ingredients are set out on display.

The amazing food combinations nod to traditional Chamberí tapas but have real flair that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

A 20-minute walk from our Urban Campus Mellado Madrid Coliving, it’s one you have to try.

19. Superchulo (Manuela Malasaña 11)

Serving up rainbow food, Superchulo’s  motto is ‘count colors not calories’.

With a menu that’s healthy, sustainable and – of course – colorful, they use no chemicals or processed foods.

Whether you come for the açaí bowls and smoothies, or brioche and craft beer, they don’t have a microwave or deep fryer, so you know it’s all fresh and really good for you.

With plenty of gluten-free and vegan options, this trendy restaurant is just a 15-minute walk from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving.

20. Zenith (Calle Valverde 28)

Talk about an Instagrammer’s dream! Zenith  is a modern restaurant with an industrial style that goes perfectly with their fab brunch menu.

They have everything from banana bread to Oreo French toast and nachos, fresh juice to healthy shots and classic cocktails. What more could you ask for?

It’s only 10 minutes from our Urban Campus Malasaña Madrid Coliving, but you always order from Uber Eats if you don’t fancy the walk.

Zenith also has restaurants in Portugal and Barcelona.


Ciara Hanstock


Born in Ireland and raised in the UK, Ciara is a freelance copywriter currently living in Frankfurt, Germany. She has worked with Urban Campus since 2022, and has worked with other companies including ao.com, Joe Browns and Home Essentials. A huge fan of travelling and always keen to try new things, you’ll often find her reading, listening to music, or stuffing her face with good food!